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Yikes, maybe I should cancel my order. hmm...
You should not open them - return them immediately and get the 850 Pro - they're about to be released (should have been released on Monday but got delayed). 840 Pro is a great SSD but last gen. Also, I concur w/ people who say RAID-0 SSD for the OS is almost pointless. I used to have RAID-0 Corsair ForceGT 120GB SSDs. I now just have one - still performs great and in fact boots somewhat faster from what I can tell (LOL). RAID-0 is a total farce for home-use --> even...
Well, I just prefer to play gunner - never said I can fly well. In fact, I cannot fly for beans - I want a good pilot so that I can have fun blasting fools. No idea why you're being dismissive.Anyhoo - who is that in the pic? Is that you?
Just built my mini-ITX rig w/ the Corsair 250D. I hope I didn't get shafted.
Max Payne 3 in 4K Surround:
The Rev. 3 BIOS is for the Titan BLACK?
I asked this about a year ago in the BF3 thread, but I'll ask again in the BF4 thread. Is there anyone on OCN who is a really good Viper/attack helicopter pilot? I am sick and tired of n00bs getting in the pilot seat only to fly a few feet and crash and/or bail so he/she can get to a higher place. I really want someone as a BF4-buddy who can FLY WELL - I am a pretty good shooter and love wreaking havoc on the enemy with a good pilot. For a couple of games, I lucked out...
Got both my GPUs up and running again. Hopefully, the memory will OC better now! Ran 1280Mhz last night @ 1.212V which is quite nice. Will try dat 1400Mhz @ 1.275V - 1.30V. I can feel some turbulence in my e-pants right now.
How awesome that would be! sigh...Is there a "NEW" BIOS for the GTX-Titan Black or the OG Titan? Would love to try a new one on my 4-Way SLI rig!
One of the worst combat systems ever made - one-button mashing garbage, so easy even someone at Ubisoft can do it.
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