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 Maybe, I guess youll find out. Careful he bites.
I will be going out of town for a couple days so dont be talking about me to much, until I return winners please get back to me about prizes. They were drawn a bit late because dark killed collatz and be nice to tictoc or he might give you a gpu  
So Im trying to log into tank guys website and im getting some kind of error processing my request.   I type into my address bar something about magento comes up, is anyone else having troubles loading up their site?
Leave it to PayPal to change for different countries. I guess I'll wait and talk to enterprise to see what's changing.
And if you dont like tigerdirect (which I dont) you could always head over to staples and have a price match :D
Some how August bgb got moved back into staff area lol so here we go once again.
Prizes are... And for the prize list they're no longer on the op, we are looking at ways to work on cleaning up the threads a little and that was one.
No response so far
updated with new paypal pictures
Enterprise is quick, pentathlon badges are up
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