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Aim with the sticks with sensitivity at med-high use the same sensitivity in both console/PCI will admit tho I'm a better console player then I am a PC gamer when it comes to FPS , I'd say I'm just avg on PC with KB+M
That's funny because sometimes I'm to lazy to sit at my computer desk so I just change the output from my monitor to my tv and play bf1 on my PC with my wireless Xbox Controller and still achevie decent k/d and top 5 in conquest.... sometimes PC Elitests are annoying 🙄
Numbers mean nothing to me , I open server browser on PC for BF4 for conquest or tdm and there is next no servers and half the ones that do show up are stupid knife/pistol servers only or 24/7 golmud railway which was one of my least favourite conquest maps! lol
I don't actually own BF4 on XB1 my buddy does , personally I think all the battlefields on Xbox look pretty crappy lol , which is weird as Gears , Halo5 , Titanfall 2, and cod all look really good on Xbox! BF4 on PS4 is good, never tried the PS4 Pro.I haven't spoiled myself when it comes to framerate on PC , I'm still using a 60hz 2560x1080 monitor , gunna wait it out till HDR and OLED make it to monitors!
So much this BF4 has way more people playing on Xbox One compared to PC and I'm sure PS4 has even more people playing that game.I've been gaming on my Xbox One a lot more then my PC as of late
Can you post some of the benchmarks, more interested for games like BF4 and BF1 , Crysis , etc or even just links
My 970 runs nice and cool no complaints with it but my CPU runs a bit hotter with the 970 in my case vs when I had reference SLI Referance 780ti's
Founders aka reference cost more then AIB Cooler options, I need reference coolers for optimum cooling in my case.
$711CAD for the 1070 but isn't the 12Gb Titan X better? Honestly hard to find benchmarks after they released the pascal Titan X
So I'm looking to upgrade my temporary MSI 970 Gaming 4G card for something stronger and something with a reference cooler. I've decided to skip 1080ti and Titan XP and just get a setup to hold me over till the next good card comes out that's worth the crazy price tags. Founders edition 1080 is going to cost me about $1000-$1100CAD but I can also get a refurb Maxwell Titan X with 1year warranty for $650-$700CAD which is even less out my pocket once I sell my 970 for...
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