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I love my Alphacool DC-LT Ceramic 12V DC pumps
Be cautious with the ones holding the top on as they are easily stripped
Eye Candy that's awesome looking
Your not wrong about that AT-Pascal, I had a fair wait for them here in Australia even the pump tops were slow coming, Now I need the time to use them
I didn't find it difficult at all even having 8 hard drives and water cooled was pretty easy.Edit; Removable Mobo tray makes installs simple
My 2 are till going strong also as are the 3 other I've used in other peoples builds
Wow I'm impressed how much better the coloured coolant has made
I'd go to molex powered and volt mod the molex plug to 7v Simple and FREE
Nice work 'donkidonki' that looks awesome You need to add a link to your build log
Someone in Australia has bought one
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