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Remove bots completely, and remove smart pistol , and I shall be interested in buying the sequel. Bots added nothing to the game , they were just target practice and distracting from the real plays.. Gameplay was amoung some of the smoothest movement and the Titan controls were amazing, I'd last sometimes all game in my first Titan Drop
I'm looking to buy a mint perfectly working complete Z87 M6I or Z97 M7I please PM offers!
Ugh I wish I never sold my Z87 Impact , locating a Z87/Z97 Impact for a normal price is like near impossible, I'm to invested into Z97 with my 4790K and Corsair Dom Plats to even think of Z107... Sucks cause I would buy this day 1 and retire my RV05/ M7H to the closet till I needed a bigger board...
I'm selling a brand new factory sealed Bell locked 64Gb Rose Gold Apple iPhone 6s, I'm selling for $650 Shipped, Canadian/Toronto GTA buys PM on CAD pricing and local pickup. Got this phone from changing carriers , don't need it as I already have a 64Gb iPhone 6 Please Pm if interested!
NV has a stream at 9pm EST today , but I'm not sure if it's going to be on pascal might be more tablet chips and car tech, I don't see NV talking much about pascal till March
I'm curious if will see OLED monitors and affordable OLED TV's in the $1000-$2000 price brackets and not $5000+
I had a couple games like that as well , but I find in Warzone if your on the team that doesn't get the middle check point , you usually lose cuz your team is to stupid to flack and get the other checkpoint and force them out of middle, that and I find people just don't die sometimes in Warzone , in arena I crush people!I wanna play some more Big Team Battles , that was pretty fun!
Mostly play slayer , haven't tried swat yet , I don't have anyone on my list that plays halo really , want to give me an add and will play sometime?XBL:Qu1ckset
The Xbox Gold Black Friday Deals are dope! Picked up a Gears of War Remastered/Forza 6 bundle digitally off XBL for $80 CAD , and I bought Shadow or Mordor for $20 , il I want now if the new tomb raider and I'm set for a very long time! Loving Halo 5 Arena , can't get enough , I kinda dislike Warzone
Lightly Used mint Kingston HyperX Predator 240Gb M.2/PCIe SSD with box with all accessories for 155 Shipped
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