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Im hoping scuba throws a 4p on there as well. Thanks for helpin out
In for 19
  Dont forget to sign up in our main thread, have boinc installed and have it running a few hours before hand so you can iron out any problems. 
Alright in for april 18
In for April 16
Off work and now bed, in for 15
april 14 baby!
Yep in for day 14.
Prizes have been pm'ed still waiting on responses.
Hey everyone sorry its been a while but I wanted to finally announce our new editor. Id like to thank everyone that put your name in the hat and it was a hard choice but sadly we could only pick one person.   Our new editor's name is... tictoc    Tictoc will be taking over a few things for us and maybe even come up with some new ideas.      Again thank you everyone and lets congratulate tictoc into becoming a OCN BOINC EDITOR.  
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