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I've bought several EA games over the year, recently bought DA:I :v I'm shelling out more though for the upgrade.
well there was a secondary area for Levolution was next to B where you take out a support column and the road collapses and if a vehicle is in that very spot/area they'd fall in trapped.
them ivy bridge CPU's in that thing must have some pretty fancy cooling
the elevator glitch is what you mean in terms of Shanghai, when the button that calls the elevator stays where it's at when the skyscraper falls and if you stand in front of it directly you'd get teleported to the top of where the elevator ended and just fall down.
I'm pretty sure the standard 7970's will work, they both are the same chips. there's no reason for the 280x to have it and not the 7970 since, well, same chip as mentioned...
then you can name change to Radeon Fanboy? =O! not a bad idea really.
I would love for Bridge at Remagen (2142 Northern Strike Map) to be made for BF4 I think that map would give variety if done right.
personally I rather buy used, get them cheaper and know they'll work. unless noted otherwise... can't really beat a 7970/280x for 180 (how much I got my 280x for) for the performance you get out of it .
I am well contented with that if it does happen, but to be honest it won't go that far.
the cities are a bit more intensive (from my experience from Beta) than the country side tbh.
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