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Another Warboy creation I'm in Airbrushing to follow??
For the guys looking for 1/2" fittings, Try the Rocket Science one made here in Australia
Readily available here in Adelaide from local supermarkets and auto stores
Post us a overall picture of your setup pls
You need our weather mate 28*c and no wind
Lookin' Sexy
As 'deraco96' said 1: All held in with screws even the lower 3.5" bay 2: 1 x 3.5" Hd 1 in the lower bay with a SSD under it screwed to the floor Double sided tape is your friend 3: Yes but I've fitted a 200mm PSU in with a little push 4: Pretty good for cable management but helps if your psu is...
I know that feeling I tip my hat to you sir for an AWESOME job
Beer o'clock Well I would never thought of the packing foam for a light diffuser = Win
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