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probably the loading of the benchmark, I get that low of FPS when it loads up at the start and switches scenes.
I'm game
Wolfenstien 3D and Ultimate Doom... :v
i'm in
Fallout 3 GOTY Edition and New Vegas Ultimate Edition 6.79 a piece for $13.58. ty
I'd say... if I can get the same design for much cheaper, more money in my pocket for better upgrade to a cpu or gpu or more ram, and if I want to mod a case... well, what better than using a cheaper and same designer based case, than something that would cost you almost a entire weeks worth of paycheck only to screw up and it doesn't look good...
i like the design....
I got a notice asking me if I want to reserve a copy of Windows 10 yesterday, I have it reserved.
I believe a 8 core AMD will be beneficial and not a waste of money, with DX12 coming out and supposedly having better multi-threading capabilities. it could very well prove to be something good to AMD 8 cores. never hurts to think ahead on the direction of gaming, especially with the current state of gaming is at. I personally wouldn't be too concerned with some of these postings, especially fps if you only do 60hz monitors. once you get that 60fps consistency there's...
C1 and C2's concept isn't killing innocents to win, it's optional not the exact. you can destroy your opponents to win the game or race through the track checkpoints to win as well. you have 3 options you can choose to win the race. the missions that do require it are far and wide, can be easily skipped if chosen.
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