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The colors are good, for a TN panel. They won't match up to the color accuracy that a IPS can deliver though. Everything you quoted is just marketing mumbo jumbo.
5Ghz @ 1.224v?!? ***.
What? The panels are the same between a 750 and a 950... Both are also 120hz. The only difference between a 750 and a 950 is A) The stand and B) 950 has DVI-D.
I'm confused, are you saying you wont be able to run the monitor in 3D/120Hz once you get a 6990?
This review is probably the most comprehensive review on the new Samsung monitors. As you can see the color reproduction is very good for a TN/120hz Monitor, but not as good as a calibrated IPS. The viewing angles being a TN-Film Panel are going to be like every other TN Panel (160 Degree's). Sounds almost like you need two monitors, IPS for web work and a 120hz for gaming. Or figure out which is more important to you.
I don't understand why you say he wouldn't be able to take advantage of 120HZ. Comparing the game to counterstrike or quake is perfectly acceptable. Have you even played Metro yet? It's all about FPS. Dice has maps with vehicles and maps without vehicles. On the maps without vehicles the counterstrike comparison is spot on, its even more important to get the drop on your enemy because the bullets do so much damage vs counterstrike or other FPS games. If you plan on...
Definitively go for a 120hz monitor. I have logged ~30 hours in BF3, ~20 on a ACD and ~10 on a S23A750. I am getting ~90-100 FPS on a 6970 and even that the game feels so much better. If you really are going for GTX580's SLI'd then you should definitively be able to hit 120.
I've only had my ACD for 4 months. I really love the display, but I am thinking about selling it as I want to get another S23A750. Having the huge ACD next to the S23A750 is pretty odd looking. If I had a S27A750 or 950 next to the ACD like you're going to do it would be pretty awesome. Best of both worlds. You can use the Sammy for FPS or other fast paced games and the ACD for MMO's, D3 and the like.
1) Probably too early to tell, not enough concrete data. I have the S23A750 which is the same panel and I am very impressed. 2) Use the supplied DVI-D cable and plug it into a DVI-D port on your 590 and you wont have a problem. 3) There is a 3D Vision Emulator that apparently works. I don't know anything more about it though. Here is a link to the emulator: 4) Nope, I use a ACD + S23A750 no problem.
Congrats. You should now be able to run BF3 w/ V-Sync on at 120hz 24/7 now.
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