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Are there any fans left for you to test and do you need them?
Here we go for another bgb
 As Tex stated can you please get us a link to your thread and Im sure many of us will be happy to join.
 When you sign up as long as your on the OCN team in seti youll automatically sign up with the team. Im not sure what the zodiac signs mean. Do a search for overclock and youll see theres 3 of us already signed up.
If we are looking at only CPU projects Id like FiND, Denis and malaria control in that order.
 Yes theres a couple brightness options including off 
I ended up buying one, went from a alienware tactx to this and the feeling of the keys will take some time to get used to. One thing I didnt notice when I bought it though was theres no extra keys included for the RGB version. 
Y'all got primeday'ed!
 Where is that crazy deegon now a days?!   
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