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Hi All, I need to buy a laptop for a family member who wants something that can be used just for browsing online, email, Office and other basic tasks. I want to get something that is cheap (< $500) but has SSD and the best possible processor and at least 4GB RAM (would I need 8GB for Win 10?). I looked at the Dell Inspiron I5 5000 ($349) but I believe it has no SSD. What do you guys recommend? I need to buy it ASAP so would appreciate any help. TIA.
I'm running the HD800 off of a Denon A/V receiver which is working well. There are plenty of optical outputs on the receiver so perhaps I can connect my 2nd rig's optical output to the receiver and plug the AKG to the Denon as well?Not really looking to get a separate Amp/Dac right now. If I have to, what do you recommend for these cans?HD800 is fantastic and I listen to music which is great - gaming on it is nice but I want a 'regular' set of cheap cans I can just toss...
Just picked up a pair of AKG K712 Pro - is there a way to connect these headphones to the optical output on the back of the motherboard? Also, how do the 712 Pro compare to the Sennheiser HD 700? I wanted a 2nd pair of headphones - it was between the HD700 or 712 Pro - decided to go w/ the latter since I have the HD800 already. What do you guys think?
so this REQUIRES Oculus Rift? Want to just try it out on my rig for the visuals!!!
@Clukos Nice screens of AC Syndicate! Is there an easy way to take screenshots without the HUD (hide HUD)? Or do you have to disable the HUD each time you want a screenshot? I wish every game implemented a screenshot mode like Mad Max for some awesome action shots! If there's a shortcut to hide HUD and also 'pause' to take action shots in Syndicate, how do we do that? Fallout 4 has a nice 'tfc 1 and tm' command to get rid of the HUD and take action shots as well! AC...
Gee! Thanks for the late breaking news! Ever heard of 'sample population' in Statistics?
I use the Kraken X60 on the Uber Rig and it is incredible; had the NH-D14 for years and it was fantastic as well but became too big - needed something that cleared up the CPU area. The AIO does its job well. Have the X41 on my X79 Beast and it does well too - perhaps should have gotten X61 - oh well.
Why is Tomb Raider not released on the PC yet? Can't wait to have fun in 5K! Meanwhile, just got Fallout 4 and the game is ridiculously boring IMO. The graphics are horrid to boot.
if only an iPad Pro came with 4-Way SLI Titan X ...
Just got it today and I can't even play it! The game CRASHES when starting to load into Campaign mode - further, the options shows it 'rendering' at "50%" which is a joke - I turned it up to 100% (5K) and it crashed immediately - in the options menu itself. Can someone explain WTH is going on? Please don't tell me I just wasted another $60!
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