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Sounds like mew: He's mainly a trickjumper in CPM but he uses lower sensitivities (40cm+) and doesn't really seem to have problems with RJing and movement in general. Can't say that I've seen anyone play with 90cm+ in quake besides maybe Psygib but that's it.
Yeah they did, wasn't the most reliable tracking I've used though.
Yeah, they used EMS for shipping which is why it was so fast.
You're missing two screws underneath the sticker on the bottom, they're around where the barcode is. You should be able to take the EC1 apart and swap the wheel inserts which is the piece with all of the notches on it., or you could just swap scroll wheels.
I bought a Shiden from them directly, took about 3 days to NW USA. Amazon was a little bit slower for me, but it also comes directly from Artisan. Took about a week to get my mousepad from them via Amazon.
It feels very smooth, smoother than the Puretrak Talent. Glide is somewhat similar to the Razer Goliathus Speed, maybe a little bit less static friction.
They're glass coated cloth pads, you get the fast glide of a glass pad with the softness/comfort of a cloth pad. You can also do this:
I can't speak for the red hien but the black one nearly doubled the lod on my FK1
Doesn't really feel that similar at all to the WMO, I guess the back feels similar in how it fills out my palm. WMO feels fatter, even though it's shorter the chunkiness of the WMO makes up for it. If anything the FK1 feels like a slimmer and slightly longer Sensei with a slightly more aggressive V-shape on the sides of the mouse. Here's some comparison photos of a WMO and FK1:
Certain opticals might have problems with the Shiden, depends on what the OP has. Mice that I can say work on the Shiden are the IR Led Zowie's, the FK1, DA2013, G400, DA3.5G, and Sensei Raw. Some of those mice experience slightly reduced max tracking speeds but the Shiden somehow manages to work pretty well with several mice for the most part, the Shiden-Kai on the other hand is apparently more troublesome when it comes to compatibility.
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