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good to see the 690 love still strong mate
"Why is it that no one can make aio cpu coolers with silent pumps/fans at low rpm for silent freaks?" They're made cheap is my answer Why does custom cooling cost so much
"JillianL" You need to look in this thread and get some inspiration on how things look and fit into the C70
I wouldn't think so but believe , I believe the rad was faulty, the tubing would go first. I've seen several loops on here with one and no issue except noisy pumps Try your local Auto Radiator Repairer to get it fixed
I've had wet components before and rinsed them with Methylated Spirits and left to dry overnight with no issue, Works on keyboards as well
Just get a new DDC pump and fit to the res.
You could remove the QDCs on the rear panel as well, They're pretty restrictive themselves
Have a look at this one, It'll use 2 x 51/4 Bays and has the variable pump, No need to buy tops or assemble anything
Hey "Fletcherea" As a guide for Custom loops it's mostly advised to use a 120mm for each block and + another 120mm rad for some extra.But in real life things are never the same and I used to run my QX9650 @ 4.5 + a GTX260 on one single 120mm Thick rad, as you would imagine temp weren't great but not too hot in the end.
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