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But this is okay.
And this is why I told everyone how stupid it was to burn AMD about rebranding the desktop line before it even happened. Same thing happened when the 8000 series was released.
Good question. What exactly would the difference be, then, between a laptop and your PC? The difference is that the manufacturer of a laptop or prebuilt PC holds a certain level of responsibility to adequately cool the components it's comprised of, because they are required to offer a warranty. Those manufacturers also decide, based on their target market, what type of binning is required to meet their form factor and thermal limits. They order chips that operate at a...
Still, GPU's aren't the only component in a laptop. Lots of temperature sensitive equipment is housed in a very close proximity, often sharing heatsinks. The problem is that NV isn't selling you a laptop, they're selling a manufacturer a GPU. That manufacturer may choose to sell a sleek and slim product, for example, which could mean sacrificing cooling and performance. You could get it, overclock your GPU, and end up cooking your GPU or even other components. You might be...
That money certainly should be going to them, instead of over inflated corporations, profit motivated wars, and banks. $30 an hour is about where minimum wage should have increased to since it's conception (with consideration to inflation.)The US is poverty stricken.
He's probably just saying this to get stock prices up.
Yes, but it feels uncomfortable. Can we go back to "AMD's driver team is a joke" next month?Oh nevermind, I give it a week and all will be forgotten.
Just use the beta. AMD's betas are more stable than NV's WHQL drivers anyway.
Right. Like anyone's going to believe this can cool anything off. It doesn't even have neon lighting? Probably the worst performer in EK's history.
Painting that picture in your own light. I have a 5870 still running in another PC that has never had a driver crash, BSOD or GSOD. I had 2 6950's BIOS modded to 6970's.. no ULPS crash, amdkmdap crash, or blank screen. I did have microstutter until I started using RadeonPro. I have 7970's in crossfire and I used RadeonPro until the driver fix was released a year and a half ago. Since then, AMD has been better than NV on microstutter. Again, no crashes like you're...
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