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I'd go to molex powered and volt mod the molex plug to 7v Simple and FREE
Nice work 'donkidonki' that looks awesome You need to add a link to your build log
Someone in Australia has bought one
Someone in Australia is selling these
That looks impressive Love the plate separating the top area from the rest of the case I'd agree with "Jzorz" the bottom of the PSU helps funnel the airflow towards the rear in an effort in a tunnel effect to aid cooling
Would a single 140mm rad help you cool the GPUs? Or maybe a 180 - 200mm rad???I'll see when I get home from work tonight.SSD will be there or on the top with some Velcro and a 6Tb will hide under the top bezel.
I didn't cut but drilled a few rivets out
Thanks mate
"hyp36rmax" says they come on the Cooler Master Elite 130, alternatively you can also use one from a Cooler Master COSMOS II but the Lian-Li PE-01 PSU Extension that extends the PSU even further to allow even more room in the chassis.
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