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Placing the console vertical makes the fans, HDD's and Optical Drive work against gravity stressing them more and possible lowering there lifespan.. Plus always the chanceHardware wise the PS4 is amazing compared to the PS3, especially the controller , hated the DS3! But Software wise it's kind of lacking.. I'd wait a lil longer before you upgrade if your not super impatient!
Good read from dualshockers with more information on the 1.7 update, mp3 support, and a video showing Sharefactory working, I'd quote it but I'm on my phone and to much hassle to do it!
Almost forgot about Witcher 3 this year as well!
1/2in. ID X 3/4in. OD
I played GTA-V on 360 and it was horrible, textures could keep up with high speed driving, graphics imo were so crap, it was def pushing 360 to its limits, i think playing on Next Gen or PC will fix my experience because all 3 platforms have the proper hardware to run the game as it should!Will say tho the PS3 version looked pretty decent!
Between this, Destiny and hopefully Division its going to be a busy fall.Summer we get TLOU and hopefully GTAV, not a bad year for PS4!
I'm sure it uses next to nothing for processing power, and I'm sure in future they will be finding texture tricks to take less of the GPU so they can use some of the GPU compute cores to help handle processes before they consider removing the recording features...
Honestly getting a YT channel going with just BF footage is hard , everyone wants COD and Minecraft...
All the same stuff , go for that if it gets to you faster!
I hope they don't have this support , YT will just get flooded with pointless footage lol , it would be cool but it takes me not long at all to upload to Facebook , download and upload to youtube , then delete it off my FB , I can upload it privately to FB so my friends list doesn't have to see it!
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