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Certain opticals might have problems with the Shiden, depends on what the OP has. Mice that I can say work on the Shiden are the IR Led Zowie's, the FK1, DA2013, G400, DA3.5G, and Sensei Raw. Some of those mice experience slightly reduced max tracking speeds but the Shiden somehow manages to work pretty well with several mice for the most part, the Shiden-Kai on the other hand is apparently more troublesome when it comes to compatibility.
Get the Xsoft, the Mid combined with the harder glass surface makes it feel like a hardpad.
Hien feels really similar to the G-TF Rough, maybe something like the Hayate might be more what you're looking for.
Same here, I have a similar desk to OP's and my Artisan pads just slide around. I ended up buying a thin textured neoprene sheet to put under the mousepad so that it wouldn't slide around.
Superbiiz has some
.6mm are fine on the Zowie's, .8mm can potentially cause issues on certain mousepads with the older 3090 setup. I'd imagine the .8mm+ thickness would be ok with the FK1 with its adjustable LOD.
I felt that the Zero was pretty much just a slightly rougher Qck, it didn't feel that special to me. It also showed signs of the dust fiber problem that affects the Hayate. The Hien is probably their most consistent mousepad, glide hardly if ever changes and it's very durable. I feel that the texture isn't that pronounced, in fact the one I'm using right now feels very smooth thanks to my mousefeet getting "polished" from use on the Hien. The glide only feels rough when...
some people also bind jump to mouse 1/2 and use keyboard to fire
I recently got a Hien Mid that has the new Mid hardness, compared to a old Zero Mid and Hien Hard it pretty much feels like mix of both Mid and Hard. I like it personally, I found the old Zero Mid to be a little bit spongy for me. I do believe Artisan made a Facebook post about the new Mid hardness a couple of months ago about the new Mid foam. My new Hien's surface feels different than my old Hien Hard though, the texture feels the same but the material feels harder like...
Whenever I would use a G-TF I would just stick it on top of a Qck Heavy, never had any issues with it sliding around. I recently got a newer Hien and it feels almost identical to the G-TF Rough, I actually wonder if Artisan changed the way they make the Hien as my 2 year old Hien feels much different like a rougher Qck.
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