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Why are there pages of rambling about some stupid TV in a thread about the Dell 4K OLED monitor? Is this monitor even coming out? It was supposed to be out at the end of March and I don't see any news of it and it's almost June! What is the latest info/news - anyone have relevant info about the Dell UP3017Q?
lol.. people are now like 'I hope I get at least 2.1Ghz on the OC'... that sounds redonkulous from just a couple of years ago when 1ghz was YUUUUUGE... on that note, I hope to get a 2.1Ghz OC on all 4 of my 1080s
How does one go about getting this 'enthusiast key'? As a 4-Way SLI user since the GTX-580 Classified days, this feels rather strange.
Aah.. the 680 Classified was a great card indeed. The best cooler so far - much better than the much-hyped ACX style cooler.Loved my 680 Classy:
Since when did XX80 GPUs become 'mid-range?' They have always been the top of the line until the 'Ti' versions come out. The Titans are different GPUs altogether; I have had 4 Way SLI with all three Titan versions (OG, Black, and X). I've also had all the XX80 versions of the GPUs since the 580 including the Ti versions.4-Way 1080 would have been pretty fun/cool!
What's amazing is that since the 1080 has only one 8-pin connector (175W), having four GPUs will mean the PSU requirement will be MUCH lower than previous 4-Way setups that pulled in 1500 - 1700W.
This, if true, is truly absurd. Running 5K w/ 2 GPUs would be pathetic. Ugh...hopefully it's just a rumor.
I just had a few minutes to read more about the GTX-1080. So, what is DP 1.4? I thought we were going to get DP 1.3? I assume 1.4 is even better now? I don't see any news of 8K monitors so... Also, is it true that the 1080 can only be SLI'd up to two cards? So no more 4-Way SLI? Really? I have been faithfully doing 4-Way SLI on the Uber Rig since GTX-580 Classified. I just hope this is a rumor... More importantly, is the Dell 4K 120Hz OLED monitor coming out w/ DP 1.4...
Not a big fan of CoD but I will still buy Infinite Warfare. It's a game and it's fun. That's all there is to it. If people have to choose between BF and CoD, they are most probably children who rely on their parents getting them stuff.
The graphics from the trailer look pretty damn good. Will wait for reviews before buying though...
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