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the BFG9000 in HL... hmm, I approve...
even the smallest of things have a big impact in corporations, there's just enough to warrant worry. at the end of the day both consumer and corporation would be hurting.
indeed, I will, as I followed when this thread was tiny and just started. :v I'm intrigued of the eyefinity results personally.
I see this thread is still moving along :v, good stuff. I wish well on the system at hand, overkill, but necessary for the res. I miss my AMD system, little 955 with a lot to still give.
I'll be using/doing texture mods, so, I'm not complaining.
I haven't noticed really any recoil what so ever on all the guns I've had during beta, even the M240B I picked up playing wasn't really any there...
I think the HD space is a little skewed.
the 12v rails is the main power source of the PSU that your parts draw power from, WEI isn't reliable what so ever as that's easy editable and doesn't give accurate representation of actual performance. I'd say if you have another PSU that you can use that's suitable for this build laying around you can try that. if you can get a hold of a PSU tester to see how much it's pumping out voltage wise that would help in some case as well to determine if it is actually the PSU...
I have no problems with using these benchmarks as a bases for what I would get for my setup which isn't as powerful but I'm probably looking at a 20fps difference between my set and the GameGPU setup. it's at least something right?
quite the opposite actually, as I'm a UT Player (I own all UT games).
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