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several pages back someone said that bestbuy was selling 970 reference cards with the nice blower direct from nvidia. Anybody else seen these? I cant seem to find them on the bestbuy web site.
i just found it interesting that the heatsink for the ftw axc2.0 actually run virtacal vs the the sc runs horizontal? wonder what the why the diffrence?
Same for me. I got my 780 400$ and sold it for 400$ I like new tech and the 970 has more vram
Can I see pick of it. The card
Golden, did your evga 970s come with acx2.0?
Just a heads up but the acx 2.0 cooler lights up at the end of it. Just talked to a rep.
ok so the guys that got the evga 970s... did you get the acx2.0? does anybody have the 2.0 yet?
can you see does it cover the memory and vrms??? I want to use my g10 on it but it needs to have a base plate on it... plus the vrms are on the opposite side I think of the g10 fan..
does the evga gtx 970 acx have a mid plate like the older versions to cool the vrms and memory?
Is that with the acx cooler^^.
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