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I was so freaking excited for this game, trailer looked really good nothing mind blowing but are you kidding me 40Players Max!? No Space Battles!?I was getting so excited with the rumours of 64vs64... All I play is 32vs32 on BF4... All this potential and they piss it down the drain with 20vs20 and no space battles.....
Hey man this case is dope AF! Have you decided on selling these? have you come up with a price yet, id be highly interested in one of these! Have you thought of a windowed version?
Subbed, Great Work!
Hopefully my 780ti can get 50-60FPS on 2560x1080, Im seriously trying to hold out for Pascal!
I'm doing the same my 780ti is more then comfortable at 2560x1080, TitanX looks dope but I'm pretty sure I can last till next spring/summer for pascal for a real upgrade, im so over 28nm
Was never a fan of the series anyways... People should boycott sega anyways, trash company who needs there management shaken up, like still no word on Phantasy Star Online 2?? They can kick rocks for all I care!
Im pretty sure the 780ti will last till pascal, i think im going to make that stretch, im done with 28nm, i haven't played i came my 780ti cant handle at 2560x1080, i might even wait till then before i buy a new monitor, my u2913wm is more then enough, screw this upgrading every generation lolHell i owned HD5970, GTX580s, HD6970, HD6990, GTX690, Titan, GTX780, and my current GTX780ti , kinda wish i just held on to my GTX690 till now lol, but Maxwell is defiantly worth...
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