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The new iPhone 6 Plus is a fantastic phone - it is a great 'sweet spot' between a phone and a tablet (iphone & ipad).. I hardly use my Retina iPad anymore - the 6 Plus is big enough for surfing the web, email, and even reading other documents etc. It also has an insanely high resolution of 407 PPI. o_0
Got excited for about 5 seconds before I realized it was Ubisoft. Let the game come out and then we shall see.
They built their own T-CON. Have to give them credit where credit is due. This is actually the first iMac that I'm considering getting - the beautiful AIO computer with brilliant 5K display just makes it ideal for non-gaming use. No clunky wires etc. Dell's UP2715K (5K) seems like trash compared to this iMac (panel-wise) mainly due to the custom T-CON that Apple made. Dell's monitor requires 2 DP 1.2 cables and is probably another MST panel. This is a major weak point....
Lowered price again! Come on guys - someone grab this almost new HCP-1300!
I don't know why they are taking so long to release an SLI profile for this game. NVidia is also not releasing any updated driver after 344.11 yet so this is highly aggravating. I've already beaten the game and am frankly bored with it! Cannot believe they didn't include a proper SLI profile at launch! Same goes for Ryse! What is going on?
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Now we know why Dell is coming out with the UP2715Q - the 5K display. Surprisingly, the Dell 5K display says it requires TWO (2) DP 1.2 cables. I wonder if the iMac 5K uses DP 1.3(?). The 5K screen that's so sleek and elegant is truly beautiful. I'm just concerned about the lack of options for Nvidia GPUs among other things in Apple's AIO systems.
Just finished it last night as well. Great game - too bad poor/no SLI support. Can't wait to really unleash this game w/ 4-Way SLI in 4K Surround! Anyway, love the combat - the runes got old/useless pretty fast. They should add more weapons and build on the combat system for the next one. There is... a sequel right?
Is it me or do the graphics in this game look like dung?
Someone mentioned they should have also added clothing/armor and weapons upgrades. I agree - the runes by themselves get old after a bit. If they have different weapons (axes, different swords etc.), it would be a lot more fun. Different kinds of executions etc. would make for incredible gameplay.
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