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Cool buddy can you post a pic of your setup?
Nice work Spiriva here's my solution
Inlet needs to be unable to get air
Also 2 loops means twice the parts and work for a small gain
It's a ASRock Z77 Pro4-M, Has 8 x sata ports 6 on the edge and 2 others, I'm looking at finding a PCIe Revo Drive. Don't feel the need for a SSD anymore as I've partitioned one of the 3Tb drives and so far all is going well
Hi "afokke" What case and other hardware do you have at the present time will help us determine what rads will fit your needs.
No real need for 2 pumps, I'd replace the 355 with the Mcp35x and pwm control it
Mounting is great if you can if not a short distance is ok. I've done it in my server and my current CM690 II I love mounting direct to the res
Damm impressive FB
"a5ian300zx" I've got 8 in my server now that just run of the mobo without a card. That's 4 x 3Tb in the optical bay and 4 x 3Tb in the lower bay The lower bay is mounted on Velcro after having need to remove the very lower one and needed the clearance to the mobo.The top ones are mounted using a pair of Nexus DoubleTwin HDD mounts3/8" tubing might be a better option as would be using a smaller size pump like a DDC or DC-LT like mine.An All In One cooler would be...
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