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I'm no audiophile but would it be worth it to upgrade to the Z from a Titanium Fatal1ty Pro for gaming?
I run Raid 0 SSDs for the insane throughput and loading times of games and applications. I don't care about boot times at all that's me though. Where you lose all credibility in your opinion is when you say software raid is garbage. Windows Software Raid 1/5/6/10 etc is indeed bad, but as a blanket statement saying software raid is garbage is way off base. Any linux varient of software raid is very well done. I run a 12TB freenas running a Raid-Z1 (Raid5 essentially) ZFS...
I run Freenas off a USB stick, along with many other people. That's how little importance the 'OS Drive' means. Like you said the only speed increase would be booting/shutting down which should be very rare.
I had the left side go out on a pair of PC350's. Completed an RMA online and they shipped me new headphones. It was really easy. I lost no confidence in Sennheiser and purchased 360's as well. You won't find anything as good as 350/360s
Which Link & Bridge would be required to get Barb's Up?
Which guide did you use btw?
If you ordered barebones I would wait. The ball should get rolling now that me and some others have already received our fans.
Doh, sorry I missed the news post. Mods can delete.
Source: ; Reposting here for those who haven't seen them yet. Benchmarks: 3DMark11 Performance power consumption: Cooling solution: GPU Boost/Control Logic/Adaptive Vsync/PolyMorph Engine 2/Kepler Block Diagram: Anti Aliasing: Specs/temps comparison: GPU/PCB/power: Card itself:
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