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I was thinking of going for the cheaper x79 but as some of you guys pointed out the upgrade path is obviously much better. I mean really the main cost difference will be the early adoption of ddr 4 and that will maybe add $150 total over a ddr3 kit of same timings and size? So for +$150 you get DDR4, 6 core min and max 8core and way more sata 6 ports as well as m2. Also the possibility that broadwell-E will have a mid range 8core.
Well if you use the thermal paste and its the glue kind i dont think you wil be able to get it off. Theres some good thermal tape out there. Or just try what came with the heatsinks. Just make sure you clean of the vrms and vram really good with some isporpal alchol and cotton balls. Otherwise they may not stick well. Hope i helped. And welco.e to the club. Dont forget to register.
yup corsair is awesome. I have had alot of there products and they have all served me well.Idewitt your RIG is sweeeet! Very nice man!+1
I love evga, hope there mobo team finally gets things figured out. If asus comes out with a white x99 ill prob fold though. lol that would be sweet
so the lanes would be a full 16 and a 8 correct? so it would still be better then z97 at 8X8 for running sli because atleast one card gets full bandwith?
woops, yeah beaker lol
@B negative.. Oh yes that is sweet. Edit: btw I love your beeper avatar LOL
oh i didnt see that earlier... Wonder if it will have the i/o cover like the classy?
Jacob how about a peek at the x99 FTW? !
yeah I do like that MSI board it looks sweeet. I guessing once EVGA gets some of there other "Bling" on it like jacob said it will look better. I do wish they would go with all black caps too like MSI
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