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Thanks! I bought 2 to have around as spares.
I am currently using a 616 model... It had some firmware issues when I first bought, but through several updates all the bugs have been worked out (do not know if the 818 was prone to all the same issues) Other than that i have really enjoyed this reciever, plenty of hdmi inputs and features. I would buy another Onkyo in the future.
You can't beat this price... I have 6 of them in my 7.2 setup. Great speaker!
Pm sent
Sounds good :up: report back what the results are when installed.
First what case do you have? (If you want aircooling this will help me determine how big you can go) If you want an all in one water setup do you have room for a single or double radiator? The best aircooler is the Noctua dh14.. but it is huge and heavy.... If you only have room for a single radiator, I would get something like the antec 920 or thermaltake water 2.0 that has the double thick radiator. On another note if your temps are now staying at under 30 then i...
Did you by any chance monitor the temp of the cpu while you were rendering? I have a 8120 that is oc'd with a antec 620 water coller (its not great) but keeps my temps at 40 c under normal use. I think your temps are causing the issue.
Did the mem test pass? If so have you tried running your software in windows that was causing the crash?
wow your CPU was 85 degrees C? That is way too hot... and that is most likely the reason you crash. I would re-seat your heat-sink on the CPU to make sure that it is making good contact. What cooler are you using? I do not think your Power Supply has anything to do with this.
Download memtest You will need usb flash drive...
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