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So I picked up a 970 to play with. nzxt says that there compatible but the vrms are on the opposite side of the card lol. it would be the same way with the 670pcb when it was short and had the vrms on the opposite side. So im wondering if anybody has a 970/670 with the vrms on the oppostie side.? since the fan of the g10 wont do anything wondering if passive heatsinks would surfice?
Raja will the asus x99-pro be the same as the x99-s? When is the pro being released (pro)? thanks
so theres only going to be the deluxe, A, and rampage? I thought there was another one in there?
Any update on when the asus x99-s will be released in the US?
I would agree. The power numbers of an o/c 290x are not pretty. Imagine if nvidia put out a gpu that used that kindapower ...oh wait gm210 will (aka big maxwell)) and it will crush all. looks like evga came thru with the backplates!
several pages back someone said that bestbuy was selling 970 reference cards with the nice blower direct from nvidia. Anybody else seen these? I cant seem to find them on the bestbuy web site.
i just found it interesting that the heatsink for the ftw axc2.0 actually run virtacal vs the the sc runs horizontal? wonder what the why the diffrence?
Same for me. I got my 780 400$ and sold it for 400$ I like new tech and the 970 has more vram
Can I see pick of it. The card
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