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I'm in SC. Everything was left at stock, used for nephews mine craft rig
I'm looking for a project like malaria@home that the wu were like minutes long.
Hey guys soon after I stepped down from editor I needed to sell some parts off to pay off bills but I hope to be back with what I think to be a decent computer.    I was wondering what cpu projects are cool right now that could use some extra cores. Im using a new AMD 1700x with a custom loop and its killing DENIS@home but I like short projects not 2 hr long ones lol. Anyway hit me up some suggestions. 
Unfortunately shipping would be crazy
Fell through, still available.   Paypal verified addresses only.
Just waiting for payment from badtaylorx
Sorry was busy doing my first custom loop, pm replied.
Looking for $265 shipped US only for used   Paypal only please   -Intel 4770k -Asus z97 pro gamer      You are purchasing the mb and cpu only, any accessories available will be shipped.  RAM in picture is not included in this sale.
I'm in
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