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🤔i arent think that
i generally find that pads with a texture have less static friction than their smoother counterparts. so pads like the goliathus control and zowie g-tf have little static friction, they both have quirks to them though. using smaller mouse feet is another option, i find that smaller feet have less static friction especially on smoother pads.
too bad flattening it requires magic
Yea unless something has changed recently then the Chroma saves DPI, polling rate, and light settings.
Mine is 15.25" x 12.9" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Unlikely, two of my friends got replacement 403's and they didn't have to send their original mice back.
Depends on the mousefeet, if they're smoothed out with rounded edges like Hyperglides then the Control is a lot faster than the Speed. Even with most stock feet the Control will still have less static friction than the Speed even if the kinetic friction is higher. Just in time for the new Deathadder so you can totally esports.
Some initial impressions -No rattle on the scroll wheel, between me and 2 other friends I was the only one to get one without a problematic scroll wheel. -Mouse feet are really fast, unfortunately they feel scratchy with fast vertical/diagonal movements. -I like the shape, it definitely feels like a hybrid between a 3.0 and 518. I could also describe it as a more compact G400 without the lip. -I don't really have any complaints about the cable, I'd rather having something...
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