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With out hesitation, Still a great case for the price
Damm fine work again mate
Keep it simple for now, But it looks a lot neater now
i'm using one of these in the daughters Shuttle now No need for a power cable either If the reinforcing bracket gets in the way can you remove it and fit a length of round rod and nuts?
Familly first new project???? Details pics????
You'll need to soften the tubing a little with some hot water and once it cools if shrinks around the barb. My servers been running for about 2 yrs now 24/7 with this set up.
What about a Corsair 900D with a pair of 480mm rads
7/16" tubing on 1/2" barbs is what your after, I've never had a leak in at least 15 years of water cooling
And from me Well done
Do you need to use a D5, Could you use a DDC or a DC-LT
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