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Just a few minutes ago i realized that the buttons on my monitor are not responding. I cant turn off or adjust the brightness setting of the monitor.
Does anyone know how to get rid of fingerprints from the glass? I don't like the permanent black marker-like color stain on it. Under light, it looks like a very glossy very dark purple color/
After using this monitor for about a week, my previous 23 inch monitor is now very small to me haha.
Bioshock Infinite
Add me in too
imspeaking to the seller and will ask for a new card
so what should i do? can you teamview with me and help fix my problems?
everything is completely normal, no glitch, nothing.
I agree, infact i received a monitor with now fixed pixels so now you can buy this with confidence.
I mean that one side of the switch has completely detached from the pcb. So mostly likely i will need to get a replacement which the seller is willing to do. He will offer me a full refund or he will get my card warrented and i will receive a new graphics card. With that said, do you still want me to perform those tasks you just told me?
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