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Yeah, me either. The last game I preordered was Crysis part deux. The mess that it ended up being also made it the last EA purchase for me. I am waiting for GTA V and TW3. My nephew is going absolutely ga-ga mode over DA:I. I have a feeling that I will be giving EA some cash after I go spend the holiday there this year.
Just a thought. Perhaps you should set up a pow wow with EA. Could be a very lucrative pow wow if you are hearing what I am typing.
In please. Thank you.
Hat Trick +1 It's all about the +1, Brah... edit: typo
FTFY.Puts on flame suit.~THIS IS ENTIRELY MY OPINION~I do not understand people that play games on PC that claim consoles are as good or better than pc. Console's from the beginning, and to this day, have been nothing more than push button "X" repeatedly. That is not gaming. This is why I do not purchase consoles or their software. It is not gaming. Those that choose to believe the lie that console manufacture's spew to them are free to do so. I GAME on PC because it is...
I feel the same way.
I concur. I have watched this get worse with each new console launch since PS and XB. It is very obvious that CDPR is the only dev that SHOWS they support pc gaming. Tired of the "wait" for dumbed down console ports. It would appear that pc gamer's money is not green enough. Good to know. I will not purchase GTAV. I will patiently wait for TW3. It will be my final game purchase. I will take my money and find a new hobby.
I hear you loud and clear. I am looking at a couple of different 1600p monitors for my surround because the 4k selection is not impressing me at the moment and gpu grunt to run 4k surround is not here yet unless you want to go quad Titan. I am using a Qnix 2710. It OC's to 110hz and it is, well, gorgeous and for 300 bones really can not be beat. Something else for you to consider.
Ok. I understand now. I would still stay X79 in that instance. Early adoption fees are high on HEDT. I think I would get an X79 mobo that had Quadfire support. The ~10% performance gains would not justify the cost of the ddr4 and cpu upgrade cost IMO. I just upgraded to a RIV BE from a X79 Sabretooth just in case I need more than 2 gpu's to run my surround set up when I get it. I just do not see the need for the costs of upgrading to X99 from X79 for the not even...
If you are not planning on going to a higher res display then I would sit pat. You are not going to see expotential performance upgrading your 290 X's at this point in time. If I were in your shoes I would look at upgrading to at least a 1440P monitor. If I wanted to stay in single monitor gaming I would probably even look at 4k monitors. Crossfired 290 X's were made for single 4k gaming according to most of the AMD people on the interwebz. Are you considering upping your...
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