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Hey there oldcompgeek and welcome. Well If it were me I would go with the cheapest cooler you can get. Since your runnning 7850 those wont be hard to cool at all. I would go with 120mm rad size. My corsair h50 cooled my 780 really well consdering the size and heat output of my 780. Good luck! edit: also with out looking at your case specs I would mount it on the rear exhuast that seems the most efficant way to run it for me.
i agree
Yup haha i think? This is real life
Ok whatever you say edit: oh and masked you should prob remove that evga picture by your sig rig while your at it. When you figure it out thats is.On a dffrent note, actually enjoy reading gurus reviews. Its unfortunate this all had to happen.
Masked im not going to get this thread locked.. Just pointing out the obvious . Its fine you dont like evga just kinda odd that you just changed you rig? Hypocrite's will be hypocritical
Masked you have lightings now? Huh i have a screeny of evga sc?
Personally ill be glad when this all blows over..such hypocritical people on this thread.some users say they have such a bad distan for evga for years and yet they own very recent and multiple evga products:rolleyes:
no prob, hope it works good for you
yeah what king said. You dont really need sinks on the vram, it runs pretty cool already. Its the vrms. all about them darn VRMS edit: oh and make sure to clean them off good (vrms) I used some isporpal alchol and cotton swabs. the sinks will stick much better when those are really clean. Also put and HOLD some presure on them the second part is really important (thats why it in caps) hold for maybe 30 sec. to a min. then let them be for a few hours before you boot it up...
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