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Talking about performance, here is a BF4 video in 4K @ 60FPS: Dat framerate!
Updated my score @ 1080P: Baasha --- 5960X @ 4.4Ghz --- 2x GTX-980 Classified @1565/2078--- 152.0FPS --- Score 3828
I tried the ClassXX.rom, installed the 'new' PrecisionX (mentioned by KingPin), enabled K-Boost (made sure to disable SLI first) and I can't get even a slight OC! My cards run all day on the stock bios @ 1580Mhz. I used the Classified Tool and put the voltage at 1.30V and Heaven freezes at 1604Mhz! There must be something I'm doing wrong. Any advice is appreciated - one of my cards is 80.4% and the other one is 87.7%!
Updated my score - back to stock BIOS! lol... Baasha -- 5960X @ 4.40Ghz -- 2x GTX-980 Classified 1570Mhz / 2000 -- 7050
I tried both ver. 5.190 and 5.196 and neither works! It keeps saying 'unable to start service.' HELP! I'm trying this is Safe Mode btw - that's the way to do it right? EDIT: nevermind, I booted into Normal mode (not Safe Mode), disabled the GPUs and then flashed and it worked!
Hey guys when I try the NVFlash 5.196, it keeps saying, "Unable to Start the Service." Any idea which NVFlash I have to use for the GTX-980 Classified?
Sigh... when will they fix the combat system? They NEED to implement a combat system akin to Shadow of Mordor; combo-focused, executions, and other moves w/ combo/skill trees that make the game a LOT more interesting. AC Unity - gameplay-wise, is the WORST AC to date. Graphics-wise, it's the best.
Need these gone guys - make some reasonable offers!
Finally got all my settings down and the rig is working like a charm! The X79 rig w/ 2 GTX-980 Classified holding ~ 140FPS in BF4 on Ultra is quite nice! 1440P @ 60FPS BF4 Final Stand DLC: YouTube restricts the video now to 1080p @ 60 but download link is in the description (and video)!
If this is true, I am really on Cloud 9 about this game then!Max Payne 3 was BEAUTIFULLY optimized and ran in 4K Surround without any issues and scaled wonderfully well!It was such a fabulous game that I still enjoy it today!I CANNOT WAIT FOR GTA V ENB w/ a ton of mods on the PC in 4K and/or 4K SURROUND! YEAAAAAAAH!
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