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Having used 5K since Dec. last year, I for one cannot wait for 8K displays. IMO, a 32" 8K @ 60hz (120hz would be even better) would be perfect. They also need to make bigger 5K displays. 27" 5K is great @ 218PPI but at times I feel a bigger monitor would make better use of the higher resolution.
Thinking of replacing my Cosmos II with the Core X9 case for the Uber Rig. What do you guys think? 4-Way SLI Titan X air-cooled. How is the SSD/HDD space in this case? Meaning, what kind of (and how many) brackets do you get with the X9?
Mad Max @ 5K:
Yup, tried IE, FireFox, and Chrome; nothing works.I'm just running Win 8.1 Pro and have never had this issue. This is highly aggravating! Tried logging out and back in but nothing.
Guys, I can't play BF3, BF4, or Hardline! It keeps saying "Origin Not Started" in Battlelog and I've tried everything to fix it to no avail. What is going on? I haven't played in a few months but wanted to get back into it but now I can't even play! The orange downward arrow (usually to download a new browser plugin) is highlighted but when I hover over it, it says "Origin Not Started." I have Origin running and tried logging out and back in but nothing! HELP!
So the best combo would be to have a 1TB M2 SSD for the OS and a 4TB SSD for games/programs? That would be awesome! No need for 2TB HDDs anymore! Only issue is for those running 4-Way SLI, M2 is useless; what is the next best alternative?
Can the IMC on the 5960X even handle 4000Mhz RAM?
It'd be interesting to see how the 2x Titan X handle 3x Predators. Here's a video of 3x RoG Swift (also 144Hz G-Sync but "only" 11.05MP ) in 3x1 Portrait Surround (and Landscape Surround): I would think the Predator, being a 'curved' display, would be quite odd in Portrait?!
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