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Just got this game and at first everything worked fine - selected a car and chose practice mode to just have fun. The moment I exited the game and enabled dev apps and free cam and then tried the game again - it went directly to the practice session and I can't get to teh main menu! I tried 'exiting' the session but that quits the whole game and I'm back on the desktop. Every time I start the game, it goes directly to the practice session and exiting goes to desktop - I...
I just picked this game up and have an issue - I tried a practice session and it works great but whenever I "Exit" or launch the game it either quits to desktop or goes directly into the practice session! I cannot get to the main menu and it's driving me nuts! I want to select other cars/tracks etc. and I can't seem to get to the main menu at all! Would really appreciate help with this.
has Asus released its designs yet? Is there a RVIE?
any good info on skylake xeons?
Hello All, First time posting in this thread. I'm thinking of building a rig just for rendering (mostly 4K, 5K, and 8K video) and I've found that using 'GPU' in Premier Pro, AME, Handbrake etc. doesn't really help with encoding speeds. After doing some research - I want to build a rendering rig with at least 2 CPUs (can we do 4?). I'm looking at the E5-2699v4 which has 22 cores/44 threads. Is there a better CPU combo for this purpose? Appreciate any advice on this.
Thinking about getting a new case for Skylake-X... not sure which one to go with - still have my Cosmos II for the main rig and it's great. The only issue is I always wanted to do a 4x fan push-pull config on the AIO CPU cooler but neither case I have has enough space for that (Cosmos II or Air 540). What's a good case for 4-way sli that has plenty of room for good airflow?
Kazuya Mishima is the greatest video game character of all time!
So soon? Are they planning to release it in June? Maybe August? But what an idiot that guy is - and he posts his ID? ROFL!!
Would have been ideal but they made 5K monitors only in 27" - my 8K monitor is 32" and is great!The 27" 5K still looks incredible!
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