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Why wouldnt it be lower, i can see it being priced at $1099 USD
Dual GPU cards vs Two Physical cards has always been slower
I'm patiently waiting for the GTX 990 but seeing the Titan Z prices drop like a rock are making me wonder if I should Purchase one of those instead, EVGA has them listed for $1499 and $1599 for the Superclocked.. Might wait a little longer see if they dip even more... Still waiting for Etailers to adjust pricing on them tho.
I saw that NCIX was taking preorders but after looking at the case reviews on the EVOLV and looking at more in depth into the case , I don't like the case as much now, I'm pretty sold on the Raven, love the 90" Flipped Mobo orientation and I can get a much cleaner run for my loop with the Raven compared to the EVOLV.
In that pic it looks pretty roomy, looks like it would be a wicked case for watercooling!
Ive never used any 3D modeling before and was maybe wondering if any of you members wanted to help me out and do a model for me nothing hard i guess, just wanted to see a few mocks-ups of a couple custom plexi side panel designs on a Silverstone Raven RV05.. Would be awesome if someone could help me out
Hey guys sorry about the lack of updates, I was actually going to do an update this week with a bunch of hardware I recently ordered but actually I'm going to return it all. You're right @Pheozero I was pretty much waiting for the release of the X2 which seems to be months away from release going by the slow updates in Caselabs X2 OCN thread. So I've once again been busy with planning a new build because I'm to impatient to wait months.So Ive decided for the third time...
Is this a RMA Replacement? and will you ship to canada?
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