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Price change $219.99 - $30 mir - $10 promo = $179.99
how do i purchase? Corsair doesnt have a cart option for the k70 and no retailer has it for $77
Well I can't decide either the blue or white. I have 2 7950s that are sitting in the closet because the stupid fan doesn't spin properly and overheats the computer.
@richie_2010  Any chance you have a gallery? Having a hard time deciding on the leds.
 Someone say cookies! 
Greetings everyone its Tech here coming to inform everyone its almost time for our annual BOINC event, the Pentathlon. Many of you know what it is and how important something like this is to OCN so Id like to extend my hand out for any folders that might be interested in helping us crunch up a storm.   More can be found here on      Quick summary   Every year seti.germany hosts a event for the world to partake in. During this event there are 5 disciplines hence the...
I have some sweet prizes coming our way, what are some things you'd like to see?   Some ideas... SSDs? RAM? CPU? AIO coolers? GPU!?
Drive safe tex
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