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I'd spend $50 for a non-pirated version. $90? Nope.
One of these plugged into all the televisions in the house to stream movies from my home server/gaming system would be nice. Could probably handle game streaming, too.
There's no hope for this country.This subject is political. It's also incredibly important that people know about and discuss this. Wouldn't it be pertinent to let the rules slide in favor of allowing people to discuss one of their civil rights being violated by their government?
While I don't necessarily disagree, I need to point out a little problem with this statement.If you're really going to pass judgement here, you should consider the fact that your own personal extra change would be enough to sustain a number of the world's poverty stricken people who are otherwise dying without it. The device you used to make your post could have saved a few more, along with your car, digital content, fast foods meals, and every single other extravagance...
Can we stop these R290X - 980 comparisons? We've been over this time and time again. Everyone here should know that benchmarks where AMD is in the lead are automatically disqualified. We'll return to this issue when, and only when, NV is in the lead.
The 980 is easily the most impressive card on the market right now. However, let's not give more credit than is due.The 980 is a frequency king, not an overclocking king. The performance per clock does not scale nearly as well as Hawaii or GK110. The performance gap narrows quickly as you're comparing the overclocked results of these three performance kings, and in many cases Hawaii/GK110 still reign supreme.
A game with good graphics must also be artistic. Crysis 3 had great graphics, but what they did with those graphics is make dull, boring scenery. That's why no one was overly impressed.
I'd agree, but, we're talking about NV here. The relation of production cost and market cost is about the same as the relation of green tea leaves and martians.There is definitely a reason behind the low cost of the 900 series. Personally, I think it's a move to hit AMD where it hurts by really going after their revenue. It's probably more profitable in the long term for NV to charge less than they can; this helps solidify G-Sync's questionable future (with the impending...
Looks really disappointing at a glance. Preparing to be impressed.
Not surprising. You can't be a sky and a lake at the same time.
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