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Thoughts on these: They seem to move the most CFM while coming just under 30db. Some reviews on newegg have been mixed though.
Looking for the highest CFM fan under 30db with no LED's. TIA.
I Recently setup my RX360 about a week 1/2 ago and I still have some tiny bubbles left in the Res, not nearly as much as you do though. As for the condensation that is just going to happen because the res is Capped. What I did was tip the case to the left (Fill Port was on top right of Res) and while it was tipped filled it with some more water so the water line is really high so there is less of a gap. Make sure you cap it before you tip the case back upright otherwise it...
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Received my RX360 kit yesterday and leak tested without issue. Put everything together and here are my results: Idle: Load: Case: Fans: I thought I had put my fans as Intake when I was assembling everything but I can feel a lot of air coming up from the top of the case as if they are set to exhaust. I included a picture so you can see. If they are set to exhaust I will probably switch them around when I pull everything apart to install some GTs from the group buy.
Put me in for 10 barebones
Whats the point of water cooling a i5-2400 on a H67 motherboard? You can only bump multiplier by 4 on a H67. You could easily do that with the stock fan or drop $40 on a decent quiet air cooler and still have good temps.
What was the block dirty with? flux from the radiator? what did you do to clean it ?
Can you show me an example of using gutted fans as a shroud? How does this improve cooling?
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