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I actually seen them in store today , black, red , blue , and white , and I seen on a fb ad from Sony they have a new camo one and a ugly silver one and a ugly gold one!It's very subtle , it's not crazy bright like the front.
Anyone know when Sony will sell the DS4 controllers with lightbar cut out in the touchpad like the new ones shipped with the PS4 Pro ?That's good to hear then!
Anyone else sign up for the "For Honor" beta that starts later this month? I hope it doesn't end up being a let down like the devision beta was... crossing my fingers for Ubisoft. If good February will be a good month with that and Horizon Zero Dawn
I'm pretty much rank 6, can't wait to try that gun, looks promising, shoots way slower then the automatico but it's clip is like 3times the size! 21 vs 60!
Also M18 Experimental , is an extremely good gun as well , better accuracy and range then the automatic but it has a lower firing rate and its burst fire. Also if you didn't already know removing the bayonet off your guns greatly improves QuickDraw! If any of you play on NA servers and want to party up send PSN Tags!
Assault Class Allday!And my play time is only 9hours with that many kills averaging about 30-40kills per game
I guess I didn't get BF1 a chance before , I found a class and gun that just works so well for me and now most games in conquest I'm usually first place. So much better when your not getting killed and frustrated with crap guns!
Man I've tried to give BF1 a chance on both PC and PS4 and I can't get over the crap guns , I still play with friends but prefer BF4. Anyone one here play Black Ops 3 or BF1 and play in the NA Servers ? Looking for more people to play with
I use a wired connection so they should be the same...
Well I got a really good deal on a PS4 Pro so In joined the blue side again lol , taking forever to download games I thought Xbox was bad lol Feel free to add me "qu1ckset360"
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