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I like the desk as well wish I had that much room for gaming. When is corsair opening a east coast office?
You forgot to add $85-100 for os.
Yea the gpu is just a filler because he doesnt have money for anything. Coworkers budget is only $500 so he'll be lucky if I decide to sell off parts above.   *Let this be a bump Ill close this weekend if I dont get any other numbers to go off of.
Building a computer for coworker and debating on offering my amd rig. Thanks for appraisals. Fx 8350 Asus crosshair 5 8 gb corsair vengeance ram 1050w corsair hx psu Fractal design r4 Cooler master 212+ Xfx 6870 He'd have to buy a hdd and os.
Sorry guys seems Ill miss yet another, tbh I just dont feel like pulling my 7950 out of main rig and put in spare. Working on a new gpu option so we'll see where Im at in a few months.
I hope to get in this one, had issues with my miner causing my computer to crash so I missed last month but everything is back up. 
  Much like our in house event Boincers Gone Bonkers the Pentathlon is a world wide event hosted by seti germany that we partake in once a year. Once we get more details we will explain to you how things work. The meaning of this thread is I was just getting ahead of myself and thinking to far ahead. 
price drop $309
NEWEGG $209.99 + 10% off w/ promo code = $188.99 + $2.99ship = $191.98 Promo code EMCAPKK22 exp 3/12   + Rosewill Plastic Mounting Kit for 3.5" Drive Bay​ AMAZON $188.99 + $0 ship with PRIME = $188.99  
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