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What mobo would you choose? The price of the A is abit more but NOT a factor. I will be running a 5820k. and possible 2 gpus in the future. Will also be oc'ing the cpu. thanks
It should work fine but may need a copper shim. Maybe a 7970 user with the kraken will help out?
If anything there may be a titan 2 or something, ushering a new die... No 980TI, that MIGHT happen after a titan, just like before when we got the titan then the 780 later, then 780ti last.
iv been wanting to get a 5820k but after reading ttl on oc3d review im not sure.... Is the 5820k a binned chip? can it not oc as well as the other chips?
im looking at getting a 5820k and a gtx 980 and water cool them. can i cool them ok with the 750 kit with a 240 on top and a 120 on the back?
Hey guys Im going to be going all new x99 build and am looking at getting my feet wet with real liquid cooling. Just want to get your opinion if the xspc rasa 750 bay res will fit in at the top there in the 2 bay spot? I would assume it will. there is no metal divider for the bays is there? bye the way the builds looks great so far !! cant wait to start mine!
just a quick question. How much more ipc is there over my current sandy bridge 2500k. clock for clock vs haswell-E?
Just wondering why asus will not bring the x99-s to america? I would rather have that then the pro.
So I picked up a 970 to play with. nzxt says that there compatible but the vrms are on the opposite side of the card lol. it would be the same way with the 670pcb when it was short and had the vrms on the opposite side. So im wondering if anybody has a 970/670 with the vrms on the oppostie side.? since the fan of the g10 wont do anything wondering if passive heatsinks would surfice?
Raja will the asus x99-pro be the same as the x99-s? When is the pro being released (pro)? thanks
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