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Wow dude +1 Rep that fixed the problem But i will say I'm 100% sure the replacement Monitor Dell sent me is refurbished, and they can take that POS "replacement" back, it had the by far the worst uneven Backlight and horrible bleeding in the top left of the screen that ive ever experienced in my life and ive own 2x Korean 1440p panels... I'm honestly shocked suck a panel would get past dell ive bought a few laptops and monitors from them and they have always been perfect!
mine works perfect and the blue light is on 24/7 even when both my PS4 and PC are off
Dell shipped me a replacement and it does the same exact thing, time for a refund!
Dell is shipping me a replacement so i will find out weather my first one is defective or not...
like i said in my previous post, this isn't just PC related issue, it does they same thing with my PS4..
This board has me interested, So this a Cooler Master Board, without all the overkill branding?Ive never tried topres, how are they compared to Cherry ?
Does anyone want to take this thread over and run this club?
This I like and could deal with , is it worth getting 8.1 or is windows 9 due out this year ?
Yup or even the second port on the spilitter, makes no difference..
Has nothing to do with driver for me because it does this with both my PC and PS4!
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