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i'm curious as to the price.
looks like a highly modified UT2004 to me
AO is a bit older than that as it started with Atum Online not SCO (I'm a original player from it's birth ).... nice to see a fellow AO player though. I can come up with another example, a lot of people still play UT99 on MP and that's a 15 year old game.
a lot of people are having problems with Dragon Teeth (I'm not though so I'm lucky) that's all I heard today when I was playing all to day.
Origin isn't snooping on me, all it's doing is looking in it's installed directory, nothing outside of the installed directory by what I'm seeing on the process monitor (same program used on the screen shot). I even opened multiple programs including my PCSX2 and that never showed up with Origin checking it like that screenshot.
the 280x is just a refresh of 7970 so it still requires a crossfire bridge, 290 and 290x are the only ones that don't need the bridge as it goes through the PCI-E.
then return it if possible,.
a lot of boards (P67 and Z68) didn't support Ivy Bridge until Bios updates came along that allowed them to be supported. that's probably what's happening here, so get a extremely cheap sandy bridge CPU (Pentium in this case) and update to the latest the bios the mobo has.
They did make the Titan available for the consumer which has 6gb of Vram, compared to the 2gb/4gb versions of 680's at the time of release. now I know the Titan has a different purpose but still, I can see 8gb being a small jump. also too the Titan served as the benchmark for top performance until the 780 and 780Ti came out. I do agree it's possible that the 8gb 880 could be a 1000 / 1000+ part.
want a Band-Aid to go a long that or maybe popcorn?
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