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Are 750 Owners allowed to post here or is this only for 27" overpriced stands?
How many fans total do you have? Can you use fan splitter's off of each of these channels? I am looking for the easiest way to control 10 fans and outside of using two controllers or splitters I can't find a controller with more than 6 or so channels. The Fans are going to be Gentle Typhoon 2150'sSpecs:Max Airflow: 1.95 m³/min69 cfmMax Static Pressure: 28 Pa0.113 inH2ONoise: 29-30 dBSpeed: 2150 rpmVoltage: 12 VOperating Voltage: 5 - 13.2 VCurrent Rating: 123 mACurrent...
I believe you are talking about the male end of the 4-pin connector coming from the pump. Sometimes you have to angle these going into the female 4 pin connector so that the pins actually go into the female end correctly. If you forced it in it is possible the male pin came out of the connector because it was not aligned correctly. I would try to get this connection made utilizing the plastic sleeve on the connector. If not then i guess you could jerry rig it up with...
I have the same kit and here is a way you can verify if the pump is working, as i suspect it is not. Turn your whole case onto its side so the window on the front of the res is down, the Pickup for the pump is right where this window is. The return coming into the res will then be at top and in open air and you will be able to see if water is coming into the res from the return line. Obviously cap the res first. Epic Illustration:
I was under the impression that the recent hate towards EK is directed to the issues with the nickle plated blocks only. As far as the rest of the blocks they are fine correct?
Kind of off topic, but looking for some advice... I currently have a rx360 at the top of a 800D set to Intake, along with the bottom set to intake as well and the rear set to exhaust. Should I change up this configuration? and change the rear to Intake and the top to exhaust? Current loop is 2600k only.
Thoughts on these: They seem to move the most CFM while coming just under 30db. Some reviews on newegg have been mixed though.
Looking for the highest CFM fan under 30db with no LED's. TIA.
I Recently setup my RX360 about a week 1/2 ago and I still have some tiny bubbles left in the Res, not nearly as much as you do though. As for the condensation that is just going to happen because the res is Capped. What I did was tip the case to the left (Fill Port was on top right of Res) and while it was tipped filled it with some more water so the water line is really high so there is less of a gap. Make sure you cap it before you tip the case back upright otherwise it...
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