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Yes, please share. I'm having trouble making enough for a can of soda
Oh! But they are mentioned that GLC is next...isnt that globalcoin?
WOW! Where is that log from?
With a premine of 325,000,000 for the IPO, is there a way of estimating how long til the miners start receiving their coins?
Unfortunately ypool is the most reliable one. You have 1GH ( & beeer (, but many people have been having worse luck with those.
You should be on the new one by now.
Hey..what clocks are you running on the 680s?
[[SPOILER]] Thanks...I had alot of trouble getting my 680 configured. These settings got me to 115 mh/s.+Rep
Oh damn... HAHA.. I just noticed my rates are actually in Mh/s not Kh/s.I'm getting 322 Mh/s on my 280X and 208 Mh/s on my 270X. So I guess that's normal.Thanks!
I'm a bit confused on helixcoin...are most people getting low kh/s? I'm totaling ~750 kh/s, which is almost half of my usual scrypt mining rate.
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