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Thought I'd never ask this again, but I am. Since I'm running 4 Way SLI, can I still run the 960 Pro NVMe SSD or is that not doable?
haha thanks man! It's jun fun & games! Also, about the mod, the Ultra presets are REALLY demanding! o_0Are you playing at 4K?
Going to stream some GTA V Redux in 5K here:
Some 8K gameplay of GTA V w/ the Redux mod:
This mod is the greatest thing that happened to GTA V other than the game itself! In 8K w/ 4x Titan X Pascal in 4-Way SLI is just pure....awesomeness!
Titan X Pascal 4 Way SLI Benchmarks:
Man, what a great thread! I remember posting pics in this thread years ago! Some of these screenshots make me want to reinstall Skyrim and mod it again! How is the ENB performance these days?
That announcer makes me want to mute that video .. ... goodness couldn't they find someone better for teh voice over? Or, how about an option to turn that off?
Is anyone able to record using h.265? What are the benefits of doing so?
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