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Looks much better eh?
So I finished the build in this case , I was getting no picture after installed video drivers and I was too tired to trouble shoot. Interior is nice, Room for cable management behind the motherboard is way to small. The exterior is so ughly in person to the point that I don't think I will be keeping this case for very long, but will see if it grows on my or not.
Phanteks has me interested, i wonder how they will preform!
My Case and Mobo Arrived , just backing up some stuff on my current rig and then I will tear it down and build into the Raven!
Meh 600watt isn't enough for me, and I think I will be good with what I have , and I already bought the 850w and haven't even found a buyer for my 1000w
I used to absolutly hate them as well but after seeing them in a couple of users builds and some wicked photography in Buildlogs like yours in second guessing if I should order Bitspower or EK fittings..
Cool idea but looks ugly as sin... Not to mention its a laptop made by MSI.. Maybe it will sell so other companies will follow and hopefully make one not as ugly lol
Meh I just want something that looks good and sounds decent , and that matches the quality or surpasses my old X230's , all they recommend soundcards, book shielf speakers, etc.Corsairs almost hit the mark of the overall package , with the looks , remote , but the satellite speakers suck , I paid $130 no loss, the razers I will buy from best buy so I can return them no questions asked if they turn out to be crap, no harm in trying , looks like it would be pretty clean...
For the price point I'm willing to try , my Logitech X230's sounded amazing , but my cat destroyed the cables on it.... I bought the Corsair SP2500's thank god for only $130 because I'm sooooo not impressed , the speakers sound crap compared to the X230's and there years old , I love the wired remote tho for more control of the bass at night , which is highly needed living in an apartment.. For those recommended headsets and headphones I already own a pair for Astor...
RazerNot to bad looking and for $199 I think I'm going to give it a try and see if I like it better then my Corsair SP2500's if not il put it on my 60" Sharp Aquos
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