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We excited? Everyone?
Your post is currently the only one breaking nda.
Pirate. You going to go ahead and edit? Also, I got another invite? Did anyone else who is legacy get a second invite?
Dude, banana cream pie.
Bogey men travel in the shadows.
If I told you once, I've told you sextuple times, its charizard.
Alrite. I've had a little time this morning to see exactly what might be happening with the 580. The card, is messed up, I am assuming for 1yr+ for almost constant 100% load. I was hoping that it was something simple like the rad had blocks in it or the psu needed to be cleaned out. Which it turns out, was not the issue. As I have said before, if its not an easy fix, I am going to be down for the count. That being said. I would like to thank CSW, Donkey Punch, Famine,...
Month or two after.And to answer the question about the fps, its all over for everyone, no matter what the system.Lag is the concern, not the fps.edit: Slight miss in memory. 580 was released a few months after, then we had to wait another month or so after it was released for one that worked properly.5870, 4890, and 470 all had really bad screen tearing issues at launch. Full screen and windowed.However, like everyone has mentioned, this is a new bag. We hope that we get...
I never played XI. Which makes me bias'd. Therefore for XIV, the game never had issues. I had no point of reference. It was great at launch, outside of some graphical and interface issues. That being said.After they shifted gears, they took out some things I wish they hadn't, and added things that I learned to like. I don't think they should have rebuilt the game in the first place. But I've been holding my tongue on many things until NDA is either broken elsewhere, or...
Yep. I'm an idiot. Your avatar really rubs it in.
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