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when is vega suppose to be released again?
fyi that sli selector switch on the x99 only turns on and off the leds to show you the optimal positon. It does not do anything else as far as changing the lanes configuration. Just thought i would throw that out there
Bump for help? Anyone?
Hi guys, So i got a qnix 2710 evo II and it ocs fine to 90hz. The problem Im having is that once I hook up secondary monitor to my card my qnix will frame skip on anything over 60hz. Once I disconnect my second monitor (asus 1080p) i can oc my qnix again without frame skipping. My qnix is set as primary display allthough it shows a #2 and my asus has a #1, I dont think that matters? also, My qnix is connected with DVI and my asus is hdmi from card to DVI to monitor(via a...
The qnix is set as my defualt/ primary display. Although it is numbered as 2 were as my asus(1080p) is my secondary but it does have the #1 on it. To be clear though my qnix is set as primary even though it says #2. Do you think that matters?
Just got the true10 evo II multi with dp off of ebay for $210 no bad pixels or bad blb. Mine can o/c to 90hz without frame skipping. also it seems to not have pwm. really nice monitor for the cash. My only prob is when I oc it to 90 hz and then hook up my secondary monitor that only runs at 1080p my qnix will frame skip. By itself it oc fine. any ideas?thanks
So im curious, it should be able to oc higher then 75hz. Did you use dp? Did you have any other monitors running when you overclocked it? Can you check to see if it uses pwm dimmig? Thx
So im looking at getting into a cheap way of getting nvidia surround for flight sims. Im wondering what you guys think of this monitor? It seems that it can also overclock to about 85hz without skipping? So my idea was to get 3 of these monitrs and use the 3 display ports on my 970 to hook them up. I guess if they all overclocked that would be a bonus. I would also prob get three of these stands to make adjusting them easier. eventually I would also prob get...
hey i was looking into this monitor too. Could you please try and overclock it to 120hz and check for frame skipping. thanks +1 rep
you can check for pwm by holding your phone up looking at the monitor using your phone camera and see if you see any flickering. Also as you check turn the brightness down while looking at your phone. thanks
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