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@ olig wow this looks like my next monitor! I cant stand my black levels on my xstar pls screen...So your saying that with the lights off the blacks look black? not dark grey?
have you seen it compared to a ips monitor? do you have a link for the monitor?thanks
sry man was just trying to get my post out there quick. Ill fix it. Thanks for the info + rep.
So im looking for opinions on the best black levels on a monitor for 1440 or 4k. I have an xstar 1440 montior from korea and im not that thrilled with its black level performance... Is there anything else out there that would be better? thanks
+1 this sums it up perfectly... can any of you users with amd cards confirm this with a gameworks game? turn it off and see if it still affects performance.
last timed I played witcher 3 i had physx and pretty sure I could play it in nvidia 3d vision if I wanted?
Would any of you guys with the screebright sofware upload it and make a link so i can get it? I also would like to use the monitor cool/warm slider. thanks abunch!
I dont understand how some of you guys think this looks ugly. I think it looks sweet and the braided water tubes look awesome. But I guess to each there own...
I wonder because of the huge bandwidth that only having 4gb wouldnt make a difference as far as reaching the 4gb cap to traditional ddr5? I dont know but it seems that having all that width it would be able to move infor faster back and forth? some one with more gpu brains might help me out?
for some reason my gut is telling me this card is going to be faster then a titan x... dont ask why. maybe it was that gas station egg muffin sandwich?
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