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I know this thread kinda died off back in Jan 15 but I've necro'd older ones. Microcenter has killer deals recently on the 8320e + cheap motherboards. I've chosen the Asus M5A78L-M. If you are lucky enough to have a Microcenter locally, this combo is $110 + tax currently. These deals are only available in store, sorry. Add these both to cart to see the combo...
I'm sure Call Of Duty in 8k will be SOOO much superior to today's COD.... NOT Good to keep the bar moving I guess. I'm waiting for holographic projectors!
If Verizon sells of FIOS here in North Texas I am going to be ticked off. My only other option is cable, whatever brand it is nowadays, TWC or Uverse or whatever. The names have changed 10 times in 20 years but it's still the same coax running through my alley with leaky lids that have never ever been replaced. Used to lose internet every time it rained hard and would flood the boxes.
Just about every ECS board I've ever used, and I won't touch their junk with a 20 foot pole now. Not even for free. MSI is close second.
I feel bad for the employees. But I won't shed a tear for TD. Just hold down the flush and hope it all goes down the pipe. I am so happy I live near a Microcenter (and to a lesser extent, Fry's).
I like Cliffy and all but that was kinda pointless.
Hey now... this could be interesting.
I RECOGNIZE THOSE PURPLE FAN CLIPS! It's one of those "Dragon" style cases that were very popular (and copied) in the low 2000's. I had one and built a couple for others (think mine was a "Chief-tec" knockoff). I couldn't give that thing away at a garage sale 2 years ago. It was the bomb for quite a while until everything switched to 120mm fans and real airflow. Even though I switched out all 5 80mm fans for panaflo's back in the day, the airflow still wasn't great...
Is that / was that a Hyper 212+? Looks familiar... I've got 3 of them.
Ahh, Pentagon Wars. It's been in my Netflix queue for freaking forever, they never seem to have the thing in stock.
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