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Alright congrads everyone, winners have been updated on OP.    Cya in October!
 Sam adams, foster, mike and that crazy irish killians are all here to keep me company.
Happy birthday to me!
Alright sorry for the delays but pm's are sent and just waiting for responses. 
It's all good thanks for pushing us so far, we'll need to start a fund me campaign for you. Just linger around the forum to see how we're doing.
Hey guys having issues with a client build and about to get the fireworks and blow this mb up. Anyway prizes will be postponed until I or another editor can get to it. Shouldn't be no later than tomorrow night.
Sorry forgot to post ill edit thread tonight
Congrats everyone. Prizes will be drawn tonight.
If Im going to get a 2p/4p Ill be getting aftermarket coolers on them. If you havnt noticed yet I boinc so I need as many cores for a project we will soon be #1 in the world. Im doing a bit of research debating on either your opterons or 2 xeons. PM me a price for the 8439 with the cm 101 coolers and I have plenty of fans so Ill probably ditch the stock fans.
If the gdoc isnt loading use the link here to go to sign up form directly.
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