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I'm in
Alright thanks
Just curious what price to list at
Twc, speeds are 20/2. Everything else I couldn't tell you. I want to maximize what I'm paying for.
current modem is a Motorola sb4121. Router Linksys e1200. There's 3 pc. Xbox. 2 iPads and everything is on wireless. Should I replace both modem and router or just router if modem can handle everything and what equipment should I consider. Price limit is $150 but cheaper is better. Work from home so I need something that upload/download spreadsheets and other needed files without causing issues while gaming on Xbox and streaming movies in house. Thanks for suggestions
Do we have a list of what project each person will work on and what project needs help?
gpu missing ugh 
I'm back up and running boys and girls, time to show you how it's done.
Is everything ok man?
It's a great case. I'll have to contact fractal design and apply for a job. Lol
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