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Destiny 2 will be taking after 1 left off which is the Rise of Iron DLC and the players Guardian will seamlessly transfer over to 2. so the story won't be really too different, there's a lot of missing pieces in 1 that does need to be put in place and 2 may just do that.
ain't no Phenom II days anymore, I miss those... pop it to 4.0 from 3.2 and do 1.4v and golden... ._.
you aren't the only one, I still fail the 4th test on the GPU. something just rubs me the wrong way with this benchmark.
I think you can. look around and see what you can find and see what the average is and go on from there.
well, a 480/X is a sweet spot on AMD side 1070 is the sweet spot for Nvidia, those are the 2 cards I would look in to and see how you wanna do it from there.
yeah... graphics cards don't have enough oomph for 5k... they struggle enough with 4k as it is. especially single card usage.
Workstation Cards are the only ones afaik only have ECC available to them, never heard of a consumer based card have ECC be usable.
don't be sad tbh, it muscled through a lot until it had no more. personally I'd be happy it lasted for as long as it did and so on. you may get a new video card from RMA if they have no stock available.
UE4 does as well but it's only as efficient and useful as the user using the program. though CryEngine Crytek did learn a little bit of the C2 controversy. They have been doing a lot of updating in UE4 in recent months. on note with that, I hate it reverting my layouts to default.
Tessellation works on the principle similar to displacement mapping/Normal mapping, but instead of just textures doing the illusion of depth. the game engine makes equations of the maps used and adds in the actual details using polygons added in by the game engine itself to have the object have greater detail but at the expense of gpu power. For more in-depth description Here's a On and Off image of what Tessellation does As you can see, it adds more details to the...
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