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was there another patch after the one on Friday?
Is there any advantage to 'Exclusive Fullscreen?' Also, I just got to the Geothermal Valley and the shadows have started flickering since yesterday (after the update). Any idea how to fix the flickering shadows? In the meantime, some snaps:
I had the same thing with the avalanche in the beginning.What is the 'bit fix' you're talking about? Would like to try it since SLI scaling is not that great for me w/ 4-Way (or even 3-Way).
Lara has to be one of the sexiest characters in a video game, ever. She's right up there with Triss IMO. At 5K, she looks even better!
Isn't Samsung "preparing" panels w/ DP 1.3 for their 3440x1440 144Hz displays? So, my bet (and hope) is still for DP 1.3 on this Dell. I was just playing The Witcher 3 last night on my 5K and was just thinking - even though 4K is a pretty big step down from 5K, the increase in FPS and refresh rate would be quite good. I am still going to get 4K Surround with these panels - but I hope the new Titan (Pascal) can handle that resolution much better than the OG Titan or Titan...
just picked this up. fantastic graphics. poor SLI scaling - as usual... the old Tomb Raider - by the time all updates/patches were released, ran very well at 5K in 4-Way SLI.
LOL.. yea.. I've been watching too much Spartacus!
when is the Blood and Sand expansion out?
lol...same here! Before all the DX12 features - which are no doubt awesome - I want SLI to work in this game!
umm.. that looks way worse than the initial previews/trailers. Also, it looks too Watch Dogs-ish (like a multiplayer Watch Dogs).Man.. what a huge let down!
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