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For the Price of the EVGA Hadron you have to remember it includes a 500watt PSU, is an awesome case, own one! For the NCASE M1 V2 I actually have a black one ordered, and should arrive end of the month , I'm selling it as I decided to move on to the Phanteks EVOLV , depending on what country you live in we can talk if your really interested in the M1 Have you looked into the Silverstone FT03 mini ?
Why did you change you're mind ? And what did you pick up?
i max every current game with my 780Ti with 60fps+ easily on 1080p.. to be honest id almost goes as far as saying its overkill for 1080p...Edit*Im running 2560x1080p so ya thats even a tad higher then the usual 1920x1080...
After seeing there H440 , I'd be curious to what they do with a mITX case , I dunno I'm sure CES and Computex 2015 will show some nice offerings for mITX and mATX cases as a lot of people are going smaller..But on topic with your question I've heard nothing
Woooow that block is ugly , for a company who makes the some of the best fittings and decent looking CPU blocks , I have to saw the Bitspower GPU block is one of the ugliest I've ever seen! , No wonder you never see people with there blocks lol
No No I meant a 8GB GTX890 as is 4Gb per GPU , I have zero use for 8Gb per GPU espcially on a 256bit bus..
Think you got confused with my post , I don't care about having a 8Gb 880 , I want a dual GPU GTX890 like the GTX690..
Not to excited about the 880... But if they make a 8Gb (4+4Gb) 890 I'm really interested!
I would highly guess this would be an additional product line , there normal compression fittings sell really well!
Might forget but you can sub my "Devil Lair" build log in my sig if your really interested!Those are sexy, Def buying for my upcoming build! I see where this comment comes from, but IMO monsoons are so ugly in builds with all the holes and never got why people loved them , these look much cleaner, but I want to see what they look like with a tube on them before I make my final opinion on them!I don't mind them, but to each there own!
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