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Posts by Vikhr Looks like a G303 with rounded edges. Here's another one
g303 replacement? Shape looks like a g100 with separate button pieces.
That's Shara with the 1.1 not s1mple. I believe he uses it with 125hz and EPP on.
US, bought it from Amazon. I don't have any issues with the one I have and it's actually holding up better than previous Qck's that I've owned.
The Qck Heavy that I've been using since early January has the logo print on the underside.
You too can spend $80 to go 7-14 on lan and get steamrolled by VP.
I have this issue with smoother pads like the G-SR and Glorious XL Heavy, something like a Goliathus Control or TF-X work better with the larger Zowie feet.
I'll attempt to, although my experience with the Shiden has been weird. For whatever reason it gets progressively slower as I use it, it's probably something to do with the mousefeet because if I wipe the mousefeet down it becomes fast again. I've experienced this slowdown with a couple of different mice but I still don't know if my Shiden is an anomaly or not, I'll just compare the G-TF Speed to the Shiden when the Shiden feels "fresh".The Shiden has hardly any static...
The softness probably plays a large role in how fast the Hayate is, the Soft is pretty spongy so it's easy to press into it and get a more controlled glide than the G-TF Speed. If I use a lighter mouse like an FK1 with 3.0 hyperglides then the glide feels a bit faster, it still feels a lot more controllable than the G-TF does. The G-TF Speed has a very stiff rubber base and you can't really press into it to get a more controlled glide, I have a Mid Hien and a Mid Shiden...
I have the TR/P Hayate Soft and it's pretty controlled, what hardness is your Hayate Otsu?
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