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After achieving a stable CPU overclock, can I use the XMP profile on my RAM? My sig specs are old as I recently upgraded to a 7700K. RAM is Corsair Vengeance 16GB 3200 and timing 16. Or should I manually tweak the RAM in which I have no experience at all? If possible I would like to avoid that and simply use the XMP profile.
3 fans
Have a gigabyte GA-Z270X gaming 7 mobo what's the thickest 360mm rad I can fit in the top?
I read about these issues on various forums and it seems that they occured with all brands of 1060. The posts were 4-6 months old and I was wondering whether these issues have been resolved. I was hoping to buy an MSI 1060 armor. Any advice will be appreciated. I'm currently planning on gaming at 1080p only but want ultra settings with decent fps on the latest games.
It still boots!!. I took out the mobo and attached it with the power supply and Samsung evo plus the monitor through onboard graphics. The only other thing attached was my wifi card and of course the RAM. It booted and I was able to link my microsoft account to the activation key The burn marks shown in the images are only around the first and second front panel usb 2 headers. Could this be an issue with the case front panel or did the PSU cause this? I had both front...
I was hoping to salvage some data using this mobo and also link my windows key to my microsoft account (which currently does not exist) so that I wouldn't have to buy a new windows.
Finally got time to open up the PC. The only burnt portion of the mobo is at the very bottom. Here are some pics: A more zoomed in image: Finally the closeup shot: Any advice would be appreciated
no it isn't
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