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 Well that took a couple hours out of searching for parts, might change the hdd but thank you.  AMD has some nice stuff out for lower builds I might have to be careful I dont end up building one for myself. 
 Im building a computer for a coworker and ~$400 budget If what Im reading and if you agree I might try the athlon with a 260x/750ti
Haven't built a budget build before so I'm not sure what the difference between AMD apus and the athlon chips other than the APU has a iGPU and the athlon requires a separate gpu. Is there anything else between the two that I should consider or just pick up the A10 7850k and be done with it? Looking at the best bang for the buck option.
 Whats gonna happen when I decided to either move up or move on? Will you be ready? 
Just to make you boinc harder TheSocialHermit has donated some steam keys    Catzilla Advanced benchmarking Starforge 
Not to bump thread but these are still on sale and staples price matches, although they are oos
Please add me to pm
 Already on that, just waiting for results
Yea the fans were the main reason I couldn't go with that case. I'd have to find a 4/5 u case like what deegon has, those have 120mm fans. I'm doing a couple builds for coworkers so I'm hoping a could make a few bucks off them.
Hows this coming? You have me wondering around ebay for 2p mb and processors, Im doing a good job at selling a bunch of parts Im hoping I might be able to try what your doing.
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