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The hard disc have a reserved partition that has a factory copy of the OS. I'm still interested in creating a USB backup for reasons I want to question. I'm thinking if the hard disc one day will fail and I will need to replace that hard disk with a new one. Will it be possible to recover the OEM version on new hardware, with the USB? If I erase Windows, replace it with etc. Ubuntu on my hard disk, but still keep the recovery partition, will it be possible to do a...
Some months ago the warning was green light, now it's yellow. It's gone from 32 to 100 I think, although I don't know what those figures mean. How should I interpret this, and is my disk at risk going down. Sometimes when I move big files from disk to disk, it starts to make a crackling noise, that for me is an indication of bad sectors.
Here are two good guides: Windows 7: Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer Windows 7: Make Windows 7 bootable after motherboard swap
I'm going to upgrade my mobo which has another chipset, and wonder what correct steps I should take. First I'm going to uninstall all the mobo drivers, reboot and install the drivers for the new mobo. After the installation I would be prompted to reboot, should I reboot or turn off the PC and hook on the new mobo, and then have the drivers booting up on the correct mobo.
Do you guys touch the voltage when you overclock. For me it doesn't seem to do any difference, running stock voltage or tuning it up.
My Windows 7 x64 OS SSD is slower than my other hard drive. Will it differ in performance if I turn off the pagefile on C: and enable it on my second SSD? Or should I have two pagefiles? One primary SSD and secondary.
I expirence laggy desktop managment in Windows when WindowFX 5.12 is enabled. I don't have the fastest SSD on the market although it runs Windows 7 smooth, both boot and everything else runs really smooth and fast. I don't know what is the bootleneck here making my WindowsFX expirence laggy, so much noticable that I prefer turning it off. Is it the low read/write speed of the SSD or something else in the hardware that isn't optimal for WindowFX? Or is it something in...
Obvoiusly yes, but would W7 perform better on my SATA III vs SATA II? And will my games and apps benefit being installed on my SATA III vs SATA II. And would it matter on what disk the OS is installed, I mean because the OS is on my SATA II, games and apps "would not" benefit being on SATA III as much if both OS and games/apps where on my SATA III.
OCZ-Vertex 60 GBSamsung SSD 830 Series 128 GBMSI 790FX-GD70, supporting 3 GB, but the question is in case of future upgrades?SATA controllers? The ones on the main board. I installed W7 in AHCI mode.I used to run W7 on a old SATA 1.5 GB, that was really sluggish, took ages to install apps, boot etc.
I have my Windows 7 installed on my sata/300. It works great, boot time, and using windows goes very efficient. I have my sata/600 where I install my games and applications. Does it make any difference in efficiency having the games and apps installed on the sata/600 when the OS is on sata/300. Should I have installed the OS on the sata/600? My Windows Experience Index gives me 7.4 for my SSD, my highest score is my GPU 7.6. Benchmark: OCZ sata/300: Seq: 185 read, 50...
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