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Got a couple quick questions 1. Would a dual 180mm rad be enough for a 4790k, chipset , and either two 980s? (or a 990 if one is made) 2. Would a single DDC pump have enough flow for CPU, Chipset, Ram, and 1-2 GPUs? 3. Is a DDC pump like the D5 is the aspect of it can be mounting in any position except upside down?
Lol cost more then the 980!
That's cool you like googles cloud service and I'm glad it works well for you , just because its there doesn't mean they have to shaft there buys with 16/32 storage options! 16Gb storage options on base devices (Tabs and Phones) should die like 8Gb did. 32Gb should be the minimum storage option period.. 64/128Gb I think is the preferable sizes in my opinion , I have yet to completely fill 64b on any devices that had this size of storage...This!
Looks nice but 6" is huge , personally hate the size of this and other phones like the G3 and Note, seriously 4.6-5" is the sweet spot , not this 5.5"+ device sizes being the norm now..
LOL good luck with that, Halo Remastered (master chief bundle) will be a big selling point for the XBO, its def got my sale just for that one game (Halo 2)... M$ doesnt want to do anything that will take away the much needed sales XBO needs...
Where do i find this fix?
SourceLooks interesting enough, video detailing whats new at the source!
I didn't even know there was an issue, I have two 1TB Evo's , I guess I will update them when this is released!
I can see a dual GPU GTX990 before the end of the year but I don't see them rushing to get the Titan follower up card out so soon, I think that will come Feb/March
Really think I'm going to buy your games running locked at 30fps and ridiculas resolutions like 720p/900p when I paid extremely good money for my system to run 2560x1080p/60fps+ [
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