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"a5ian300zx" I'm just using Jbod to keep things simple, I've even got rid SSD "C" drive and use a partition on one of the 3Tb drives.
Extremely impressive
Keep up the good work
After seeing the awesome work you've done on this I can't bring myself to get mine out of the box to build it Mine will be a shadow compared to this one
Updates more pictures, Hardware ?????
That's sexy looking
I needed to keep mine but mounted the in a different orientation, after all it is a server 8 x 3Tb Hard Drives, 4 in the HDD bay and 4 in the optical bays.
You might have issues later as the Vaseline isn't water soluble, it's petroleum based, Could be ok with compression fittings. Better of using hot water
Either one of those pumps will work well, Personally I'd get rid of the 140mm single rad.
7/16" tubing over 1/2" fittings and all you need is some hot water to soften the tubing and once it cools it seals extremely well no need for clamps or cable ties
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