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Ya I also had 5970+5870 setup and a 2x 5970 setup which probably still ran cooler then people's SLI gtx480s 😂😂😂
Thanks guys for the help , I will download GPU-Z when I get home from work and report back!
The agreement is about the licensing for x64/x86 and has nothing to do with GPU's.Will this licensing crap for x86/x64 ever expire so other people like IBM , Nvidia , Samsung , etc can make CPU's to compete against Intel , market is so stagnit with AMD struggling to compete in the desktop side of things, and they are losing a tone of market share to Nvidia on the graphics side of things.I miss the ATI 4xxx/5xxx series era, gave Nvidia a beating , since AMD took over they...
How do I find out which brand memory my card has ?How should I go about raising clocks and voltage ?Since my card is stuck at 1040, I should just increase voltage bit by bit still it's stable then continue to increase clocks or should I just set max voltage since it voltage locked start high at like 1200 and if stable turn down voltage to see how low I can get it before it starts artifacting or crashing?
I don't use them literally at the same time, I use PX to overclock, and when I'm finished I apply the clock and close PX and then open AB and save the clock, I just find it less confusing OC with PX but like everything else about AB better.How much voltage should I add tho to test 1100-1200? And any tips on how high I should up the men clock ? , as far as temp goes it's still using the normal stock fan profile and sitting at the same temp it does at stock with my current OC
Hey guys I'm kinda new to overclocking , I got a reference Zotac 780ti (875Core/3500mem), I've been using a combination of EVGA Precision, Afterburner, and Kombuster to OC and test my clocks. So far I got it stable on stock voltage at 1040Core/3800mem. If I go to 1050 it starts to artifact? Any tips ? Also how high should I go on memory clocks ? Will I need to increase voltage to achieve 1100-1200 on core ? Is 1200 core to much for reference?
Hey guys im sorta new to overclocking, ive owned many cards in the past but usually never OC, but i don't care to upgrade at the moment. Ive already got MSI Afterburner and Kombuster installed and also have 3D mark. I currently have a stock reference Zotac 780ti, Ive been playing around with some settings so far i got +179core and +285mem and it seems stable running Firestrike, i tried +190 and it starts to artifact a bit. Some questions i have is about voltage upping...
I'm just going to wait it out for abit see if any optimization updates come out, I'm still trying to finish up a few other games at the moment , DA:I being one of them!
Hey guys I was having the same issues, I was running 2560x1080 on Ultra with everything on except motion blur and Hairworks and I was getting 33-44fps with dips down to 20fps , I turned off Ambient occlusion , and foliage effects to med, kept Hairworks off and everything else set to ultra and now I get 50-60fps, so if you guys do the same with 1920x1080 you should see some solid fps! LOL you say DA:I looks horrible and then say you played it only on console , DA:I on PC...
I was excited legacy of the void till I saw the new Toss units , straight garbage , and there nerfing the immortal , and then once again buffing Terran with more awesome units , even Zerg is getting a nice buff...Back on Topic ,Seems so far alway still lol
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