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I want proof of that when it happens, that way I can put it next to the unicorn rainbow ice cream cone.
after about 6 hours of videos/youtube, everyone once in a while (but it's becoming more times they show up) these little blocks of artifacts show up. they go away after I restart but they do come back eventually sometime later down the line (could be hours, days or a few weeks it's completely random)
I'm having the same issue in a sense, crashes in games but in stress tests, videos and other formats it's just fine... It is getting pretty old fast.
my current and my back up will run this no problems... lol
where at? do note, I never changed a Bios of a video card before as I never had to... I guess I can try that, they are well, it's just frustrating that it's so random. hell I watched over 6 hours of YouTube videos never having it happen one day then having it happen the next day minutes or a few hours later. and the gaming issue is just as bad of randomness which has me on edge every time I try to play.
tbh, Women are as capable as Men... they just don't get the opportunities like Men do to prove it almost all the time. it's pretty bad...
bumping my topic to show the update information I just mentioned. and I know I triple posted.... >_
Well, I downloaded and installed 16.4.1 Hotfix Driver (used DDU in safe mode to clean the previous drivers) to see if they'd fix the issues. it looked promising earlier today as I played my game Ace Combat: AH for an hour or so and enjoyed it. then went on YouTube and watched videos from the people I subbed on, but then I shut down the system for a few hours as I did a few things I needed to do. once I came back and started the system I noticed the windows screen would...
was this 1 year ago? if so then you got the tail wind of that mod wave. if not then I'm curious... now a days, I've... been around the block and that's all I'm going to say on that aspect, it's all done mainly with direct access even temporary needs direct access all a modder can do now indirectly is do RP multiplier for the most part, if they try to change anything (Wanted levels and other aspects similar including RP/Levels) the Servers would detect it and disconnect the...
actually they can't change your levels indirectly, they need direct access to your account to do so. and putting someone elses name on the deathmessage is buggy a bit. don't forget the teleporting around too, which is humorous...the tank isn't worth getting anymore when the Hydra and Homing Launchers are around. let alone Insurgents.
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