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I had a couple games like that as well , but I find in Warzone if your on the team that doesn't get the middle check point , you usually lose cuz your team is to stupid to flack and get the other checkpoint and force them out of middle, that and I find people just don't die sometimes in Warzone , in arena I crush people!I wanna play some more Big Team Battles , that was pretty fun!
Mostly play slayer , haven't tried swat yet , I don't have anyone on my list that plays halo really , want to give me an add and will play sometime?XBL:Qu1ckset
The Xbox Gold Black Friday Deals are dope! Picked up a Gears of War Remastered/Forza 6 bundle digitally off XBL for $80 CAD , and I bought Shadow or Mordor for $20 , il I want now if the new tomb raider and I'm set for a very long time! Loving Halo 5 Arena , can't get enough , I kinda dislike Warzone
Lightly Used mint Kingston HyperX Predator 240Gb M.2/PCIe SSD with box with all accessories for 155 Shipped
Selling Mint lightly used LNIB Samsung 1TB 840 Evo for $240Shipped, comes with box and all accessories
Why anyone would buy a 500Gb Xbox One is beyond me , 1Tb are very common now for Xbox One bundles, when I bought my Xbox One back in June I had to go to a few stores to find a 1Tb MCC Bundle , few stores were trying to sell me the 500Gb MCC. But I'm 100% digital on my Xbox One so that was another reason, I've never even put a single disc in my console yet!
We have unlimited net up here..
What monitor is that?
Im getting there as well, I'm about 282 on my main , sucks I've been away for work all week tho, I wanna play and grind threw some more for some better weapons and armor!
Intel Celeron D 356
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