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Collatz has been unavailable off and on since Christmas. Cant remember whats going on with them but I wish they would get things figured out. I enjoyed collatz more than other projects.
We'll have to change that won't we.
Good me evening everybody, i'm currently having some issues something is going wrong and I am black screening when I do anything so either myself or tictoc when he gets back will do the prize drawings. Thank you for your patience.
I just watched a 12 sec wu take 4 minutes when it sat there at 100% so I suspended it. Having same issue on another. What's up with the C- cgminer wu? They are lagging up a lot.
 Id say cancel and resend using goods.
1 + 1 = x?
Did it at 1 am est, maybe it's still pulling stats.
And thats all she wrote! Congrads everyone for attending to this months BGB. I hope you continue to contribute to your favorite projects between our monthly BGBs, curing diseases dont happen overnight. Oh and I added a screenshot of the stats just in case Darks site removes them found in the OP.   Prizes will be drawn soon so look out because YOU might be a winner! 
7 hrs and counting    Keep on crunching
 Alright changed your cpid which has einstein on it. When you get a chance check out this thread its for when you have multiple cpids.
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