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Thanks bud, Life is a strange some times
I know how that goes I'm still on air since I started a rebuild a year ago now but with shift work and the my mum being sick and moving into a nursing facility and getting sick on and off. Now that she has passed away last month (1st) my brother and I have sorted 99% of her affairs I might be able to get on with it as well as a few other projects.
Keep your loop simple as it will look better Res -> pump -> Front Rad -> Top Rad -> CPU -> GPU 1 -> GPU 2 -> Bottom Rad -> RES.... EDIT:
I always give my rads the coolest air possible = OPT 2
I'll share it quite happily, I've got 2 x 690 and 3 x 690 II so a bit to choose from. Got the idea from here originally
The best thing about Yate Loons is they're bang for buck, I've volt modded mine for quietness = Simple and FREE You can slow a fast fan but can't speed up a slow one
Looking kool as buddy Your making me look at doing a M ATX version of my own
Can you find or know someone that has an original one and put them side by side for comparison
looking kool so far keep the pics coming
Keep it simple, Your only testing single or multiple GPUs Use billbartuska's idea when your on Air
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