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I am with you. While I am a fan of "open world" games, fighters are still my fave.This game has been slowly circling in the toilet bowl for far to long. Delay after delay only means that it gets flushed into the sewer soon. Lost all my enthusiasm when it did not release in Jan. I will play MKX until TW3 drops.
True and I do not disagree with you. However, right now, the MX100 series is king of the hill in bang-for-buck SSD IMO.
Last month I purchased a 512 gig Crucial MX100 for game storage. It has been flawless thus far. I would give it three thumbs up if I had a third hand. Great SSD and Crucial has good (and fast) customer service should there be any problems. If you can wait for a sale Newegg lowers the price often. The 256 gig can be had for about 100 bones when on sale.
+ rep.Truth and so much lulz.
I did not listen to JF-AMD. I waited for benchmarks. After benchmarks proved BD's massive failure I had my Sandy Bridge build up and running one week later. As I said in my post the camp with the better number's is where I spend my money.
I seriously have to disagree with you on that one. You were not here at the time but when AMD could not get BD out the door and had delay after delay there was an OCN member that went by the display name JF-AMD. With each delay he told people here to wait to upgrade their rigs because BD was going to not only butt rape Intel, but rewrite the CPU performance history books. He did this for months and then BD finally dropped and failed in every way JF-AMD promised it would...
I have used both Ripjaws Z and Ripjaws X on the X79 platform. Either will work well. I went with the Ripjaws X because it has the removable heatsink when I had clearance issues after upgrading to the Silver Arrow HSF. As far as the 1866 Ripjaws OCing to 2400 that involves a couple of different factors with no guarantee they will go that far. The 2400 IS guaranteed by G.Skill to hit 2400 if the IMC on your CPU can handle 2400. My 3820 does not deal well with 2400 settings...
I agree with the first statement.As to the second statement I am one of the SLI owners that wants to upgrade to a 4k monitor, but because of the lack of SLI support by dev's I will wait to upgrade until single GPU horsepower is strong enough to run a 4k monitor >60 FPS AND NEVER drop below 50 FPS. Yeah, looks like I may not be upgrading this upcoming gen and more than likely waiting for Pascal X80 or AMD's R9 490X GPU.
That is cool. I just play games. I would not own a PC if I did not play games.
I agree. I waited to go to Win7 until there were a few games I was interested in playing in DX11 after jumping to Vista the week it released and the poo sandwich that was. I will wait to go to Win10 until DX12 is adopted as a standard by dev's and is actually being used.
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