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Looks neat, I like it. I think re-using the stock blower fan is genius to keep the cost down and keep the fan profiles. Don't like it? Replace it.
I don't understand this "new, lower" pricing on the 7850. I paid $129 for the chip AND motherboard AND a BF4 voucher (sold on ebay for $20) for $129 back in Feb/March earlier this year. It's my secondary / test system... I wouldn't want to game on it but if I sat down someone in front of it they would probably be ok with it and 720p gaming. I've got too much master race blood running through my veins to tolerate that, personally.
Makes sense to me. They can't produce enough to keep the 970 and 980 in stock for the foreseeable future anyway. By next year they should have a nice dumpster full of "failed" chips that didn't make the 970+ cut to use in 960's. ALSO, gives the OEM's time to unload their 7xx series inventory. I can't believe the 770/780's haven't come down in price more yet.
Super cool! Wait, $170 on Amazon? For a freaking keyboard? $70 maybe, but $170? What. Ever. Guess I will put that on the wishlist and forget about it. Side thought.... it's taken me almost 2 years to "unlearn" normal keyboard behavior to get used to my Logitech K800. If I got a keyboard with real keys again I wonder how long it will take me to revert back? (I'm thinking about 90 seconds). LOL. The K800 is a cool keyboard but it just sucks nuts to type on.
Newegg had a one day Shell Shocker sale last week on the Acer K272HUL's for $300 each, shipped. I got 2. No tax (TX) and I got them in 2 days with the free shipping. I think they are beautiful and I marvel at 1440p now. DP in/out (for daisy chaining!), DVI-D, and 2 HDMI's. Nice on inputs, AND it comes with DVI-D and Displayport cables! My GTX 770 does fine with 1440p over HDMI too, but I'm using the DVI-D cables since it came with them. Using the DP cable from my...
Super Duper Mega Turbo Faildozer
Great. I updated 5 systems the other day, but no problems. Mix of 7 and 8.
You couldn't pay me to use a McAfee retail product. I use Norton and NOD32 (half and half) and performance seems the same on both (why split? Because rebate deals and multiple computers). NOD is a lot easier to configure and doesn't harass me to run scans all the time. MSE / Defender is just barely above useless.
I went away from Firefox a year ago because any page with flash on it (half the web) would just bring it to it's knees. Chrome was so much faster. I kept it installed in case I needed old bookmarks etc, so I'll fire it up and let it update and see what happens. Edit - Yikes I don't like the new interface much. Hmmm.
LOL that's like a 4% difference for $100 more. The GTX760 is a great card, probably the best you can do under $300. But the 770 was a major step up from my GTX 460 and the 760 wasn't out yet (I bought it right after launch like an idiot).I don't have GTA 4 to bench, sorry. Plus there are so many graphics mods and upgrades for GTA it would be kind of moot... I doubt anyone plays the vanilla stock version.
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