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On a side note, what do you guys think of the black shroud? It looks kind of cheap IMO. A titanium finish - or even silver like the previous Titan - would be best - they should just keep the Titan line one color!
Your entire point is negated by the phrase in bold (my emphasis).Building computers or buying computer parts is in no way an "investment"; it is a depreciating asset from the time you buy it and if one is not fully aware of the resultant losses that one may incur at the time of sale, that is foolish!The Titan when it came out in 2013 shocked the PC community since it was essentially a gimped Quadro GPU that could ALSO be used for gaming.I do content creation as well as...
This thread is filled with misinformation and people blabbering about things they have no experience with. 6GB of VRAM was maxed out even on 3x 30" monitors (13.2MP) in Crysis 3 as I showed before. With 4K Surround, using NO AA maxed out the VRAM in MOST games - older games of course used less but at 25MP, even those games used well over 4GB of VRAM. Playing BF4 in Ultra w/ NO AA used 5.9GB of VRAM. Here's an example: With any AA at such resolutions, VRAM usage will...
Any news on the actual release date of this beast? I know that the specs will be released in two weeks at some event...
Is that 1700+ Mhz clock on AIR? o_0
WOO HOO! Finally! 4K Surround should be awesome with this card (well, 4 of them)! 5K Surround?
5K or bust!
GRID for gaming sounds interesting ... to be able to simply play "in the cloud" - where the actual games are running on ultra-high end hardware (for a subscription) that most people cannot afford etc. is quite appealing. Paying $20/mo. or something like that to play the best games at the highest settings - with only having to buy a monitor (4K/5K etc.) sounds great. That would be awesome!
Trine 2 is a fantastic game! It looks fabulous in 4K & 5K!
The only reason to get GTA V for the PC is the mods. Time for some iCEhancer 4.0 GTA V in 5K!
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