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They are getting worse now.I second that.Hell even if they offered BF3 there would be people lining up to get them.
Hi,In for this giveaway. But I see that your coupon has expired on 31st March 14.Can you check that?I could see that on the photo that you had posted.
In for today Sent from Asus FonePad 7
I hope nobody tosses garbage into this thing
Great Storyline Fantastic voice acting i.e Altair from AC 1, Soothing Music from AC 2 & brotherhood, Extreme customisbility( Bomb Crafting) in AC Brother hood. I haven't played AC 3 yet, but would love too If I win this.
2x Zotac Geforce TITAN 1x Samsung 840 Series 512GB SSD 4x8GB Corsair XMS3 Kit. Finally Core i7 3770K processor. Thanks again.
Good Lord
Already got this via Humble bundle. Sent the extra code to my friend
^^ Yes Windows is their platform, but Windows sells on its own unlike Xbox.
Don't Worry it will get unlocked or may be even cracked.
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