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The monitor is so sexy but the stand is sooooooo ugly, what were they thinking... 😷
I've never once seen a hacker in BF4 , but if you said that about BF3 id agree I seen so many in that game on PC.
Case is looking awesome cant wait to see more!
If you guys find COD:AW slow, don't play destiny then, ive play 137hours of Destiny in a month nothing else and yesterday i booted COD:AW and felt insanely fast, took me a round or two to get back into it, i dont know how you could want it any faster now that i think about it.Going to try Black Ops 3 on my Pc and see how it feels
Movie was so epic, own it on dvd, sucks all the sequels were super budget B-Movies!
Wow that paragraph had so many errors , sometimes I hate typing a lot on my phone lol
I know exactly what your saying , I had 360 pretty much at launch and when I was younger I was pretty bad with smack talking but we all eventually grow up.I will say tho, Multiplayer gaming was so much better before partychat was introduced, everyone for the most part had working mics and all talked and worked together for some good teamwork , met a lot of cool people back then threw mp gaming.Then partychat was introduced and MP gaming took a massive step backwards, no... log in at the top right
For humour I looked up my GT and it looks like i must of ran into a butt hurt loser because I have one report of being a cheater in the last 6 months which is most likely from Destiny or COD:AW as those are the only MP games I've played in the last 6 months I find that pretty funny actually, considering I'm the complete opposite of a cheater!
Hmm I totally forgot about the BC stuff and that is probably the exact reason at least so I hope that this is taking so long, I have good reputation with XBL. I guess il just play the waiting game , i just wanna try the W10 update Mind editing my GT out of the quote so no one does send another invite ?
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