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ignore me, I've forgotten how to post, apparently
Glad to see AMD getting back in the server saddle. More cores are always welcome in my company's huge VM farm. I wonder if Cisco will bite and release some AMD UCS systems. Doubtful.
Interesting. I have 2 of the XL, the XXL looks like the same height but is like 3 feet long.Might be worth looking into moving forward, thanks!
91 pages of mousepads! I like the Steelseries QCK+ (the xtra large version). I have 2 on my desk. If I could buy an entire desktop made of this stuff I would. Been going strong for 3+ years... upkeep is basically wiping it down with a wet cloth every month or 2. Only hard pad I ever used was a Ratpadz XL. I liked it back in the day (like, what, 1999) but I was still using a mechanical MS mouse back then. Now it sits in my closet or sometimes I use it as a test...
Off topic, but... I cannot even imagine how huge 8K movies would be. What is UHD/BDXL clocking in at for 4K, like 50-100GB? So 8K would be 200-250GB for a movie? Studios are going to have to start selling movies on hard drives or something. I just looked on Amazon and a Sandisk 200gb microsd is $64
Datacenter engineer. 50% physical labor and fiber/ethernet cable runs. 50% planning, documenting, and admin the UCS, ESXi, and SAN gear. I enjoy it, but in my mid-40's my back doesn't enjoy the heavy lifting and bending over as much anymore. In the future I'd like to focus more on the SAN and UCS aspects so someday I can pass the heavy lifting off to younger guys. Pros : Pays well and the hours are good. I did a decade+ of windows server support and I don't miss that...
Nice! Still a little rich for me but I like the trend. I think a subtle curve 40" 4K @ 60hz+ with HDMI and DP is a winner.
Sure.... "hacked". Not like anyone was up all night drinking and decided to fire up the twitter... because no one ever does that, ever.
Subscribed and have popcorn standing by. @quovadis123 : Yeah I would have preferred a 40" too but it seems the cheaper 4K TV's make for not so great monitors. I'm curious as to how these turn out, they might make for good replacements for my 27" 1440p monitors... and with any luck would fit on the same VESA stand. I wish someone would hurry up and make a 4K 40" curved ultrawide monitor (like the 34" ultrawide gaming ones) but it would probably cost over a grand anyway.
@ quovadis123 Let us know how it turns out! Sorry that my post led you to spend cash
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