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To be honest after playing the Destiny Beta and Alpha , and getting past the initial enjoyment of the impressive graphics , the game is nothing special to me , will probably skip it all together , MP (PVP) was not fun what so ever to me , and the mmo part of it was rather dull, weapons all look the same just re-skinned(paint job)and stats changed amongst each other. #endrantAs far PS4 goes there is not a single exclusive I'm even the least bit interested in on PS4 all...
PS4 Sold!
That headset is straight garbage, bought it at best buy tried it and went right back and returned it! so uncomfortable!
I had the Air540 and I think it was just perfect for watercooling, the Air240 on the other had is way to small to comfortably watercool.
I know exactly what is in the picture, i was talking about compression fittings for flex tubing...
No Compression fittings?
So apparently in the new video i found for the Evolv @Gamescon they have installed hinges on the doors, (video is german)Also i found a user from (Crowcore) posted some pictures they took of the evolv at gamescon [[SPOILER]]
Subbed Awesome Work!
You can use a 360 and XBO controller on PC...
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