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That’s a scary thought. My zombies have around 1.8 to 1.9k life and they can pop pretty fast in some rooms on cruel. I am lvl 44.
In before more complaints starting from page 6! Funny, I actually expected to find a lost because of trolls post sooner than that.
Yeah, I hope they find a way to buff melee defense. As a summon witch, I am left wondering how a melee is expected to beat some of these rooms filled with only range NPCs. It has discouraged me from really trying out a melee character.Also, I think it’s sad to hear everyone say you better pick up all the Life% nodes and some other defense in your area of the tree or you will get one shotted on merciless. At least that’s what it seems like everyone is saying. I guess I will...
I feel like MY reaver is meant to go kamikaze on some tank when I first log on. I realize I could redeploy and get to the fight faster, but the initial suicide is a fun way to start the day off.Also as a LA, I know I can jump jet and survive the bail out. I don't really play LA, so I don't have C-4 unlocked. Does anyone know if C-4 on the nose of a kamikaze reaver will kill a full life Sundy? Will C-4 even explode on impact or when I command detonate it after the wreck?
I like shadows being on. I have to say that I have had shadows save my life a few times. Most of the time I catch the shadow of an ESF about to open up on my backside, or the occasional LA passing overhead in CQC. Sometimes a shadow just lets me know I am about to die in 3, 2, 1...
Nope that makes sense and is what I suspected.
That happening at medium range makes sense, but these short range fights blow my mind when they happen. When I say short range, I mean we both turned the corner at the same time and are just barely out of knife range or we are in the same small room. I think I remember about five to six times this happened this week and me mumbling that I should have lived.... I either have really bad luck or really good luck.
Nice job having some patience and waiting for people to settle down between kills. My Heavy tendencies would have kicked in and resulted in me dying much earlier in a blaze of glory. Grenade thrown, Rocket launcher fired, shields ON and here I come with the LMG!Also, has anyone else been killing the person that killed them or the person you killed killing you in 1v1 gun fights? This week (before recent patch as well) there has been several times where I kill someone and...
Yep. It's "your" fault I can't get out of this ELO range because I can't carry your newbness. I don't deserve to be here because I am a "better" player than all of you!
L2 not vocalize your rage? Good luck .Besides, a team game is a team game and your screwing up coordination. Rage all you want. Stop flooding the chat screen with nonsense so other people can coordinate ganks or team fights.
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