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Doh, sorry I missed the news post. Mods can delete.
Source: ; Reposting here for those who haven't seen them yet. Benchmarks: 3DMark11 Performance power consumption: Cooling solution: GPU Boost/Control Logic/Adaptive Vsync/PolyMorph Engine 2/Kepler Block Diagram: Anti Aliasing: Specs/temps comparison: GPU/PCB/power: Card itself:
My shipping confirmation was for barebones, and that's what I ordered.
I also received confirmation that my fans have shipped.
I have this exact same problem with my Sensei on a P8P67 Deluxe as well. Mouse set to 1000hz. I will try changing the Hz to see if it becomes stable.
I am looking for some recommendations for some enormous deskpads/mousepads. I know of the existence of the Ripper XXL - Link Is there anything else like it out there? Thanks. Edit: Looking for something just in black nothing fancy so the Razer Goliathus Extended is Out.
Thank you for shedding some light on this Jim. It is pretty disheartening to know that after all this time they have for sure just been sitting around in California for almost a month. It's the equivalent of a kickoff returner falling down on the 5 yard line (NCAA Rules).
Why can't we get a picture from case labs proving that they are here? I am having doubts that they are even in the country. While I understand everything that has happened with FTW was 'tragic' wouldn't he want to get the gorilla off his back which is this Group Buy? Everyday that passes he is only hurting himself and his own business. Unless like SmasherBasher said he just doesn't care. We have waited 8 months to this point. 7 of those months was out of OCN/FTW's control....
It does have a option for saturation in CCC, which is basically what Digital Vibrance is.
The edge lit LED's in the bottom right corner went out on one of my S23A750's. It seems like there is 6 modules to the edge lit system because from exact bottom center to bottom right the whole display is dim and if I look into the bezel it is not illuminated like the other sides are. My guess is there's two top, two bottom, and one on each side. I am hoping I can get fry's to replace the display for me even though its been over 30 days. Really don't want to RMA through...
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