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The numbers on that roadster are insane. Check out the acceleration of that thing @ 1:45...
And here we go!
HiS has tried it. No idea how effective it was though:
I dunno what you guys are complaining about. Zotac's looks dope to me!Of course, I also drive a Camaro...
So much this! Show us some SFF love!
Yep! If AMD comes with some sexy ITX board offerings, I'll be building my first AMD system this gen!
I guess I'm the odd man out then. I actually preferred SBX in the CS:GO demo. I felt like I had a much more precise idea of where the footsteps were coming from. The GSX did sound much more natural to me in TW3 though.
Found this vid comparing the GSX vs SBX Pro Studio. The positional cues from both seemed pretty spot on to me.
I've never built with anything but Intel. This may change that...
Wow, these deals are STILL live. The X G5 is also on sale for $79.99. That seems like a pretty crazy deal if you don't care about the extra features on the E5.
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