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Pm sent!
i think a used 570 or 560ti would be a good bet I think he will be fine with the lower vram
I know I know ...Iv tired to tell him this LOL but he has his own ideas. :rolleyes:The only card I think he may be able to get is a amd 6950. But I know he would prefer nvidia.
welcome gwau!. I believe the h70 will work but the hoses are pretty short so that may be a prob. It may have to mount on the rear exhaust. and as far as the 770. as long as its a reference pcb it will fit.hope I helped
yeah thats what i was thinking... but he wants 2gb so thats going to be an issue
hey guys so my younger cousin wants to start a entry level build. he has $75 max for a card. what would you recommend? Im thinking something on ebay? maybe a 560ti? any other ideas? he wants 2gb so maybe go amd? thanks
Hey there oldcompgeek and welcome. Well If it were me I would go with the cheapest cooler you can get. Since your runnning 7850 those wont be hard to cool at all. I would go with 120mm rad size. My corsair h50 cooled my 780 really well consdering the size and heat output of my 780. Good luck! edit: also with out looking at your case specs I would mount it on the rear exhuast that seems the most efficant way to run it for me.
i agree
Yup haha i think? This is real life
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