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Last one for the year!
Sorry need to close due to some issues with moving and can't garuantee shipment in a timely manor.
Welcome back!
 OMG so many editors! You guys could start a baseball team. Since I have one of you here I come! 
Wheres bwg to add a prize?  :D
Im selling my EVGA 780 SC. Includes box and few accessories. Works great, had no issues. Purchased 3/14. Warranty is 3 yrs from purchase date.    Base Clock: 941 MHz Boost Clock: 993MHz Memory Clock: 6008MHz Effective CUDA Cores: 2304 3072MB GDDR5, 384 Bit     Price $350 shipped. Paypal Only.
Just went back to my 7950s while I move and collatz is giving me mini and solo wu that running over 1 hr, whats up with that?
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