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Some BF1 5K and 8K? Going to stream here:
Getting 60FPS in 10K (58MP) maxed out including HBAO but no AA:
I can confirm that the game is highly OC sensitive - on my 2nd rig w/ the 2x 980 Ti Classified - I got crashes even with a mild OC. Have to play some more on it though. On the Uber Rig, it's quite different - I'm OC'ing the cards (4x Titan XP) and have +650 on the Mem without issue. I did get a couple of crashes but it's been quite stable for the most part. The only downside is the redonkulous flickering I get on certain maps - it's related to running 4-Way SLI!
Going to stream some 8K gameplay of BF1 in a few here:
Why are Rush/Dominator/TDM servers only 24 players? I want 64 player Rush/Dom/TDM maps as I am not a fan of Conquest at all. Close quarter combat is where it's at...
This game performs quite well in 5K and even 8K. ~ 100 FPS on Ultra including HBAO in 8K: o_0
Just played Operations tonight and wow, it is a fantastic "new" game mode that is thoroughly enjoyable. Was getting sick and tired of Conquest/Rush (btw, not a single Rush server was up?!?) and so this Operations mode is fantastic. Also, played one level of single player and it was... meh.. Battlefield is all about MP IMO whereas CoD (blasphemy!) is known for its SP campaigns.
I caved in and bought it.. been on a spree with Gears, Forza, Mafia, and this... hopefully this game will have SLI.
Yea they are great cards - especially since 4-way works out of the box!The Titan XP are on a whole new level though - not to take away from the Maxwells but I just played some BF1 in 4K w/ 1x Titan XP and was getting around 70 - 80FPS which is bonkers.4-Way SLI gives massive flickering (due to custom profiles etc.) but performance is mind-numbing - I get around 140FPS in 5K w/ everything maxed out including TAA! o_0
Is this Titan XP SLI or Maxwell?
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