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hahaha.. I can imagine "oh I was sick that day" conversations... "uhh.. you were actually whitewater rafting 100 miles away"
sigh - SLI still doesn't work in this game..
MPC-HC was great. I'll keep using it until/unless something better comes along. I can play native 8K videos @ 60fps easily with this player and it's amazing. Sad that's they're not working on it anymore.
Far Cry 4 was pretty fun. A really long game itself with some good DLC. Far Cry Primal was garbage IMO. I couldn't stand playing it for more than 20 - 30 minutes. Far Cry 5 looks to be more of the same. The benchmark for this genre is Red Dead Redemption - great story, characters, and a whole lot of fun to play.
Ah.. TW3. What do you guys do once you've beaten the game and both DLCs? Free roam is okay but gets boring pretty fast - I wish they had a robust random event generator that would enable you do side missions (mostly bandit-camp stuff) in various locations across the game. Is there any hope of seeing a new Witcher game before 2020?
make some offers guys..
When is the 18-core 7980X coming out?
^this x million
Oh AMD... I wanted to give you a chance..
Figured out it was an SLI issue - disable SLI and the games start fine. Then re-enable SLI and it works so all good there.Regarding the news about this product no longer being sold, I am kind of suspicious and concerned; I mean, it does seem like they were just clearing the stock they had which was meant for their 120Hz 4K OLED display that never made it.I still have mine and it looks amazing. Not really sure what "defects" or issues people are having with it. The image...
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