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Is that rockminer a supported ASIC for bu and does it include a psu? Post a pic of your miners if you don't mind I'd like to see one in action.
 They are all over ebay so I wont be paying inflated prices from them. I can get a 50gh for $100. At these current points available I could do billions with same power usage as a gpu that would pull maybe a million/day if lucky. Only reason for buying butterfly is because they look sturdier and better built than some others. Plus I know butterfly is a supported asic for bitcoin utopia. But knowing my luck Ill buy one and they will fix the point system lol.
i think I'll grab me a nice little butterfly ASIC instead of a gpu. 😳
what would be a decent gpu to put with this combo?
Congrats winners! If you get bored with Bitcoin come try those Asics on BOINC and help the ocn boinc team.
Should have stated this is the 2014 version of Thief. Only 10hrs left on sale as of this post. 
  + USD $10 off w/ promo code 92WKCMS06, limited offer
   Im hoping for a 290x but what Im hearing is the 300 series is releasing soon :D
 Find the project you wish to the team, go to "Your account" insert your email and password. Once in your account locate a link to join a team. Im currently away from computer so cant send a pic but your points will be combined as a whole for the ocn team once you join. If anyone else could help out that would be awesome.
 If you used your folding name than this might be you. Make sure you join for each project or you wont receive prizes when/if you join a boinc event.
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