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o_0You have a beast of a Titan XP! Mine can do "only" +200mhz on the core and +675Mhz on the Mem.. but in 4-Way SLI though.
I meant in terms of being able to play games with all (most) settings turned up and getting good framerates - near 144fps. Two Pascal GPUs won't cut it - not even for 4K @ 120Hz.
speak for yourself
Pascal architecture of GPUs won't allow 4K @ 144Hz with just two GPUs. If Volta (or whatever) is out by the time this panel comes out, it would be really interesting to see if 2x of those GPUs could do 4K @ 144Hz - this would mean the Volta GPU would be incredibly more powerful than the Pascal. Either way, it's good that a high refresh rate 4K monitor is coming out and moving away from the peasant (1440P) resolution.
In other words, 4k @ 120hz is not doable with Titan XP SLI as I've seen. Running any game with 'lower settings' does not mean one can run a game at a given resolution. Either you can play the game (mostly) maxed out (no AA) at that resolution or not.
Are 2x Titan XPs enough to run 4K @ 120Hz? From my experience, I'm not sure (if I remember correctly). Most people cannot run this 8K display even at 60Hz because 2x Titan XPs will barely get 30FPS at that resolution. With 4x Titan XPs however, it's a different story. I too want a high refresh rate 4K display for my 2nd rig - will definitely be getting that Asus 144Hz 4K monitor (hopefully it comes out this year) to replace my RoG Swift display.
Does that mean there'll be a Titan XP Black as well? Time to sell the 980 Ti Classifieds and get a few 1080 Ti GPUs... 10GB of VRAM (?) and almost as fast as a Titan XP for ~ $800 is pretty good. Hopefully it'll be $699 and the Classified version (from EVGA) will be around $799 (?).
Aahh.. this monitor was announced last CES and was slated for release in March 2016... sounds awfully similar to their announcement this time at CES as well regarding the 8K panel... here's to hoping...
An excellent replacement for my Asus ROG Swift PG278Q 27" 1440P 144Hz monitor. The question is, this display uses DP 1.4 which is great - how would running 3x of these be? Only one way to find out! Time for some 4K 144Hz Surround!
I'm more interested to hear about the specs - so does this monitor require two DP 1.3 cables or will it have just one DP 1.4 to run 8K @ 60Hz? The Titan XP can support 8K @ 60Hz with one DP 1.4 cable (only YUV though and not RGB)...hmmm....
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