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it'll be a long while before our 2700k's will be not enough.
there's going to be multiplayer as well, it's not just single player.
I can adapt to a 3-5% performance loss... it's not bad at all. if 3-5% performance makes a difference then I'll shut off MSAA and have that performance back.
ah, the NES and Atari days... nice to see it's still around.
I just hope the Duncan Jones won't use his father in the soundtrack (it's my opinion and don't wants... also his father is David Bowie...) .
I own a P67 Sabertooth and if I had some special paint I could do that on the Thermal Armor. their HOF series is one of the better series aside from their competitors that of MSI Lightening and EVGA Classified (though Classified's seem to have been overclocking than all of them by what I've read)
I'm willing to accept Max details and sustain 30 FPS... makes no difference to me.
the 8350 is being matched or kicked to the curb by a quad core 2500k which came out lot sooner than the 8350 and showing it's age but showing it's able to keep being a viable CPU of today. whether it's top line or not, I do feel it's the CPU at fault here. as for costing more on Intel side, tbh if you look at sandy bridge they are actually about as cheap as a new 8350 in most case (my CPU (Engineering sample) was 200 with a brand new CPU cooler and the Chip itself was only...
oh how one would know.... the greatest things in the galaxy, my friend...
I will go buy Hershey kisses so that you get a sweet reward for buying tinfoil.
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