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I see things are... Good somewhat, though now it's going to be a bit harsh now. Due to the 2 posts above me...
Im quite contented with AMD extending the EOL for their GCN, less money my empty pockets have to contend with
I'm ok with a delay as long they do justice for the delay, also my PSU exploded so i need a new PSU and this will give me plenty of time to get another one without being rushed
yeah.... so now that you know, you can avoid a lot of it.
it was named as the "Beloved System" which is tied to the Affinity system, it was simplistic but can be obscured if you don't pay too much attention to it.Beloved
sky box can be fixed with a simple mod once modding takes place.
bad or good, as long as it doesn't crash on me, i'll make due with a bit of bad performance in some spots.
Minnesota, Buffalo. small town with helpful people and recently we had a Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) appear last night for over an hour.
my grandfather was a brick mason, he didn't do such breaks. neither did his friends he worked with. he pushed himself a lot as well his friends to get things done on time, even if it meant working for 72 hours straight in California heat to get the job done without sacrificing the quality of the masonry. He enjoyed it because it was his own 2 hands, he felt proud of the work as it made it worth the stress and hardship he went through. even at the age of 2 I helped him...
I'm curious as how the romance system would be, given the previous Dogma's System was pretty good from my experience.
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