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Wow. Jacob.. is that the Little Devil Phase Change CPU cooler?
Hey thanks!Yea, 4K is simply incredible. I went from 3 30" monitors (13.2MP) to 3 4K monitors @ 25MP so the visual fidelity went up a LOT. The crisp pictures with beautiful colors really pop on these IPS panels.As the benchmarks have shown, most of the games play pretty well w/ 4x GTX-Titan Black SCs. Of course, AA is minimally used in most games since the VRAM is simply not enough to handle it.Since these are 24" monitors, they are not so "in your face" as the old 3 30"...
I'm waiting for Borderlands 3 and Bad Company 3. Both BL2 and BC2 were simply great.
I had a GTX-750 Ti SC for my secondary rig. Took it out for a few days and put it back in - no video signal. Nothing. Tried different slots etc. nothing worked. Really surprised it just died like that. Anyway, waiting for RMA so let's see. Anyone else have this issue?
Crysis 3 4K Surround wallpaper: Download it here: Crysis 3 4K Surround Wallpaper
haha Thanks man!No plans on water-cooling - I upgrade parts quite often and would prefer to be able to take stuff out and put stuff in easily. I like the Kraken X60 very much since it's an AIO CPU water-cooler. As far as GPUs are concerned, blower air-cooler FTW! XDI wish they made the Classified 780 Ti w/ blower cooler like they did the 680 Classified... I would've gotten 4 of those (assuming the new ones w/ 6GB VRAM) but ACX coolers are horrid for sandwich style...
The stand is SOLD!
As promised, some more benchmarks! Benchmark #5 Borderlands 2 Scene: Assault on Dragon's Keep (DLC). Game Settings: FXAA: Data/Results: In-game Pics: 4K Video (Different Level/Map): Benchmark #6 F1 2013 Scene: Brazilian Grand Prix. Game Settings: NoAA: Data/Results: In-game Pics: 4K Video: Benchmark #7 Call of Juarez Gunslinger Scene: Arcade Mode Data/Results: In-game Pics: 4K Video: Benchmark #8 Trine 2 Complete...
GRIDI 2 was utter garbage - the controls were just utter dung .. no pre order.. no way.
Did some benchmarks of 4-Way SLI (Quad) GTX-Titan SCs in 4K Surround for those who are curious: 4K Surround + Quad GTX-Titan Black SC Benchmarks
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