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Amusing. Both NV and AMD are choosing high class corporate branding tactics on these new GPU's. Are beard wielding hippies in silicon valley getting a taste for finer things? Expect this card to be expensive, fellas.
Well, yeah, because most corporations do development and publication. Rockstar and Take Two may be separate, but they're still heavily intertwined; in many ways, they might as well be a single corporate entity. The outcome of Take Two launching the lawsuit rather than Rockstar themselves, is likely a tactical one -- Rockstar has a public image to maintain in what consumers perceive to be the development world (despite the fact that they're a publisher.) A lawsuit launched...
It still boggles the mind, how a corporation can sue an individual.
Kernel =/= operating system. You're drawing a false equivalency, and you'll probably go on after this to try and justify this notion that the kernel is what makes the entire operating system -- it's not. The other 99% of data making up the rest of the operating system is far more significant in a discussion about the worth of the operating system.Whatever point you're trying to make here, you're doing it the wrong way -- the annoying, nitpicky way; which might even be...
Because of the focus on personal data gathering. Android (like iOS) has it's entire profit model centered around data gathering, not advertising. To reduce it to mere advertising is a gross misrepresentation of what's actually happening. Roughly 100 million people in the US are using Android phones, and another 100 million are using iOS. The scale of this data collection is unprecedented.When it comes to the humanities, there's never been such a surge in raw data. They're...
It's an operating system. It probably wasn't invented for poor ignorant people, either. And advertising is just the immediate profit party -- big data, AI, and the humanities.. that's what Android is for in the long run.
If someone told me this were a SW:BF1 DLC, I'd believe them. I don't see myself buying this one, based on the content shown here. Hopefully there's more.
Yes.Leagues easier.
Lots of people cheat when pressured to meet goals that they believe are unachievable, especially when their job is on the line.The larger the conspiracy, the less likely it is to exist.
How long does it take to mine a coin these days?
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