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I do the same thing to my mice You can buy them here or here if you're in the US, they're the MS-3 set (Intellimouse 1.1/3.0 set).
i was being sarcastic, i actually like the qck+ and heavy a lot. artisan hien is the only other pad ill use over the qck, feels like an improved qck to me.
qcks are sandpaper, news to me
You can, just make sure to use the lowest heat setting on your dryer otherwise you could potentially ruin the rubber base. What'll happen is that the rubber base will soften and potentially melt if you leave it in the dryer for too long and/or use a high heat setting. I'd recommend a combination of dryer and air drying.
The few pads that I haven't had any issues with during the summer are the Artisan Hien (currently using) and the Zowie G-TF's. That sucks that you're having an issue with the stitching on the G-TF's, I had a similar problem with the Goliathus Control and its stitched edges. Maybe you could try removing some of the stitching where your arm is generally positioned or try putting something over the edge of the mousepad so that it covers the stitching?
Oh interesting, I was curious if it had gotten the IR LED revision as I was thinking about picking one up.
Well if this post is to be believed, then the white Zowie's haven't been made in a while.
With those feet no, those are .8mm 3.0 hyperglides. I've also tried tiger gaming 3.0 feet on my ec2 and it didn't seem to have any of the scraping issues either, I think feet about .6mm or more should be ok on the Zowie's. For whatever reason I never had issues with the FK and AM with the thicker hyperglides but the EC's have generally been problematic with the exception of my current IR led EC2.
I'm not really sure what you're asking. I assume that you're asking if the hyperglides feel better to me and if so then yes, I just prefer the 3.0 hyperglides to other mousefeet is all.
It's pretty bad on the EC's, all of that discoloration is from friction against the mousepad.I'm actually interested in the configurable LOD because now I shouldn't really have to worry about sticking on thicker mousefeet like hyperglides without causing too many problems.
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