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I barely ever use dvd drives , but I have an external unit , just buy one of those they are dirt cheap!
Reference Coolers are the best for this case, as far as motherboards go, im a ASUS fanboy but if you wanted more in depth feedback on Z97 motherboards create a thread Here.
Im currently using a the stock Intel HSF, which is why i took pictures before it was installed, I am doing a full watercooling build in this case in January. Cooling on my 780ti with the AP181s (FT05 has AP182's) set to Medium and controlled automatically by my mobo on heavy load my gpu hit 75-80c if i sent fans on high i can get it down to 70c.Im more then happy with my two 1Tb Evo's , if you are planning on using SLI, i was under the impression M.2 Storage eats up some...
I'm running SSD's and I'm running the EVGA G2 with sleeved cables , As for how to route the cables , I ran the 8pin Mobo Powercables under the mobo before mounting , also removed the fans and repositioned them so the cables go out the back and they aren't visible , then I ran the sata cables for my ssd , then power button switches , and then I ran the 24pin, and vga power cables . Wither your using ATX or mATX I'm sure it will look just as clean as mine , also highly...
+1 21:9!
Hey Guys i have updated the members list, and tomorrow i will update the OP with all the information on the RVZ01 and RV05
You can set it to what ever setting you find best, i personally don't like how loud the fans are on high
already told you in the other thread try hooking the fans straight to the PSU via molex connector and use the case switches to set low-med-high. Im using my fans connected to my motherboard headers, and even when set on high, my motherboard will only turn it up when its needed, on High the fans are pretty audible and somewhat annoying, i then Med setting is the sweat spot i don't even hear them!
Fair enough guys , just figured I'd post this here , I posted my old RV03 build in this thread before with no complaints 2 years ago (mATX) , but it's all good, I still have my Z87 Maximus VI Impact with EK Fullcover Block and Ram Block sitting in my closet waiting for a worthy case, will see what 2015 has to offer for mITX! Thinking also buying a FT03 Mini as well
Yes it is, reason i went mATX instead of ATX in the case is that im going to be doing a pretty wicked custom loop which will take up every last inch of space in this case, but it will happen in jan/feb tho, Vacations, and shopping this and next month will eat up my funds, and hopefully GM200 will be out by then!
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