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Is there a 'New Game Plus' mode in The Witcher 3? Want to try a 'new' game with all the armors etc. I've collected on the first playthrough - definitely do NOT want to start from scratch.
Is there a Zoolert link or something that shows the availability of the 980 Ti Classified? I'd prefer to get it from TigerDirect - they don't seem to have it though.
Does anyone know how to get this game working with SLI? It works fine with no SLI but it keeps crashing on launch for me if I have SLI enabled.Here's the error I get:I tried reinstalled drivers but that doesn't work.HELP!
Finally beat the game at around 22 hours. Did a few side missions on the way. Now at around 78% complete. The lack of SLI support really dampened this game for me. Playing @ 5K w/ GameWorks gives me around 25 - 30FPS w/ a single Titan X SC. 4K is not bad (45 - 60FPS). They need to fix this game - glad I got it for free! Will wait for the full GOTY edition with ALL DLC, skins, etc. added to get the ultimate 'Arkham Knight' experience.
Scone,You get SLI to work with this game? I can't even start the game w/ SLI enabled. I too get around the same performance @ 4K w/ one TX.Getting around 25 - 30 FPS @ 5K w/ GameWorks turned on - need SLI to work!
When did this thread devolve into a discussion about studios and publishers? This game Arkham Knight, on the PC, was/is terrible. Hopefully Rocksteady will fix this soon. That is all.
I guess by the time Arkham Knight GOTY edition comes out, it will work well.
Project CARS I thought runs quite well - looks glorious in 5K! Can't wait for some pCARS 2!
Hmm.. really? I'm talking about the kind Arkham City and Origins had - with like 12 'basic' fighting challenges and then another 12 stealth challenges and then some DLC challenge maps.The whole point of Batman for me is to unlock all the gadgets (beat the story mode) and exclusively play Challenge Mode to kick some butt testing combos etc.Anyway, how many combat challenge maps do you have? Any screenshots? I guess I'm not too far into the game (~ 33% right now).
This is good news. Hopefully SLI is fixed - can't even start the game with SLI turned on! Also, making Challenge Maps a paid DLC? Are you kidding me?
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