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a lot of "could be" not sure it's believable... it can't be... ;v
I'm waiting for when vehicles are powered by this, I'd be in tears. T-T it will eventually make it to the size to fit inside of a vehicle. T-T
I can max out with a 280x and a 2700k (Stock) and have over 100fps most of the time
you'll be fine, a 570 isn't THAT bad really on power consumption.
eXtreme PSU Calculators usually go way beyond what is actually needed for a system. I believe you'll be fine.
even my lowly 7770 can play on VHQ. I'd say that's very good
I'm in
Purple, why not? because it's manly
still has it's problems but for the most part yeah, but now everyone is cheap shot now with DMR's...
what are you on about?
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