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Anyone with a MSI Gaming X 1070 having issues with the card not boosting properly? It seems to happen after the computer has been left on for a prolonged period of time, afterwards the card will fail to boost to the usual speeds or at all. Resetting the power limit appears to fix it temporarily but I feel that I shouldn't have to worry about this in the first place.
The Artisan pads don't have the humidity problem, but some of them wear out too quickly especially for how expensive they are. If you want something similar to the Artisan's I would just recommend a Goliathus Control or GTF-X.
Gamescom is next month, wouldn't be surprised if we see this new mouse there.
This video shows the new Razer pad more clearly: Form factor is like a full size Qck, has stitched edges, is all black, and it appears to have a holographic Razer logo in the corner. Maybe we'll see something at Gamescom next month.
Actually they just might be making a Qck+ sized Goliathus, both Elige and Nitro are using some black Razer pad that looks suspiciously like a Qck+ size Goliathus Speed. You can sort of see it here:
I have one of the BenQ ones and it's really slow, the glide has this weird rubbery feeling that makes it feel like it has a ton of static friction. The rubber is indeed very soft, its not too dissimilar to the Artisan Hayate Soft I have. Looks like a G303 with rounded edges. Here's another one
g303 replacement? Shape looks like a g100 with separate button pieces.
That's Shara with the 1.1 not s1mple. I believe he uses it with 125hz and EPP on.
US, bought it from Amazon. I don't have any issues with the one I have and it's actually holding up better than previous Qck's that I've owned.
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