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Looking good
Any updates Warboy??
Hey "Strix" case choice is really very personal choice as your the one to look at it day after day, Would a Corsair Carbide Air 540 High Airflow ATX Cube be any good for you??
They are missing some rings, I was using some old fittings for planning the loop as I didn't have enough black ones I need to get back to this build soon, I've been flat out cleaning my mothers house out since we've placed here in a Nursing home recently
final fittings are as follows
What about trying this like I'm doing to my CM690II Simply a nut + bolt and a washer...
WIN a little black paint will neaten it up as well
And we all know a Happy Wife = Happy Life
I would think it possible, although I've never checked.Never had an issue with heat, it might be because they're slower green(5400 rpm) HDDsI do have a slim drive bracket that might be able to mount 2 3.5" HDDs in the optical bay, i'll try to find it an let you know
Hey "fleetfeather" I've really never cared about flow rates and head pressures and still don't. There is a science to it and a lot of people wave figures and facts all over the place on OCN and to the credit to the ones that have done the testing EG: Martin well done But to me I just go with what works End mini rant.. I try and work the KISS principal, Keep It Simple Silly One DDC will do the job and fit well then us it If two of the DC-LT fit and work use...
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