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sounds like a software glitch...
@velocd how has your system been running? I had the same ram and a 5820k. One of my sticks was bad so I had to RMA. Just curious if your system is going strong. Also, have any of you guys tried the latest bios from asus version 1103? Has it fixed any of your issues?
Glad to see yours is working great! Also, didnt ASUS implemant a firmware change to adress the very slim chance of the board burning up by changing how to board adresses the powerphases? I wonder if this latest poster whos board amy have burned up had that updated?
I think it would be nice to have some users comment on if there board has been good vs all of these bad reports?
My motherboard is in for RMA because the top heatsink had a small dent in it. Im just curious, It seems like there alot of quality control issues and DOA with this particular board (asus deluxe) on newegg. Has there been alot of talk on this threat about these issues?
Well I ended up RMA my ram and the MOBO.( x99 deluxe) Im getting alittle nervous after reading all the iffy reviews on newegg. ...How long does newegg RMA usually take?
+ rep. Thanks will do.
Hey Guys Hoping to get a little help here. So i have the x99 deluxe with the current bios. with a 5820k. I bought the 16gb pack of crucial ballistic sport but it seems that one stick is bad. Just want to make sure i have done everything so far to cover my bases before I rma. RAM Im still waiting for my case and ssd so I just tested the mobo ram and cpu. My power supply is a evga 850g2. and a evga 970. I...
What mobo would you choose? The price of the A is abit more but NOT a factor. I will be running a 5820k. and possible 2 gpus in the future. Will also be oc'ing the cpu. thanks
It should work fine but may need a copper shim. Maybe a 7970 user with the kraken will help out?
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