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Is the New Game Plus update released yet?
Has anyone noticed performance loss after patch 1.07? I seem to be hit with it quite significantly and my scaling is down a lot too. I was getting 60+ FPS w/ everything maxed out in 5K and GPU usage ~ 90% across all 4 cards but now the usage is around 50%! Grrr...
Does anyone have a step-by-step upgrade guide/tutorial? Do I have to disconnect all other drives except the C-drive to upgrade (i.e. a "fresh install")? I don't see the upgrade yet - no notification. I'm assuming I will have to install ALL programs/games etc. once the upgrade is done? My programs/games are all on other SSDs (not C-drive). What is the best way to upgrade?
Dude my bad I didn't see your reply till now.Will add you now. EDIT: Sent request.REALLY NEED TO DO HEISTS - I haven't done a single one yet! In fact, I've played Online only for about 10 minutes whereas I have about 96 hours of playtime of GTA V according to steam! Oh.. shoot.. btw, do I need to delete the ScriptHook and Trainer to be able to play online without getting banned?
The Extreme looks sexy as hell!
I suggest the name, TITAN XXX for the Big Pascal version!
Not true bud. After the first couple of patches, the game runs phenomenally well with multi-GPU setups!Behold: (*These screenshots sans the last one were all at 5K w/ everything maxed out including GameWorks)in Cinema 4K (also w/ GameWorks):
lol wut? had 4x OG Titan SC, 4x Titan Black SC, and now 4x Titan X SC.The game looks great in 5K - just need New Game Plus!
I'm down - how to join?
When I open GOG it asks me to "CONNECT NOW" (a blue button) - ?!?!?! It is not updating and asks me to keep Connecting to GOG!?! HELP!
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