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Looks like the mic/volume control for Asus Xonar Phoebus. [[SPOILER]]
Oooo, thanks for the tip. Hadn't seen that one, only the X-460-FL which is Gold-rated.
A fully passive, modular, 500W 80+ platinum PSU would be sweet. Like the ones SuperFlower have that aren't sold anywhere.
Would be pretty sweet if it was possible. Virtualize a Windows gaming PC and a OSX workstation.
Could this be used for gaming on say, a terminal remote-accessing the VM? Say I have a mini-itx computer in room A, could I use it to play on the VM in room B via remote access, or would there be too much delay over LAN?
How huge do you want? Lian Li V750 fits SSI-EEB and is about the same size as 800D, a little deeper and not as tall.They include a metal plate for mounting SSI-EEB: [[SPOILER]]
Kind of depends on the resolution as well. [[SPOILER]]
See if you can get a SuperFlower Golden Silent; platinum-rated, modular and 100% passive. They range up to 500W if I'm not mistaken.
I'm having the same issue. I shut down Logitech Gaming Software and re-plugged my G110, then started Dirt Showdown. Problem still occurs, luckily I have a bunch of PS2-keyboards laying around.
Could someone clarify why the GTX690 doesn't/can't(?) have 4GB Vram per GPU? Doesn't it physically fit on the board or is it a cost-issue?
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