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It's Cactuar from Final Fantasy.
Cool sprites, a friends and I have recently built these recently in our private server. There are a few you cannot really see because of others blocking them.
How dare any of you put css and cod in the same category.....
In case anyone has not seen it, a preview of some cool new things to come in 1.7 [ame][/ame]
I tried to find the machine the other night but had no luck.
I just tried to connect to verify and was unable to get in. It was up earlier when I poped in to look at something, it may just be doing a restart or something.
Is the skull blocks tnt? What texture pack are you guys using.
I can show you around if you like
I use them everyday. As drink coasters on my desk, no joke they work kinda well.
I remember that build. His rez's and pumps are in the drive bays.
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