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The compensator and handgrip changes are the big changes that affect all weapons.Handgrip•The maximum horizontal recoil cap is now lowered when a grip is attached.•Weapons with direction recoil will now lean more toward center when a forward grip is attached.•LMG Forward Grips no longer reduce vertical recoil.Compensator•Increased vertical recoil reduction on all weapons.If you don't use these attachments, you probably won't notice much of a change.
I have had a issue like this once (my computer auto rebooted after the screen went black). I had no OC on anything and still had the problem. It was because my power supply was dieing. I'm not saying that's your issue, but it is something you may want to keep in mind. It took me a long time to figure out because the reboot would only happen once a month, then once a week, once a day. 6 months later, I replaced the power supply and the problem went away. I didn't have a...
Yeah, I think I am pretty happy with how they did the harasser too. An engineer in the rumble seat may be a tad strong, but I think it's too early to tell.Also, I feel like my Gauss SAW S got a large buff in accuracy. I still run compensator and handgrip on it, but I feel like my 40 to 60 yard accuracy has gone up a decent amount. I don't really notice a difference for the Blitz. How does the small arms balance feel to the rest of you guys for your favorite weapons?
Maybe they will get the flamethrower up to par and that will give you a alternative to the hacksaws as the mass rushes in!
Pretty much this ^. I want to see how many rounds it takes to kill a MAX and how big the explosion radius is. I want to hurt those engineers behind cover healing MAXs.I'm kind of scared to buy it too because I think it will get nerfed. I haven't tried out the other faction MAX's new weapons, so ours may be just as strong as theirs.
Have you tried the new raven yet? A friend told me that the raven will two shot infantry (I haven't been able to try it to confirm yet). So, insta kill if you have one on each arm. Our new "long range" weapon is going to be more effective than our shotguns
I wonder how long it will take before people scream for the raven to be nerfed...
I have also had good results going to the VR area first then trying to go to the continent I wanted. Make sure you check your load out. VR seems to love unequipping stuff. Other than going to VR, just spam the button until it works.
As a NC player, I know its cert farming time when I see The Enclave roll in .
Also, I don't think people consider weapons effectiveness at different ranges a tradeoff. I mean, less recoil assists you in medium range fights while recoil has less effect or it's easier to control the closer you are. I know I will avoid direct medium to long range fights because my TTK drops as I slow my rate of fire to control recoil. Edit. I should also point out that I use the Gauss Saw S over the default NC6 because I find that I can do larger/longer bursts at...
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