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Finally got a chance to run this w/ 4-Way SLI Titan XP: 4K Run: Baasha -- i7 6950X @ 4.30Ghz -- GTX Titan X Pascal 4-Way SLI -- 1962Mhz / 11250Mhz -- 143.4 FPS -- 3,614 Pic:
Beat my score, yet again - World No. 4 now! Baasha -- 6950X @ 4.30Ghz -- GTX TITAN X PASCAL 4-Way SLI @ 1936Mhz / 11250Mhz -- 22,213 Link: Pic: Not sure why the scoreboard has not been updated yet(?). Glad to finally have a great score!
3DMark Fire Strike Ultra: 20,231
Max wattage I've seen so far is 1320W with Power Limit set to 120%. But, the real interesting thing is:
Dat map w/ Kazuya & Yoshimitsu! o_0 One of the best fighting franchises ever (apart from KI & SF of course). Kazuya Mishima is probably the most badass videogame character ever made. period.
Agreed - even at 5K, the Titan XP SLI perform phenomenally well (equivalent and sometimes even better than 4-Way Titan X Maxwell).Here's 4-Way SLI Titan XP in GTA V (worse performance than using just 2x Titan XP in the rig): lol
Beat my score again - the funny thing is that I noticed both the first and second tests in 3D Mark Fire Strike Ultra seem to cap out at 109.9 FPS. Is this some sort of limit? The GPUs were being used at around 92 - 97% for most of the time (sometimes dipping a bit) but never at 99% across all 4 GPUs - and the FPS never went to 110 - always was hovering around 109 FPS. Really strange... Anyway, my new score: (finally broke 20K) Baasha -- 6950X @ 4.30Ghz -- GTX TITAN X...
A glorious sight: ...but 2 of them are absolutely useless since games are gimped to 2-Way SLI! behold, 4-Way SLI using 2 GPUs:
I'm trying to run Time Spy w/ 4-Way SLI Titan XP and am getting a lower score than with 2-Way SLI. Is there some setting/tweak we have to use to get it to work properly? The GPU usage seems to be quite low across all four cards: ~ 50% which is turd-like. Please help!
Okay, I tried running 4-Way SLI w/ the Titan X Pascal and here's my score with a mediocre OC: Baasha -- 6950X @ 4.30Ghz -- GTX TITAN X PASCAL 4-Way SLI @ 1924Mhz / 11200Mhz -- 19,517 Link: Pic:
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