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For $40 count me in.
It makes no sense for AMD to go after performance segment anyway, since mobile and low-end desktop are the cream in PC market. That is where most of the cash comes from.Though we all want some serious performance competitions.
40% is a far stretch, especially with the same node and refined GCN. That is unless AMD choses to go all out and cram as much as transistor into a die, even then, I don't see it happening.
When you use integrated GPU for gaming yes. For workstation/computation/encoding/emulation purpose, no.Overall Intel is faster. If you truly care about gaming SB Pentium is cheaper yet retains 95% of the gaming performance from i3-2100.
In terms of processor, it is priced according to its performance. Back in the beginning of x64 era, AMD priced their processor higher than Intel counterpart.It is what it is, Intel has the performance crown, so Intel priced it higher.
You mean hex to binary? Wouldn't that make it even longer? How would I go about storing them in the variable?Someone wrote a Java program on exactly what I am looking for, but the program is limited to 256-bit at a time.
This is actually for an assignment on cryptography. I was given 12 cipher texts and asked to decrypt one. To do that I first need to xor them together.
I need help to xor two hex strings together. It has been a long time since I touched programming so I have issue here. Basically I have two hex strings in the length of 166, like this, 29460ba9babebbbefd001547a810e67149caee11d945cd7fc81a05e9f85aac650e9052ba6a8cd8257bf14d13e6f0a803b54fde9e77472dbff89d71b57bddef121336cb85ccb8f3315f4b52e301d16e9f52f904 I need to store these hex strings, xor them together, then print the result back (still in the form of hex string). I don't...
OCN is the best! for so many things.
We really need to throw away our patent system, or the very least a major reform. This kind of lawsuit is getting ridiculous.
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