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It doesn't work because 768 MB is 192-bit and 1 GB is 256-bit.
Is not exactly the same. You see, DS and DS Lite have the same screen size, just that DS is bulky and lacks back light.With XL, they are geared toward those with big hand or need larger screen.
ECC RAM is a server grade RAM that corrects error. They are expensive, but does bring additional layer of stability into the system. Sometimes a 24/7 operation system can get an error from the RAM. This may or may not lead to data corruption.Only Xeon has ECC RAM controller.
That is theoretical write speed, in practice it will be slower than Plextor since it uses SandForce controller. SandForce controller does not handle incompressible data (data we are using) that will against other controllers.And Marvel controller is more reliable than SandForce.
Do you need ECC RAM? If you do then Xeon is the way to go.
I'm in for this. My hobby? Being an otaku like watching anime and novel.
Once you get used to it, you can't go back. That is why I'm still holding on to my DSi XL.
It is not M4 being overly hyped, it is that in the past (and to some extent in the present), SF based SSD (excluding Intel 330/520, where Intel uses its own firmware) has reliability issues that lead to BSOD and data corruptions. SF and related partners initially blamed consumers before issuing multiple firmware updates addressing the issue.Which is why people much prefer Marvel based SSD like M4 or Corsair Performance over SF based SSD. M4 is being mentioned repeatedly...
That's for the Opteron series.
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