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Video looks real enough. Can we expect this across the board or is it dependent on game recodes?
I've been on the Windows Insider program for Win 10 since inception, using an older A8 laptop as my test system. It's been pretty stable, and the RTM looks pretty finished to me. I'll update my wife's 8.1 laptop on day 1 if she doesn't throw a fit about it. I have a bunch of systems, most will get the Win 10 Home free upgrade, but I have one Win 7 Pro system so I should get at least one copy of Pro. That will be my "server" since Pro can host RDP without hacks. Now my...
Meanwhile I still get to pay Verizon $200 a month. Thanks. And 5mb? That's totally usable. Notch that action down to 1mb, enough for people to email/surf but not stream movies all day long.
Nice and sexy. Going to be pricey I'm sure. Was that some kind of tattoo on they guys face?
Hope it works reasonably well at launch, may have to pick up for PS4. PC will wait for 18 months of patching and a Steam sale.
I'm in. My old A8 notebook weighs a ton and the battery sucks. A new A10 with better APU and much better battery sounds good under $500.
Still rocking the wired 360 controller that came with my ancient Core system. Never getting rid of that I guess. 95% of the time I don't even notice the cord
Hey, anything that benefits multi core and gets us more FPS for free, right? Except it will be 3+ years before any of this sees the light of day in any games anyone wants to play. As far as all the AMD stuff in this thread, I have equal love in my heart for both camps. As long as their drivers work
I know this thread kinda died off back in Jan 15 but I've necro'd older ones. Microcenter has killer deals recently on the 8320e + cheap motherboards. I've chosen the Asus M5A78L-M. If you are lucky enough to have a Microcenter locally, this combo is $110 + tax currently. These deals are only available in store, sorry. Add these both to cart to see the combo...
I'm sure Call Of Duty in 8k will be SOOO much superior to today's COD.... NOT Good to keep the bar moving I guess. I'm waiting for holographic projectors!
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