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I have 1 on the way to me, i'll be recording anything and everything just incase my Postal Office wasn't to be a P.I.T.A. and give Hell a peace of mind as well that it came safely and is working as it should.
512gb of SD Card space... need more space...
the USPS is crap depending on state in this country, seems Ireland's Postal service is more careful.
yeah by keeping on building that cash for the so call vehicles and what not you get when you xfer your character over and whatever else.
he could see for a Sapphite 7950 Flex which requires no active adapters as it's built in if that was the case.
I wish my vehicle slides, it understeers too much for me.
well it is our tax money they use to construct these things, building a tree fort or simply just making it non-existent anymore seems reasonable.
patience as well
I never had a problem with SR2, it all ran smooth and normally.
i like how on their .com page (LS's) it readsamusing...
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