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he made threads on here and esr, the thread on ocn was deleted by mods and the one on esr was pooped on by the community.
I have a white Shiden that works with a Zowie FK1, you might have to use the higher LOD setting but otherwise it seemed to be fine. You'll need to have them imported, it's better buying directly from Artisan as the prices are much lower due to the yen being very weak to the dollar atm. GL actually getting a Hayate though, they're completely out of stock.
maybe when they were being discontinued, i remember paying $60 for mine.
You can also buy them from their Amazon storefront -
The black Qcks have the same plain cloth surface, the team editions like the fnatic one have a coated surface that is nearly identical to the Goliathus Speed.
There's definitely a difference between the two if I shine a light on the surface, I actually didn't notice it before until I put the two right next to each other but my older Hien has a tighter weave to it. The Hien is more shiny when I shine a light on it, I'm not sure if I can notice a hexagonal pattern though. The older Hien looks like it has lines going across it, it's hard to describe but it's probably the reason for the differing X and Y axis friction on it. I...
I guess I wasn't that clear in my original post, I was asking if the packaging was calling it the "New Hien" or the new mid. I was curious if Artisan had changed the surface of the Hien since I got my "New Mid" as I didn't like the surface of that one and was hoping that Artisan might have revised to surface to be a little bit softer like my first Hien.
That's odd since my first Hien has a surface that has a similar texture but has a soft to the touch cloth feel that the second Hien lacks. They might have made a revision since I got my second Hien since my newer Hien has a very abrasive almost sandpaper like surface which feels pretty awful against my forearm. Actually most of your description for the newer Hien doesn't match mine at all
Did the packaging for your Hien state that it was a "new Hien" or that it had a "New Mid" foam layer? I got a second Hien last summer with the New Mid foam layer and the surface was very different from my first hien. The cloth material was much more rigid, kind of like a G-TF Rough, the glide was similar to the Rough as well with considerably more static friction than my old Hien. The differing X and Y axis friction is seemingly absent as well. Maybe I'm just crazy and my...
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