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Single 120mm fan for the whole case and a 9590? Yikes. Any luck/difference with running on 1 stick of ram?
No VESA mount! What were they thinking? I am not buying a $700 monitor and then velco-ing it to a mount, that is just wrong.
Makes me want to buy one... but $199 plus $100 motherboard and $100 for a water cooler... I might as well just buy an i7. And the 955 lives on.
Thinking about returning or ebay-ing the A10-7850k I just got and going this route... from what I have read 5ghz is possible with decent cooling. Too bad they are different sockets and I have to change out the motherboard AGAIN. Shakes fist at sky.
How is this ghetto? Looks pretty standard to me. Unless you are using some banana peels as cable ties or something that I can't see.
Using it right now to stream Chilltrax from Shoutcast. I use it every day while I am working. Chilltrax has a browser streaming option but it is buggy as fck, plus sometimes I want to switch to another Shoutcast station.
Yeah a smaller one using 27" or 24" monitors would be a cool idea.
Dude! Nice C64 and 1541 floppy drive! Fire that puppy up and play Defender of the Crown (one of my C64 fav's) or Ultima 4.
That's actually pretty cool, wish I had thought of it 22 years ago when I lived in a house with no AC. Might come in handy this summer, my office gets pretty warm.
I'm late to this thread.... but once again I am amazed at the quality of bob808's work. Bravo! No updates since July so I assume this went on back burner. Nice to see you getting some use out of the garage you built... I followed that thread every day!
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