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7/16" tubing over 1/2" fittings and all you need is some hot water to soften the tubing and once it cools it seals extremely well no need for clamps or cable ties
As a user of 1/2" barbs and 7/16" tubing I'd NOT use any sort of lubricant but only some hot water to soften the tube and once it cools it should be good.
I have to say I've never like the HDD bays in the original location, I'd go with a SSD for the boot/windows and a larger for everything else. it's too untidy looking trying to get so much in there.
Not really a problem, It would depend on how it's mounted but as to which one you use.
Pretty much the only way you'll mount a 120mm in this case. apart from having the fan inside and rad on the outside.A mate and I discussed this idea recently but using 2.5" HDDs
Well we gave it the old college try But looking at your pics again and got me thinking is your ram going to fit with the 120mm there anyway? Is this a hot running system? Could you get away with using the 240mm by itself?
Seriously I'd drain it and take it to my local Automotive Radiator repair shop and have them fix it properly. I've done this to several rads now with great success, the only downside is repainting them after the repair .
Flip the rads and try Res/pump > GPU > CPU > 120mm > 240mm > Res/pumpRads in between blocks is not as common as you think.Don't be afraid to use 90* fittings if need be.
Have you opened the old waterblock yet? let us know how it was please pics are good to.
Gotta love aussie thinking Ifyou want an easier/simpler mounting use a 38mm fan body as I've done to the rear of my TJO8-E server also allows the inside mounting of the other 25mm fan = neat and tidy You can lift the case with the rad although not a regular thing. Where in Oz are you located?
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