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Do you have your side panel off?
Amazing Build , Love this case, id love to own one, but it would be covered in dust in no time at all sadly
Hey Guys im trying to decide on what CPU block to go with for my build them, sooo hard to choose, so i thought id ask your opinion on what you guys think will look better. My build will have Clear tubing with Mayhems Rasp Purple Pastel, Matte Black Bitspower Fittings and all the blocks on my build will be EK black Acetal+Nickel Clean CSQ like the pictures below. What do you think will look better with the theme, EK-Supremacy EVO - Acetal+Nickel or EK-Supremacy EVO - Full...
Better to have to much vs to little, and money really isnt a huge difference, and the 1000 G2 vs 850 G2 are pretty much the same price maybe $10-$15 difference
There is nothing wrong with having a bigger powersupply but anyways ive had to downsize to a 850w due to length restrictions for the layout of my build, still trying to find a buyer locally for my brand new never used 1000w My Builds going to be in 3 Phases:-Phase 1 Getting all the main components ex. GPU, Mobo, Etc-Phase 2 Getting W/C Equipment and Building Loop-Phase 3 Case ModsSo i will the stock window temporarily so i can enjoy my build till i get to Phase 3 where i...
My Phase 2 of this build (Watercooling) will be another $1000 which will be fun with the duty, but when I use USPS I usually don't get hit with duty.I'm still waiting on the GTX990 to see if I'm getting that or the Titan-Z with its price tanking as of late.
Ya cause it's coming up from FL to Canada , Newegg is stupid , has the windowed version , but only has the non windowed version... What ever there loss!
Thank you someone who agrees that the FT05 front is horrible looking!What didn't you like about the FT02 Top , I thought it was pretty clean looking?
It's what ever it's not a deal breaker for such and awesome case, if I were using the case I wouldn't even hooking up the front panel audio , I've never ever used front panel audio jacks in my life...And on top of that , I just picked up the M7G and I don't want some ugly cable attached to the sound card daughter board.
Im really hating the USD to CAD price gauging, when are dollar is on par and within a couple cents it takes years for them to even acknowledge it in tech pricing, then are dollar drops for a couple months bam price raping. I really hate the retail pricing of gaem $69.99CAD vs $59.99USD so wack!Just made an order for $366 USD from PPC Paypal Conversion to $420CAD and i will get a tax when it arrives at my door for $51... annoying at times... Back On Topic Id wait for...
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