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What's what I'm asking , is it cancelled ? Cuz if not this should been released months ago..
Any news on this monitor ?
Man I'm so happy this rumour turned out to be real! I love my Xbox One , my only knock on it was in the graphics department when compared to PS4 and PC , but with these specs , I'm 100% upgrading to Scorpio day one! I wonder if Microsoft can do what sony did last Gen and play catch up and close the gap?
Horizon Zero Dawn looks cool but not enough to make me buy a PS4 , FF15 looks good but I'm not like super excited for that and the rest I could care less about. Like i said nothing really that exicites me so far , I wanna see more mass effect and Titanfall 2 tho!I also really wanna play doom but I'd save that experience for PC and I need a new videocard.But ya not saying those games are crap just don't excite me.Oh and I was so excited for a new battlefield this year till...
Neither console has any upcoming exclusives that excite me , defiantly can't wait to see the new Xbox and Playstion tho , but what has me the most hype and better be gameplay trailers for at is E3 is mass effect! My gaming PC collects dust with my friends borrowed 660ti in my computer as I await new worthy graphics cards and good games to justify the purchase , 2016 has been a pretty crap year for both Games and PC tech so far!
Defiantly , hence why I'm not touching the 1080... Only thing that would make me spend my money on a 1080 chip would be a dual gpu card like the gtx690, other then that 1080ti it is!
Sorry to hear you had such a terrible experience , I personally haven't had much trouble with CFX and SLI over the years of using these setups , my last setup SLI 780ti's was very positive , worst case id have to wait a week for a SLI profile..I'd def buy a SLI/CFX setup again but 1080 isn't enough to make me buy, il wait till Vega and Titan/1080ti releaseThere is a 8GB 480 I'm assuming for $250 if the 199 4GB is not enough for your liking..
This looks awesome!
I hope nv releases a dual gpu card with the 1080s, with the power draw this card has a 1090 would be perfect...
This site is amazing and helped me pick out my 17ms Sony 950B last year!
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