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I actually owned the GTX690 was a beast card crippled by lack of ram, I would have kept it if it had more ram!I'd consider buying a follow up pascal card if it had a fair amount of ram!
I sold my SLI 780ti's hoping we would get a big pascal Titan card this summer but it looks like I will be holding on to my 660ti a lot longer but this wait isn't killing me , no big game releases anytime soon that I'm excited for.. I didn't buy the 680 , I didn't buy the 980 , and I'm not buying the 1080, big die or nothing for me!
What's the release date on this monitor ?
Honestly if Zen is as good as these rumours have been making it out to be , and the AM4 motherboards are good and as attractive looking as the Intel Z170 boards I will buy a 8c/16t zen CPU to replace my 4790k just to enjoy it and support AMD in the battle against Intel and there control over the market! I've never once bought a AMD CPU for a personal build but I hope Zen changes that!
I wasn't impressed anyways..
I don't see an issue , it's the samething i did only you are putting the rad on the outside instead of the inside.
1. No i didn't have dust issues when i owned this case2. I had every other grill open to get air 3. Do you mean like this?
Ya the AMD/PC Conference at last years E3 , I think they have come to terms they are getting stomped by PS4 and there is no way of catching up and they are losing out on so much more revenue not releasing these exclusives on PC.Still I wonder what the future has planned for short term Xbox One and future Xbox consoles..Microsoft also needs to had Multi-Gpu support to there windows store games or just launch there games on steam.But I'm so excited to see what future Forza...
sourceAll we need is halo on PC and then I have absolutely no reason to own my Xbox One anymore!
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