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I gotta say that mine are dead quiet
Is this serious the ones i've used as almost silent at full speed Definitely more than my MPX35sThis is like people telling me the DDC's are louder than a D5
Sometimes it does but after 24hrs maybe some micro ones.You could try laying the case on the side and stand the res/pump upright. I do this as i get air in one of my two GPUs sometimes.i'd look at turning the Raystorm 180* and have the inlet at the top.
It looks to me you've got the inlet of the pump going to the top of the res = Wrong My loop order from what i can see should be Res- Pump - Rad - CPU and back to the Res
You can't go wrong with the TJ08-E Water/Air cooled, Either way = WIN
Keep it simple and run the CPU and GPU in the one loop as 2 x 480mm is sufficient. You'll save time and money. As an option you could add another 480mm Yes/No??
Good to see you "Carniflex" I'm pretty confident you would be ok even just a GPU loop
no issues with my DC-LT ever Even on a 40c day it ran at 55c while gaming
Thanks mate it was me I still take it to Lan parties with no drama
I'm happy to my share experience relating to auto coolant, To what you call Anti-Freeze. I use one here in Australia call Tectaloy to which i mix at 10 - 15% with distilled water . i do get a little staining/Calcium deposits on the acrylic res if left unchanged for more than 3-4yrs.You could find an auto coolant that doesn't have the Anti-freeze properties of benifit. I have tried some factory Toyota coolant which has no Anti-freeze properties which worked well but was...
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