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Just a few changes to OP but moved to main boinc section so we may begin sign ups.
Indeed if only this dang Sig would work right.
Want to try a new CLC so Im in, thanks.
 Only tictoc knows the answer
 North Car? Come on further south and pick me up and we can have a boinc party!
 We have a project support thread for BU if you wish to take a look and maybe you might find a answer if no one has found a solution. Make sure your miners are on the list of known supported list and drivers are updated.
Darks stats site is being looked into @tictoc has updated many guides which can be found here You might have to ask fellow boincers what projects would work best on your gpus.
We have it sorted where the points are low enough so people aren't restricted with what project they run for the bgb, although this event is ment for getting as many points in a 72 hrs as possible but we don't want to alienate projects or people. Newcomers can still win and few have but once you get into boinc and find a project you like may it be science, diseases or mathes or something else months will fly by and you'll qualify for any prize we offer. I have it split...
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