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quite the opposite actually, as I'm a UT Player (I own all UT games).
sofar I only heard of Update brickings, that's it
the Xbone/PS4 APU chip isn't made to be overclocked....
the SDK isn't bad, really nice on what you can do with it. and yes, I got it.
yes, it would just downclock to the slowest of the 2, there will be no harm to them when it happens if you're wondering that aswell
I could use more cards, I need backs ups so money isn't wasted at times of need for other things. (I also go to school with my system so, critical.) happy 2nd anniversary.
I've bought several EA games over the year, recently bought DA:I :v I'm shelling out more though for the upgrade.
well there was a secondary area for Levolution was next to B where you take out a support column and the road collapses and if a vehicle is in that very spot/area they'd fall in trapped.
them ivy bridge CPU's in that thing must have some pretty fancy cooling
the elevator glitch is what you mean in terms of Shanghai, when the button that calls the elevator stays where it's at when the skyscraper falls and if you stand in front of it directly you'd get teleported to the top of where the elevator ended and just fall down.
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