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I cannot believe this thread is 185 pages and counting..... I also can't believe I read most of it, but hey I was bored at work.
Here's to hoping Zen is awesome. Even though I finally broke down and upgraded the old Phenom II to a Skylake i5, my first Intel chip since.... Prescott P4? So like 2003 or 4? (laptops don't count). AMD fanboy at heart and I hope they can at least be quasi-comptetive. Intel needs the competition.
Must not buy a new video card. GTX 970 is good enough. Must not buy a new video card. GTX 970 is good enough. Must not buy a new video card. GTX 970 is good enough. Must not buy a new video card. GTX 970 is good enough. If I keep saying it enough maybe it will stick.
I just got this board with a skylake i5-6600k. Having RAM issues. Have kit of Corsair 16gb DDR4 2x8gb Vengeance LPX 2666mhz. I can only get the thing to post in single channel mode, either using 1 dimm only or both in bank A. Updated the bios to the latest 2.80, it refuses to POST in dual channel mode. I submitted a ticket with Corsair but I fully expect they will say "it's your motherboard" and I'm sure Asrock will say "it's your RAM". At least I got it to work in...
Of course. I forgot what site I was on.
Why go water if you're not going to OC? Hyper 212 Evo works great and saves cash and is whisper quiet (if you want it to be, you can turn it up if you want). Also don't hate on the GTX 970, I do 60 fps all day long at 1440p (maybe not maxed, but still). 980ti is still to expensive for 20% gain I think. Or get a 980ti but plan on selling it in 2 years and getting a 1080ti+ (I made that up, whatever they will be called in 2 years)
A 5 year plan with the same GPU the whole time? Ehhhh. Pick the i7 skylake and a GTX 970 and buy a new GPU in 2ish years. The CPU will last, the GPU won't. Well, depending on how demanding the games are anyway.
Sent PM
Sent you a PM Oh, any chance we can see some CPUz and/or Speccy at high speed? Thx
Well hell guys. I had my mind all set on one of the 35" curved IPS Gsync ones for around a grand. Now there is this 4K which is kicking ass for half the price. Coming from 2 x 1440p IPS monitors which are great for work/production but useless for games/movies. Have to game on 1 monitor. $500 is closer to my ideal price point. Shipping from Korea and Ebay scare me. I did see one guy mention Amazon, will have to look into that (I always have GC to burn on...
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