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Check the Benchmark thread. I ran it in 4K though!
SLI scaling sucks big time w/ Shadow of Mordor - just saw the 'fix' posted on the Steam Forums - will try that out soon.This was at 4K on my P2715Q monitor.In fact, I will be doing another big 5K benchmark/review thread like I did w/ my 4K Surround thread last year.That's true - I had 2 HCP PSUs w/ my 4K Surround setup when I was running 4x Titan Black SC since they were drawing 1700 - 1900W at the wall (Kill-A-Watt). I have a Cooler Master Cosmos II case so I couldn't fit...
1440P: Baasha -- 5960X @ 4.40Ghz -- GTX-Titan X 4-Way SLI -- 1329Mhz / 2028 -- 199.5 -- 5026 I started the benchmark right away - hence my minimum FPS was quite low. Also, the funny thing is that I got ~ 200FPS @ 1440P w/ 8xAA but 1080P gives me like 220FPS - the scaling really sucks at 1080P for me(?). Any suggestions on improving that or getting a more realistic score at 1080P?
Yup, with auto Fan Profile - set a custom profile though - the top card is the hottest at around 65 - 70C under load.I've been running 4-Way SLI since the days of GTX-580 Classified - all on AIR in a GPU sammich with ZERO ISSUES!
Regarding throttling, I get throttling even when the Power Draw is
A 'little' upgrade!
Lot of arguing going on here. Here's a little something to calm the nerves - GTX-Titan X 4-Way SLI!
Yup.. stock cooler, stock BIOS, stock volts.The custom BIOS however don't seem to be very effective for me at stock volts (using MSI AB so can't monitor/adjust volts yet). Even increasing the TDP doesn't help the OC beyond 1367Mhz.Anyway, Mem is now at 2028 which is nice for 4-Way! I hope my score will be updated before someone beats it! lol..
Sigh... I've flashed most of the custom BIOSes posted in this thread. None of them help me get past 1367Mhz. I think one of the cards is just really bad for OC'ing. However, In 4-Way SLI, it's not bad for a >33% OC. Will have to see if voltage can be upped and then will try again.
Awesome! You are able to hit 1561mhz in 3-way SLI? That's an incredible OC!I tried the original Cyclops Bios with power at 115% but it doesn't even hold 1375mhz!Does the power target improve the OC a lot? One of my cards has an ASIC of 60% which is garbage. I think it's gimping my OC to 1329 - 1367mhz across all 4 cards! I will try your modded Cyclops BIOS. Wish me luck!
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