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Someone say Evga 970 from bstock for $255 shipped within US Or how about newegg 
Awesome everyone!
Surprised no one said anything about prizes yet lol. Expect those to be out any day now.
I apologize guys for my absence this month I was busy with my bday, some family drama and this wicked rain/flooding in SC I had to fix the foundation then I went up to Columbia to help some friends should have taken pictures because they had some crazy water cooling going on sadly it was more like 4 foot of water in the living room. Under 10 hrs to go and we'll be done with another bgb for 2015 crazy how it seemed like yesterday I was making the threads for the year.
Alright congrads everyone, winners have been updated on OP.    Cya in October!
 Sam adams, foster, mike and that crazy irish killians are all here to keep me company.
Happy birthday to me!
Alright sorry for the delays but pm's are sent and just waiting for responses. 
It's all good thanks for pushing us so far, we'll need to start a fund me campaign for you. Just linger around the forum to see how we're doing.
Hey guys having issues with a client build and about to get the fireworks and blow this mb up. Anyway prizes will be postponed until I or another editor can get to it. Shouldn't be no later than tomorrow night.
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