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Seriously.I have a 150Mbit connection up at school, and I hope that I don't have to settle for DSL or comcast when I get my own place after graduation.
Windows 7 is small enough on my roommate's 27" 1440p display. I can't imagine trying to use windows at that resolution on a 13" panel.
Did anyone complaining about suppression ever play BF2? Instead of having decreased accuracy only when being shot at, try having random bullet deviation at all times. I couldn't count the times I tried to shoot people with L85A2 in semi-auto from Shooting in BF3 and BC2 is insanely easy compared to classic Battlefield games.
Holy necro post batman.
PMed about both cards at 1pm.
The way the AD700s fit, they are on the looser side and "sit" on your head more than others might clamp or hold onto your head. When I had my pair, I could shake them off fairly easily, but they are the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn. I'm 193cm-ish tall for reference.
Awaiting PM back to complete payment.
I'd personally wait two months and see what happens at Google I/O. Lots of rumors on a new Nexus phone, but we'll see what ends up coming out.
Nexus Evolution v4 241dpi Wallpaper Chromium theme
There is a reason that people are STILL playing BF2 where unlocks are almost forgotten, not to mention how popular CS 1.6 still is.Unlocks encourage grinding and put the focus on getting to the next item instead of the game itself. Once the player has unlocked all of the items, the game becomes boring because they were playing for unlocks instead of for the game play.Unlocks work better when they're minor and not game changing. Weapon accessories are one thing, but...
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