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so my 2700k given by these results, I don't have to change it for anything newer what so ever with it being so close to the 4790k in most of the benchmarks. I'll take that with pride
I'll get the beer too, that'll be needed when it gets ugly.
so the Seller is on here, well this just became rather interesting.
I know I'm off topic but I want to mention another dual GPU card and I remember the 6870x2 from PowerColor, the little engine that could and did let alone sold for a very reasonable price.
iirc Ivy had Thermal Paste not Solder under that IHS, no?
I'm curious as to the person who showed the seller this forum topic, let alone how'd the person found the seller. that is the most interesting thing I see here.
I'm in
2500K is viable even today, a healthy OC will provide longevity for future cards that will be out. that's the pro, the con is that when games like Civ and other games that can use more than 4 cores it becomes problematic. multiple video cards do become problematic as well (due to age of the 2500k) even with a healthy overclock compared to newer processors. I myself run a 2700k, it's an Ii& so it's a bit better, but it's still doing extremely well in games that can't...
I'll still play Brutal Doom more than this Doom...
I don't have to worry much on that in a SP point a view since all enemies does next to no damage with 95% Melee DR Armor (since most enemies are Melee based, Red Temps, Pride, Spiders, ect the Range, Elemental and Spirit are 50% DR) it's a joke but fun at the same time.
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