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For a game SSD I would recommend either this or this because they have Marvell controllers. Over the last 5+ years I have seen many family and friends go thru SSD's with Sand Force, Indilinx, and a couple of Silicon Motion controllers. None of them lasted a year and most did not go 90 days. I have a Plextor M3Pro that has been running for over...
Ah, OK. I will tip toe through my CPU upgrade and make sure nothing gets derped. I do not want to wait indefinately on Asus, running my second string rig. It has its own particularities that get annoying very quick like for me when I game with it. This motherboard has been fabulous *knocks on wooden desk* , but I did not get mine until Oct. 2014 and I wondered if Asus would actually have warranty replacement mobo's until Q3 or Q4 of 2017. I guess I will not go completely...
@Madmaxneo What is the status of your RMA for your RIV BE? Is Asus going to get you some other comparable X79 mobo to replace the RIV BE if they are not going to have any available for warranty replacement?
This arm is fantastic. So good I wish I researched this thread long before actually needing it. I should have bouht one of these a couple of years ago. Thank you, bluedevil, for this post.Rep+Edit: spelling
Batman: Arkham Origins. I got this game with a vid card purchase and according to Steam I have played it 17 minutes. At launch I dl'ed and fired it up. I heard music playing while I stared at a black screen. Waited six months for patches and a couple of driver updates to try and start the game again, this time to no music and a black screen. Uninstalled it.
X99 is the superior option with tri-sli if you go with a 5930K. That CPU has 40 pci-lanes natively. You will have to get a PLX chipset on a Z170 mobo for 40 oci-e lanes, which will add latency. Some people do not notice it but I did, and thus upgraded from Z77 to X79. It was worth it IMO, and I only run 2X sli. YMMV.
Yes.60%....Using Sony CEO math.
If I were dealing with this situation I would remove the heatsink from the gpu, clean with 92%+ isopropyl alcohol, apply a quality TIM, reinstall the heatsink, and put it back in the rig. It could very well come back to life. If it does not, call eVGA. I am reasonably sure their 570 series gpu's came with lifetime warranties. You will prob get a 950 or maybe a 960, but either would still curbstomp the Intel iGPU.
I completely agree. I keep hoping PPC's will get the website navigation sorted but it does not appear to be on the radar for them.@ Redshift 91- Just a FYI. I had been waiting since Christmas or so for PPC's to get some stock of the Sunnon fans I needed. I finally googled the part number last week and FCPU was the second link to click. I had to write down the part number and phone the order in, but it shipped the same day. I now have my fans and PPC's still has no stock....
Exactly this.TBH this would be a nice change of pace. I am really burnt with modern warfare shooters.
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