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The problem with night vision in most games is that you have those people willing to turn up the brightness on their monitor. That normally gives them an edge since they don't have to use equipment or gadgets to compensate.
I think the success of pulling the AH will all hinge upon Loot 2.0 and how well it works.I hated trading in D2. It was a hassle and trying to negotiate with immature and hard-nosed people that thought all trades were worth a ber just wasn't worth the frustration to me. Trying to get a ber from someone was pretty darn hard unless you let yourself get ripped off. I ended up botting because of that. I had got my Bliz sorc to 93 and had fun playing her. She wasn't very gear...
I would think that the MS employees are encouraged to play the PS3 and Wii so they knew the competition. Then they are expected to create even better games.
Reduced level requirement on weapons lets you use a high level weapon on a lower lvl character. For instance, you have a lvl 50 weapon with 500 dps and 10 reduce lvl requirement. This lets your lvl 40 character use this weapon. Comparable lvl 40 weapons would probably only have around 200 dps, so you blow away monsters with your crazy high dps.
I am a ground guy, but I get to listen to the Lib (Liberator) stories from my friend who almost only pilots now (on Matterson). According to him, there is no reason to swap to the tail gun. The pilot should always be able to line up a shot for the Dalton. The only difficult ESFs to kill are those that stay a good distance away, or those that attack in groups.
You can jump on SPvP and get a feel for it without having to take the time to get the gear. Also, let me know what you think about it. I have a lot of fun being so tough to kill.
Bear with me; I am at work so I am working with what’s not blocked.|8.1h.0.8.1h.0||1h.0.1h.0.1h.0.1h.0.1h.0.1h.0||0.k28.0.u29b.k37|0.0|57.5b.5f.5h.0|e It is a build mainly for WvW or PvE. I am sure it would work against SPvP until you ran into a very heavy condition removing person. Solo PvE is really easy since you dodge almost all attacks (or should be). How this works. Run at your...
New condition torment for Necro, Theif and Mesmer? I really look forward to trying to incorporate torment into my Bleeding Blossom Evasion Theif. I never stop moving so you have to chase me, or you're running away the entire time.
double burster max: 1900+ certs...Playing Mario in a Galaxy: Priceless!
For those times things feel slow.... turbo booster harasser road kills!
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