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hey guys I too am looking into this monitor. I read abit back that you were toying with settings in the single display port and bypass selected. also something about there being different setting in the by pass for response time? Just wondering if any of you have tried that? last how are the black levels? thanks
Unfortunately amd has a hard time following though with there ideas. Freesynce is the only one that I can think of that actually gained traction. There Hd3d and mantel ultimately fizzled out. I think Truaudio and tressfx has one game? and if I remember correctly Bullet was suppose to be there answer to physx and that too never gained traction. Irregardless, in the end I hope it works out for them. But as usual Im not holding my breath.
any pics of your rig? gotta show off that hardware !welcome to the club!+1 rep
I can get either one on ebay for the same price. the sammy has hdmi2.0 and can do 4k at 60hz 4:4:4 chroma. the crossover can do the same but also has Display port. I leaning more towards the samsung because it probably has better build quality. Oh and both screens have va panels. which one would you get? sammy crossover
Im still waiting for this to comee back instock.... Wonder if this uses pwm?
+1@crest, I think you should have said from the start that you slowed down the vid 25% of normal speed. upload the vid again at normal speed. that would only make sense.
No actually those are real contrast numbers. Va panels are awsome for this. Go look at tft centrals review of the philips 40 inch 4k monitor (same panel as the crosstune 404k). There mesurments are almost 5000...
are there any other 32" va monitors out there? I too am considering the 404k but its so dang big... any body know about this one XAVVIO X3200HW 32" seems like the same panel as the cross over.
Hey guys do any of you have a measuremnt of the height and width of the 404k with the stand? Another question i have is i have a 27 1440p xstar. My question is from what i gather this 40in 4k monitor would be about the same dpi size as a 27 1440p. So if i play company of heroes 2 will it show more area since its a higher rez? Or will it just be bigger overall because the screen is so big? How would this affect rts games with fog of war? Hope i made sense. Thx
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