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Just hooked up my rbox miner but not sure what to do next, can anyone help me? Looks like drivers are installed but Im not sure what to do next.
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So your the one bidding against me?!
You'll have to fight me for it!
Still available?
Just for giggles, what size would I need to run both the r3 and new rbox on a single psu?
ok so rockminer new r box 100 ghs for $100 or rockminer r3 500 ghs? Which would be best bang for the buck and don't forget I still need a psu to power.
Ant miner s3 or rockminer r3? Each about $200-250 And what about ant miner s1? That one is only $50.
Anyone heard of dragon miners? Wonder if they will work with bu.
I'll send the rain
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