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I first heard of crypto currency back when a single btc was hitting $1000, everyone and their mom was buying out amd gpus. I run my gpus in boinc for science so I watch prices and when they were unavailable on newegg and costing $500 used when retail was $300 that's when I had to do some research.
So what would be your best bang for the buck a USB miner or a butterfly ASIC?
hey guys with me on vacation and other things happening prizes will be drawn a bit late. Sorry for the inconvenience but things will be back to normal in a few weeks. Great job on this months bgb and look out for OCT bgb you wont want to miss this one, I have some things up my sleeve. With the weather cooling off its time to crank up everything so you have a 20 ft radius of melted snow around the house. :D   
[/quote]Don't feel bad I'm driving through that storm and my rigs are off while I'm heading west. So I'm missing all of it :,(
Nice work everyone! Hope everyone is having fun and hope to come back with a few suprises. Im on the road west across country just stopped to check out a whiskey distillery in Kentucky. Umm. Bad part is I dropped $200 on whiskey and shine. Now wheres a hotel
What's price for CPU/mb combo?
 We were 10th place a couple months ago then bitcoin utopia happened and teams can now do billions of credits each day. The point system has been ruined so find yourself a nice project you find interesting and hope for the best, you never know you may be the one to contribute to the finding of ET!  The ETA that boincstats offers will be off a little. That takes our current ppd for the project and gives us a time frame for if we kept doing that each day. If we doubled the...
Well crap! Intel rig is being sold to help my dad's hospital bill. Along with that goes my idea of going matx for the gamer rig. Sucks but I still have a another crazy rig available. And a heads up I'll be on my main vacation starting this Friday so enjoy the bgb and don't harass dark to much lol. I'll be checking pm's ever other day so if you need help I'll still be around but only if I find wifi in the woods
Either one could answer some questions, Ill add a support thread if one is necessary. @DarkRyder@PR-Imagery   
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