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From the source of that article:That's right. Your "greater than parity" only looks at the reaction itself. As part of the entire overall system, it put out 1% of the energy that was put into it. Taking efficiency losses into account, that number goes even lower. We are still an extremely long ways away from viable fusion power plant technology.
Technically, since the PCI-E controller is on CPUs nowadays, the motherboard chipset has nothing to do with how PCI-E lanes can be arranged.
Looks like? It's blatantly obvious that's what it is.
Woo, time to reinstall and see what fun mods there is to play.
Depends on the satellite. New Horizons is doing exactly what you said, though it isn't lost to us quite yet. It will keep sending us data about the extreme reaches of our solar system until its battery runs out or something crashes into it. There are also several other satellites on solar escape trajectories, which means eventually they'll leave the solar system. The vast majority of satellites stay within the solar system, either in orbits around planets or the sun. Those...
Which hardly makes much sense at all. On a long trip, where such swaps would be most useful, you would want a full charge to reduce the number of stops needed, not a quarter to half a charge.
I highly doubt that you understand what the situation is.Fairly sure his suggestion is all batteries are modular, and there is no "main" battery.
You didn't answer epic's concern though in that what if you get a dud battery in the exchange.
Government mandate won't allow for private companies to make their own standards. Which would also mean current electric cars would not be able to use the battery swap stations.
What I said has absolutely nothing with what is being done now. What I did was offer a scenario that renders your concern moot.
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