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For sale is a barely used Antec HCP-1300 PSU. I was running a dual PSU setup on my X79 rig for a couple of months and then decided to stick w/ one PSU - that's why I'm selling this unit. It's in perfect condition and comes w/ all the accessories, box, and cables. *PayPal or Amazon Payments accepted. *SHIP TO US48 ONLY
This post is worthless without links!
Wow what a major disappointment! As an owner of the X79 Extreme11, I was really looking forward to his board. My goodness it is horrendous! Asus really demolishes the X99 competition - looks like a combo of the X99-WS and the RVE it is!
When is this out for PC?
Do any of you still play the Conquest Domination maps in BF3? I absolutely LOVE them compared to the Dragon's Teeth maps in BF4.
more GTA IV in glorious 4K (iCEnhancer 3.0):
ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? I go out for an hour and come back to see this and now they are no longer available!I swear I have never had this much difficulty in getting a product before. This is absolutely ridiculous!Checked out the link early this morning around 7 AM PST and it was "currently unavailable" and now you say they had SEVEN!?!!?via Imgflip Meme Maker
Wait.. only 64GB max? o_0 What kind of a WS board is this? There goes my plan for a 64GB RAM disk.
So racism is okay on OCN?
Why they would not include the WiFi module on the WS board is beyond me. I want the WS board to replace my aging but super-sturdy X58 BEAST rig. Pairing it with the latest Xeon CPU and max DDR4 RAM (128GB?) along with a large RAID-0 SSD array should make for a wonderful content creation monster! Without WiFi, it would be lacking. Ugh...
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