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I'm being informed of some changes so please be patient.
Alright all but 3 pm's have been sent, have to look up stats before I can send so you still have a chance. Please reply asap I have been super busy at work.
Prizes have been drawn but not pm's. Went out of town for memorial weekend so they will be sent tonight.
What size psu do you recommend for something like this and would AIO coolers work on this mb?
Great job everyone and thank you for participating in this years pentathlon. Prizes will be sorted as soon as possible. Special thank you goes out to all the members that have helped with delegating when to switch projects.
Under 9 hrs to finish
Dang and I just bought the nighthawk ac1900 for $180.
Alright Einstein is over   Swimming (CPU): Yoyo@home Starts: 5/10 Ends: 5/17 Project Support Thread   Sprint (CPU): LHC@home Sixtrack Starts: 5/16 Ends: 5/19 Project Support Thread   Marathon (CPU): World Community Grid Starts: 5/5 Ends: 5/19 Project Support Thread
You got to be kidding. I have a yoyo wu that is 51000% progress, been crunching for 24hrs now.   
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