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Just decided to buy an SSD for my SG05. Has anyone ever used both of the standard drive mounts at the same time? I tried using them and could not get the cables to cooperate at all. Things started pushing my GPU over. I just velcro'd it down into the ODD slot since I'll never use that, so it's not like I need a solution. Just wondering how other people have dealt with it.
Did... did you just screw your rad flat against a solid panel? Is that what I'm looking at?
Yeah. Besides those.
You don't even need five people to run a dungeon. It'll make it slower going, but I think dungeons are more fun undermanned. You don't even have to be that good, either. Three people can clear dungeons easy-peasy.
The difference in healing is one of my favorite things about my guardian compared to my warrior. On warrior, I might as well heal every time it comes up because it's maybe going to heal 1/4 of my max health. But my guardian's heal is almost full health, and it feels so much better that the skill actually means something.'s actually not that bad.
Mayonnaise works for a quick fix. Just don't leave it there for too long.
For me, the dungeons are the high point of the game. I really don't enjoy any of the PvP at all. Of course, farming the same dungeon isn't exactly fun either but they've released seasonal dungeons that are excellent.
Fort Aspenwood.
I'm surprised the plain wire grill impeded airflow as much as it did. I know just a little bit of turbulence goes a long way, but that's comparable to the hexagonal vent. Also, there's no way I'm ever going to run a pc without some physical obstruction in front of the fan. It's just far too hazardous for animals, kids, cables and drunk me.
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