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Breaking up the girls and will eventually once parts are released and shipped Ill be happy with the twins.   Sadly its almost my first annual "Sell Unused Parts Sale" Ill be selling off a 7950, 3770k, p67 mb, couple hdds and some other stuff    If things go well my army will survive of only 2 computers, one with crossfire 7950s and the other with a single 780. 
Code expires 8/23
Metro 2033 for 4 bucks! 
no longer available dang
Anyone have a link for where one may purchase a sexy bench rig from?
Oh snap I left it running all day long, did I win? #25 boom! Aug foldython over? Its getting a bit hot in here.
Im currently running my 780 on seti
MCPASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wowzers I havent seen you in evers! Keep on da boincin and the lanyard will find its way to you.
Following the link Im getting available in store only.   EDIT: works now currently $89.99 with mir
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