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Just because I can't use my 16gb corsair Dom plats on future builds due to everything being ddr4, I will hold out with my 4790k till it can't max games which shouldn't be for awhile!
Not sounding super exciting but still open to seeing more
Fair enough
because I don't want to use a dongle on my laptop which only has usb-c, I'm actually surprised with the lack of options when it comes to bluetooth mice, is BT that bad for mice?
Razer Orochi is bluetooth
I'm looking for a receiver free wireless mouse that just runs on Bluetooth
Hey guys I'm looking to buy a dongle-less Bluetooth gaming mouse , and was wondering what are the top options are. I'm open to non gaming Bluetooth mice. Just need something dongle-less to play Starcraft 2 and Remastered when it's out on my 12" MacBook when out of town, so I don't need some MMO mouse or anything , simple is fine.
This trailer did a lot for me compared to the one shown at the Xbox Conferance, will probably end up getting this one!This game has me super interested , hope to see some gameplay soon!
just checked M$ website to details on Xbox One X and saw the $599CAD Price tag.... Expensive lol
I live by it for PC gaming, and converted a few friends over, I find it way more comfortable then a keyboard and have way more controls at my fingers with less movement compared to a keyboard.I will admit its a tad pricey but highly worth it Imo.
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