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I swapped out my 3970X for a 4960X and now there are a ton of errors in Device Manager. First, it recognizes only 2 of my GPUs instead of 4. Both of the recognized GPUs have the orange triangle and the Nvidia driver doesn't seem to be installed. I installed the Intel Chipset Driver for my motherboard and many of the 'Base System Error' messages went away. I really hope I don't have to do a fresh install of the OS. Can anyone help? EDIT: I installed the GPU drivers...
This game would be epic if they had 64 player TDM/Rush/War Pigeons.. why on earth would they gimp that?
Hmm.. the funky thing is that when they released the 5K monitor, they had an asterisk on the spec sheet saying "2x cables/connections are needed for 5K" or something like that - this one does not. Anyway, will find out soon enough. I would be amazed if it can actually run 8K @ 60hz with just one cable. Where can we get long DP 1.4 cables?
I'm confused now.. I swear when I ordered it they said it was 2x DP 1.3 but even the website now says 1.4.Is it 2x DP 1.4 w/ no DSC?Only one way to find out! hmm..
How did you adjust voltage on the 1080 Ti?I'd like to try that to get a higher OC. Although I don't have much room temp-wise...
It's DP 1.3 (x2) .. I confirmed it with them twice. I was about to buy 3 of them since I thought it was DP 1.4 and I could run 8K Surround.. (albeit at ). But that's not going to happen for a while.On another note, my rig is in another room so I had to get long-ish DP cables and DP 1.3 cables are HARD to find! Monoprice does not seem to have them. I wonder if DP 1.4 cables are even made in those lengths (15ft - 20ft).
I bought 2 5K Dell monitors in Dec. 2014 and had them for about 5 months. I got rid of them after that and got the HP 5K monitor when it came out and still have that.The Dell is a beautiful monitor - much prettier on the desk than the HP. However, they both use the same panel (I think) and the picture quality is superb on both of them. The only perceptible difference is that the HP 5K monitor also does Cinema 4K (4096x2160 or "true 4K") whereas the Dell can only do 4K UHD...
Is it me or do the DLC maps look WAY better than the vanilla ones? I swear it almost looks like a new game to me. I absolutely LOVE all the DLC maps so far. I just unlocked the BAR and was rekkin fools last night. I had that 'gamer rush' come back to me after a LONG time. Boy was it fun!
^that is nuts - 3000Mhz on the 1080 Ti?!? o_0 Imagine running a 6950X @ 6.0Ghz and 4x 1080 Ti @ 3Ghz
"SLI is dead." Looks at sig rig(s).
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