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Lol ugh so close to a solution...Another member @Digitalwolf same issues
Well this is super annoying that we have singled out it is 100% our drive having this issue considering how expensive this drive is....Please post in this thread as well to keep it going on how many users of this drive is suffering this issue
Is your SSD in legacy or UEFI ?I know mine is set to Legacy
I can confirm all the above things and on my last attempt 14hours for 10% of the update my Kingston M.2 HyperX Predator SSD had only 69GB used. The only difference between me and @Alcal is that I'm trying to upgrade from Win7 Home SP1 and he is coming from 8.1 So stumped on what I should do...
So now im curious if there is an issue now with the Windows 10 Update and the Kingston HyperX Predator M.2 SSD. Both me and @alcal have the same 240GB Kingston HyperX Predator M.2 SSD and have insanely slow update times with windows10 installer, 12hours for 9% and 14hours for 10% both times i quit , and @alcal is suffering the same issue with his attempts? Any ideas?
I'm getting so fustrated with this stupid upgrade.... I reverted back to Windows 7 for the second time because the upgrade froze at 9% after 12hours and 10% after 13hours , I've disconnected my two non C:/ drives and restarted the update , I have a total of 68GB used on my 240GB m.2 SSD and it's still going extremely slow , I'm at an hour and it's at 1% with copying files 4% , I don't understand why this is so damn slow!
I just cancelled it , waiting for my PC to recover back to Windows 7, goin wipe my D: Drive just has steam and origin on it then disconnect my sata drives and restart the upgrade , I'm going to be pissed if it takes forever again...Curious if the issues is because I'm using a m.2 SSD ?
Umm on my 240GB C: Drive not so much but on my 1TB D: Drive I had about 600GB of game installs and then on my 1TB E: Drive I have a lot on there but it's just storage...Contemplating cancelling this and uninstalling everything before the update
My Upgrade has been running for 13hours and is only 10% (Copying Files 34%) Why is this taking so freaking long!?
Loving my Xbox One, so curious to see what other features they ad to this thing in the near furture!
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