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EA really put the screws to the modding scene for Crysis 2, and not many mods were made for the game. One of the best Crysis 2 mods IMO was MaLDoHD 4.0
I dunno... Seeing as Bethesda is so into "exclusivity" with these Fallout 4 products and they decide to go with McPuke's as their "exclusive" partner for "Fallout Foods" I can just about guarantee you that the radiation will be there.
Very interesting.+ repI will prob DL and play with that when da bidness gets slow after X-mas. Thank you for that link.
Far Cry 3 Blood DragonIf you were a teen ager or older in the 80's this game will make you laugh often and is a lot of fun to play.
It is really looking like the 390X has some serious problems. I am not buying the "we made to many 2XX series cards and have to sell them off" excuse as feasible any longer. This would be the equivalent of Harley-Davidson in 1979 saying "Hey, we know the 1979 Sportster was a complete flop but we made so many of them that we will not produce a better model until we sell of remaining inventory. We will see you all again in 1983." A competent CEO realizes a garbage product...
Not all consumers. I do not pre-order. I build my PC's for the solitary and sole purpose to play games. Not only am I TIRED of game developer's BS, I am tired of hardware manufacture's BS and exponentially tired of M$'s BS. At the first of the year I had $4500 set aside for a 4K monitor and two 390X or two Titan X GPU's (anyone else remember when there were no gpu's, only 2d and 3d accelerators?). I have been waiting for 4k since 2010. It is still about 5 years from...
It is 2015. Console games far outsell PC games. Dev's will go where the delores are the most plentiful. Do I like how it has changed gaming? Absoulutely not. But there is abosolutely nothing I can do about it. I can either accept it or find another hobby. Simple as that. Not gonna lie, I am a little disappointed in the latest trailers as far as graphics go. Not saying it does not look good (because hey, it ain't that bad), I was just expecting a little more. I feel that...
I have been a PC gamer for a little over 20 years. This post nailed it and I agree 172%. + rep
True that Moto Racer had better controls but over the years I played RR for many more hours.@21cage12 I bought Road Redemption off Steam a few weeks ago. I have been helping my Dad after his knee surgery so I have not had time to play it at all yet. It looks pretty good and was only like 20 dinero's. Check it out.
I did enjoy Moto Racer quite a bit, but IMO the best motorcycle racing game ever was Road Rash. I did not know whether to rage or weep when my CD got unreadable about a year ago.
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