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I say wait for BD, even though sandy bridge is Phenomenal:thumb:it seems AMD has a lot at stake here and cannot afford to release a less than spectacular Cpu line-up.So in short I have great expectations for AMD although I'm still a bit worried. As for all of you fanboys in here keep it up I enjoy a good show.
I don't know if it's Cpu dependent,but when I played the game at max detail@1080p with a 5770, setting Vsync on I hardly had any noticeable framerate drop when getting pwned by the UH-1.
Eh no problem, anyway I'm waiting on a single chip gpu to overtake the 5970.
Not if your budget is 350$.
Use a gamepad it's much better I bought a cheap Logictech(surprisingly good quality).
The 570 is your best option it's a great card.
DO NO BUY HP.There laptops and service in general is absolutely horrible. For light gaming you should look into the 5650,I have the 4650m and handles games quite well in 1366x768 res paired with a Turionx2 2.2ghz. What is your budget?
Ok I'll be sure to add you,I'll be playing Brotherhood while the the game downloads.
Ok, thanks for the info. I'm downloading the game client right now,but I noticed it says it's a 1gb download,seems like the file is small considering this is a full fledged game.Is there any additional patches to download?My username will be VeteranD13:D
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