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I refused to buy another 28nm product this late in the game, and I'm glad I did. The performance gap between this year's GPUs and next years will likely be the biggest in a decade. I'd be disgusted if I had a GM200 or Hawaii card, hearing this news. Next year should be good. If Zen delivers IPC similar to Haswell or even Sandy, I'll be picking up one of those 32 thread monsters too.
That is not a large die 28nm card.
I don't find the graphics all that impressive. Not the way most people do, anyway. That said, I don't think it's terribly important for their franchise right at this moment to push the bar in that (or any) respect. People are going to buy Witcher 3 and be reasonably satisfied with minor upgrades. I'll pick up the next one.
April fools in a little over a week. Kojima is trolling.
Maybe if 4-way SLI were working properly we'd be more inclined to believe 8-way is something other than a marketing ploy.
CPU progress has basically halted since Sandy Bridge. Graphics progress has been severely hampered by fab issues and a shift in fab priorities to heavily favoring the mobile sector. The last few years we've had to spend far more to get far less than we're used to.
Just trust the government to serve the interests of the people. You think you want free internet, but really you don't. If piracy keeps going, big publishers won't be able to afford to publish content anymore and then artists won't be able to be millionaires, and then they'll stop making content. Think of all the people that'll lose their jobs because of those artists not being able to afford to make their art. Save the industry and allow censored internet, speech,...
Black Hole Sun?
This "Games For Windows Live" idea sounds great! Imagine, a system where you can just log in an play your games with your hotmail account and without all the bother of having server problems with certain games or forgetting your password and going through some painful password reset thing. The UI looks really nice; it's like a retro modern thing. I like that they're going to build this FOR gamers. I'd gladly pay about the same as I'm paying for Windows Live on Xbox...
I'm not even excited about upgrading from Gulftown. I'm pissed that I need to buy a new processor to upgrade my motherboard to get things like PCI gen3 and DDR4, without actually getting much of a performance increase. It's been nearly 5 years.
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