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That's impressive work for testing you fabrication skills
Repositioned and added 4 more HDDs in the optical bay
Nice work mate glad you've got your **** together I'd leave your pump speed full on for a while then try 2 - 3 and see how you get on
Getting closer to the end now donkidonki to GerbenWerkhoven for the help
When you start bleeding the loop try and do it with the case on it's back to make it a little easier to allow air around the loop
Hey 'SlashTag' Welcome to OCN. You could return it? After looking at your pic it looks like someone has handled it with their bare hands and it's reacted with the oil from their hands, I'd try some metal polish and see if it removes it.
That'll work
Alphacool DC-LT Pump & Res Combo Concern 1: Will I get enough flow?! Shouldn't be an issue, Tubing runs inside ti=he case will be fairly short. How far away is the rad?Concern 2: Will it be too noisy?! You'll never hear it at all You can sloe it down if need be.I love the DC- LT Kingchris has 2 in his
It would be better if you post a pic of your set up, But keep it simple. Res before pump
I've used 1/2" barbs + 7/16" tubing for years and never a clamp or cable tie
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