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I just tried upping my OC the other day and got 2000mhz across all 4 GPUs. It was a sight to see. Oh, and +700 on the mem too! God I love the Uber Rig! I need MOAR challenging software - the games are too easy to crush even at 8K! hehe...
Would this be a good upgrade from a 3970X? I've been seeing about 90% usage on the CPU (six core @ 4.50Ghz) while playing BF1 (no other game). I'm planning on upgrading my 2x 980 Ti Classified on that rig to the 1080 Ti - whenever that comes out.
Why does this game have to be a console exclusive? Ugh....
Wow I feel old.. Crash Bandicoot brings back memories as a kid.
What are these monitors going for now? I'm thinking of selling mine but not sure yet.
Any idea if that new game might be Bad Company 3? It boggles my mind as to why they are avoiding making that game since BC2 was one of the best, if not THE best, games in the whole franchise.
Here's Fallout 4 played at 8K w/ a ton of mods (including ENB etc.) - dat scaling tho: understand the FPS is low but that's in 8K. When I play in 5K, I get around 70 - 80FPS.Your post makes me curious as to what it means for me to run 4 way SLI in a game like Fallout 4. Can you expand a bit more?
Is Samsung trying to compete with Asus on who can do releases worse? Talk about abominable release schedule!
Just what someone needs - a gigantic brick to throw in their case. Might as well get some Pokemon stickers while you're at it.
does this game support SLI? The first one was such a disappointment graphics-wise...
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