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Im selling my EVGA 780 SC. Includes box and few accessories. Works great, had no issues. Purchased 3/14. Warranty is 3 yrs from purchase date.    Base Clock: 941 MHz Boost Clock: 993MHz Memory Clock: 6008MHz Effective CUDA Cores: 2304 3072MB GDDR5, 384 Bit     Price $350 shipped. Paypal Only.
Just went back to my 7950s while I move and collatz is giving me mini and solo wu that running over 1 hr, whats up with that?
Good evening everyone,   This is a announcement for members that have participated in a BOINC event held here on OCN you need to read the following.   A new way we BOINC Editors on collecting Cash prizes will take effect for all future BOINC events to hopefully allow more efficient and quicker payments:   Once you accept prize and paypal email is sent please wait until a BOINC Editor sends a group pm to the winners before you request payment in paypal. By minimizing...
 Yes link is fixed. You can always go straight to and find it there but just for you I fixed the link and will include another one below.   RAWR
[Maybe 😏
Awesome! Make sure you download boinc and let it run a bit to iron out any issues. Fill out the form on the op so we can track pts and make sure you join the ocn team for each project or you won't qualify for prizes. If you have any issues don't hesitate to ask. And welcome.
 I havnt quite purchased it yet but one idea is a Asicminer Block Erupter or something else I have in mind
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