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Since Denis is Mia atm I'll put some cores on here while it's still cold
We require a boinc editor to be the team leader for projects so if tictoc hasn't already made one I'll get one made.
BRAND new in plastic wrap from CM themselves as replacement for RMA. US only.
Omg so many options
Alright thanks guys I'm gonna see what kind of money that'll be invested in this. I might consider selling my gaming rig and look at sandy
Hey guys this will be a log of my new 2p/4p 2016 computer build. First off will consist of questions about parts and from there Ill proceed to purchase them and hope to get this up and running.   First question to begin this: Should I go intel or AMD? Just for starters to my left theres a intel mb Id considered and on the right theres a amd complete build, go left or right?   Positive note is the intel mb is a standard atx design so finding a case wont be a...
So desktop won't boot from the ssd with the os. I looked in bios it not showing in the priority list but it's still working because I can force boot from it. Does anyone know a solution and reason what's going on?
Recently RMA'd some gpus and the replacements arrived in generic box and anti static bag, just wondering how much they would go for.     Product link:
 Would like to get some more "cpu" power on some projects. MAUH CORES!     Side question: Does Denis have a new html link to run, no wus available.
Tictoc can you add me manually please I have to work over night and will change projects remotely.
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