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1080p has been known to bottleneck the Fury cards, 720 is no exception but rather it's even more so. I have my Skylake set up running with 2133mhz ram and a i7 6700 with the Nano so I'm going to rerun the Benchmark once installed to see how the 2 compare at 720p and 1080p. have DDR4 2133 vs DDR3 1333 and 2700k vs 6700 non K as the different makers. The 280x being hot, that depends on your context of "hot" if it's temps then not really. but in a performance stand point it...
I found out why my 280x wasn't able to finish it, the video card was completely dying so the function needed on Supercar GPU test was not functional on the GPU. Here are Fury Nano stock 1000mhz clock on a stock 2700K (ES). The GPU didn't throttle it stayed rock steady at 1000mhz/500mhz at 55c stabilized. 2700k W/ Fury Nano Indigo Benchmark v4.0.46, Windows 64-bit build. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2700K CPU @ 3.50GHz (GenuineIntel) - Bedroom: 0.416 M samples/s AMD Radeon (TM)...
they just don't like you, do they?
Full stock Fury Nano. almost a 5k jump in 720 score. a 31-32% performance increase under same set up, I did notice though my 280x was dying. so for a dying card to run that benchmark and pull that 11k was good.
My Sapphire 280x out and my Sapphire Fury Nano in and the RMA Nano has voltage control... update: Okay I know these cards are hot, but 1.7million Celsius isn't exactly "Hot" that's Scorched Earth Hot.... lol Unigine.... >_> really though it tapped at 65c.
I have a Fury Nano coming back from RMA, I may sell it and get a used card since I have bad luck of the draw buying new. ._.
I think my 280x is going out of commission, I get a graphical error in 1 part of unigine but also random parts of X-Com 2. I did notice also that I would get white screens as that has happened twice so far and got a black screen while watching a video. I reseated the card and plugs. I am using a Sandy bridge build too that has seen ALOT of action game wise even the 280x seen just as much. the 280x is almost 3 yrs old, I bought it from Hellraiser when he was selling them on...
1TB is still a little to low for me.
I'll run it and we'll see how much of a split the 2 have and we'll see I'm running 1333mhz Ram btw, it came with the Mobo so not going to complain about it as it may effect the score a tiny bit it's all running stock, no OC done.Update: 720p Results 1080p Resultsyou have a 21-22% Lead over my 280x at 720p
here's a question, Why do you want to set it at 1200mhz?
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