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I have a black EC2 with the IR led, they stopped making the white ones when Zowie released the CL/refreshed the black mice with the IR led.
Allsop Raindrop XL or Qck Heavy
It is, it's still pretty good compared to a lot of modern mice though. The shape and weight is unique though, a lot of similar or often compared mice lack the "fatness" of the WMO that makes it work well with a variety of grips at the light weight that the WMO has.Shape is the most important thing IMO.
1. It's solid, shape is different than the Abyssus and WMO and that's preference. I wouldn't label anything as best because that's all subjective. 2. Yeah that's just a normal WMO with a non-official paint job, Takasta is a reputable seller and he posts on OCN occasionally . 3. Preference if you like the shape, G100s will track faster speeds than the WMO if you deal with any sort of skipping or negative accel with the wmo. 4. It's good, just need to get one that doesn't...
G100s or Razer Abyssus Or just buy some WMO's here or here.
I just got a Shiden Mid, where did my friction go. Also I think they made the Mid pads a bit harder, almost feels as hard as my Hien Hard.
I tried the Mid Zero, I thought the rigidity felt pretty close to the rubber in most cloth pads like the Qck and Talent, maybe a little bit softer? It's been a while so my memory may be a bit spotty. The Hien I have is a Hard, I don't think they make that version anymore since it's not listed on their website.
zero didnt feel much different than a Qck Heavy to me, maybe a little bit rougher. static friction was about the same and the kinetic friction was still pretty slow, I honestly didn't think it was worth the $40 for something that didn't feel substantially different than a $25 qck. it also started to show some of the fiber issues that are described in this review after about 30 minutes: I like the Hien coming from...
qck mass
2 of my Legends edition 3.0's don't have that sticker, both were bought new from newegg. they dont differ internally to the 3.0 that I have with a sticker.
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