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I can't even find the monitor on Amazon! Where is the product page? This is HORRIBLE! :CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY:
and.. still no news on Amazon..Are you going to be running them in Surround (3x ROG Swift)?If so, Landscape or Portrait?
so? So buying a monitor that's been manhandled by various people without the original packaging etc. is something I won't do.
I spoke to someone at Fry's who said some guy bought an open box "demo" unit (with all sorts of fingerprints etc. (ewww.)) for $800... no box nothing..
Which Fry's did you go to?I just called Campbell & Sunnyvale - they checked every store in the Bay Area - ALL ARE SOLD OUT! This is ridiculous - you post this 1 hour ago and they are ALL gone. :CRY:
Guys, Just picked up a Samsung 850 Pro SSD. I want to use the Samsung Data Migration tool to just clone my OS over from my previous SSD (Corsair ForceGT). Do I have to secure erase the Samsung SSD first? Do I have to format the Samsung SSD before using the tool or is it automatically done during the process? Are there any other things I have to do to make sure the Data Migration goes through smoothly and won't cause any issues down the road?
Fry's has them in stock? o_0
still no ETA for Amazon?
This same topic has come up several times. To play at 4K UHD (3840x2160) - 1 4K monitor - 2x GTX-780 Ti (stock, SC, Classified) or 2x GTX-Titan (vanilla, Black etc.) will suffice. I am currently running one 4K monitor on my X58 rig w/ 2x GTX-780 Ti Classified GPUs. In the latest games like BF4 w/ everything on Ultra (no MSAA), I get ~ 100FPS. With 4x GTX-Titan Black SC, I get ~ 170FPS w/ the same settings. With 4x MSAA, the X79 rig is still around 90FPS. 3x GPUs would...
Post some pics of your display setup! In the meantime, GTA IV ENB in glorious 4K!
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