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I honestly prefer the pop off panels like on the S3, hinged doors are cool on bigger cases but ya I something this size i wouldn't care for it, it's either my case is closed up or it's naked being built or worked on!But everyone has there own opinion
Why should customers be pissed? I've been on android up until 4.0 then I switch bb10 and then to iOS when OS7 dropped , and I don't miss android one bit, yes iOS doesn't have the openness of android custimazation like keyboards and roms , etc.. Me personally when owning my android devices I never once changed or swapped the batter for a second one.. I've had SD cards corrupt on me before... Lastly android needs the rooting from all the stupid bloatware carriers and...
Fingers crossed for GTX990 using the GTX690 cooler!
750ti is 28nm as stated above and they don't have in house silicon, Samsung and TSMC makes there mobile chips and Intel provides chips for Mac...
I've had my Rival for months, love it! Works as advertised price was decent , the scroll wheel isn't the best feelings but works perfect.
@B NEGATIVE Hey just saying the banner on the OP isn't there anymore for what ever reason...
I would never even consider buying a graphics card with CLC strapped to it, id rather a crappier reference blower style even if its cooling performance was worse. 295x2 is hideous, and the ARES 2 isn't much better..
iPhone6 vs iPhone 6+ the plus has more battery life (according to apple), kinda a piss off since I'm going with the 4.7", the plus is way to big for what I want.
This.. I actually just bought the EK-M6I Block
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