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i'll keep going with this 2700k until my platform isn't up to the task and become a bottleneck.
while I enjoy the mention, FPS isn't my concern entirely. but rather the general smoothness that I get is what is meant, as my I7 when compared to my AMD 955 QC which was clocked at 4.2ghz on same games which I was actually experiencing hitchings in the Multiplayer games. I did however experience a higher average of 10-15% depending on situation in game FPS wise when compared again.Mileage varies person to person, set up to set up. also, I play at 1680x1050 if that has...
lol, I can't really buy stuff new, way too expensive. I have to find used or free.
I'm over here still rocking a i7 2700k (ES) Running stock speed of course never really needed to OC it. best $200 Investment I ever could have done which also came with a Coolermaster 612 Heat sink (brand new) thrown in for free , aside from my $160 280x. helps with BF4,DA:I and other games I play online with.
I see, I always cut out my bottom drive bay (I never used it). worked well for what I wanted. not sure if that's viable.
how will it won't fit?
I'm in
more than anything there will be Multiplayer and Single Player aspect, which if it takes notes from Rival it could do that type of set-up.
I... rather have my own 2 hands do the laying, I've done some masonry with my grandfather who did it for 50+years until retirement. his work still is standing in California. the satisfaction of finishing a brick structure with my own 2 hands knowing it'll keep standing long after I'm gone is the enjoyment of the job. at least to me and how I was taught.
more than anything it'll be capped at 30fps, seems to borrow from Rivals in terms of the power-sliding seen and the car control.
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