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Hey now... this could be interesting.
I RECOGNIZE THOSE PURPLE FAN CLIPS! It's one of those "Dragon" style cases that were very popular (and copied) in the low 2000's. I had one and built a couple for others (think mine was a "Chief-tec" knockoff). I couldn't give that thing away at a garage sale 2 years ago. It was the bomb for quite a while until everything switched to 120mm fans and real airflow. Even though I switched out all 5 80mm fans for panaflo's back in the day, the airflow still wasn't great...
Is that / was that a Hyper 212+? Looks familiar... I've got 3 of them.
Ahh, Pentagon Wars. It's been in my Netflix queue for freaking forever, they never seem to have the thing in stock.
Are those blue progress bars underneath some of your shows, meaning does Plex somehow keep track of your progress? If so I need to revisit it. I tried it on my ps3 and I don't recall it being able to keep progress (which is one of my main complaints about DLNA streaming).
I have a chromecast sitting brand new in a box. I'm intrigued by this for $19.... but I just did a prime trial membership I don't think they are going to give me another. I would buy prime if I could use my credit card points (like I can for almost everything else on Amazon) but alas you cannot (that I can figure out).
So I have an Antec 300 case, which has a 140mm fan on the top. It sits in a section of my desk that had shelves which I removed to shove the PC case into. Not so great for ventilation... I've since cut some holes in the side of the desk (for the side intake) and opened up the back of the desk a little bit to allow for easier cable management and some airflow. What I've noticed is that during heavy use / gaming, the system really pours out heat from the top 140mm exhaust...
Looks neat, I like it. I think re-using the stock blower fan is genius to keep the cost down and keep the fan profiles. Don't like it? Replace it.
I don't understand this "new, lower" pricing on the 7850. I paid $129 for the chip AND motherboard AND a BF4 voucher (sold on ebay for $20) for $129 back in Feb/March earlier this year. It's my secondary / test system... I wouldn't want to game on it but if I sat down someone in front of it they would probably be ok with it and 720p gaming. I've got too much master race blood running through my veins to tolerate that, personally.
Makes sense to me. They can't produce enough to keep the 970 and 980 in stock for the foreseeable future anyway. By next year they should have a nice dumpster full of "failed" chips that didn't make the 970+ cut to use in 960's. ALSO, gives the OEM's time to unload their 7xx series inventory. I can't believe the 770/780's haven't come down in price more yet.
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