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I fully agree that people get caught up in the hardcore builds. Part of the reason I can't blame any normal person using a HC build is because of the massive EXP penalty for death. I feel like you have to play like you're a HC character if you want to level up while progressing through the game. I’m mostly talking about merciless. Otherwise you have to grind your levels in easy areas and then "progress" through the game without expecting to level up. If you hit that half...
I'm not saying this is the best way to judge someone, but I think it is the best I have heard so far
That looks pretty good to me, but do you factor in if they pay for a membership or use boosts vs someone who doesn't pay?
I am already losing my willpower to farm exp at 61... I hope what you're saying about maps isn't the only thing I have to look forward to.
I will try to get away from K/D because that might be confusing things. I see what you’re saying about score/min, but I do think that you can significantly hurt your score/min by playing well. That is why I don't agree that score/min is a good indicator of skill.There are a lot of people that are unwilling to sit and defend a capture point while you are taking a decently defended base. The number of people per capture point isn’t filled, but people want kills and will get...
You're right; the medic isn't exactly being stupid. I know I would probably farm the points as well if I was in that situation. You just have to realize you are enabling stupid people to continue to be stupid.On a different topic if you stick a enemy with a sticky grenade, can they carry that stuck grenade back through the defensive spawn shield? I kind of think the grenade would be scrapped off you by the spawn shield, but the kills would be hilarious if it didn’t.
Sometimes it's fun to leave the medic alive and kill the people he revives the second they are revived My idea of a skilled individual is someone who can hold a spawn/capture location long enough for help to show up. Funny, but you naturally get a positive k/d ratio when doing this.I think everyone agrees the K/D isn't important. Well, I think score/min isn't a good indicator of skill either. You can have a medic racking the points up by reviving a squad that has become...
- Damage boosts to at least five skills.- Improvements to the visual effects of several skills.I wonder what skills get the boost.Also, I hope they um tone down, balance, fix ... do something to the visual effects of 6 people using aoe skills with chain and/or fork and turning the screen into a fire works display. I'm glad I use Arc and I don't have to target anything to be effective, but I wonder how anyone else finds a monster in the blinding light show.
What you're doing sounds similar to a Arc Summoner. Elemental Proliferation on Arc and the increase shock chance passives greatly boost your minion’s damage. I'm using something similar, but I am focused more on my Arc doing damage than my minions doing the damage. Also, I use a arc totem with fast cast and elemental proliferation (while casting a damage focused arc) instead of a skeleton totem. It's a lot of fun.
I knew Sol Tech had a lot of mossy pilots. Now that it’s combined with Matterson's, I swear I counted TR at 15 to 20 ESF and 3 or 4 Libs circling a base at one point. I have to say that I don't think I have seen more than a handful of scythes in the air since the merge. Also, I think TR is getting the short straw with their new rocket launcher. I guess it depends on how much damage it deals, but having to keep line of sight to guide the missiles sounds like a death sentence.
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