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I once did 107 sixteen-hour days without a day off in the oil and gas industry. People adjust; the demands of the job are not so atrocious. It sounds considerably more comfortable than my job, which is mentally/physically demanding, extremely dangerous, and requires longer hours served in isolation (often living in temporary "camps" because it's too far from home to return nightly.) What is atrocious, however, is their compensation.
I'm sure AMD was aware this would happen. It was probably discussed before work even started on Mantle.
Running at 60 FPS, in 1024x768 on low with a Broadwell i7 EE and 4 Titan Blacks? I mean, seriously. This is such a subjective statement it couldn't possibly matter.
Omega drivers deliver quite well. New features, fixes, a bit more performance over the past beta and quite a bit more compared to the last WHQL driver which they expressly noted on the performance graph. My 7970's have aged like a fine wine as opposed to a certain other card released around that time. But hey, forget GK104, even, and just look at the 780 and Titan. What happened to those cards beating the snot out of Tahiti? Why is the gap suddenly so narrow?AMD's drivers...
Generic first person shooter with a GITS skin. Meh.
The vast majority of GK104 owners here moved on to GK110. For Titan and 780 owners, it must be frustrating to see Tahiti's performance increase while their cards fall to only a narrowly lead.
Well, still no Crossfire for Far Cry 4, but it feels like there is. I'm getting about +50% better minimums and +25+ better maximums with a major improvement in frame times.
Making it hard for me to give up the 7970 Crossfire. I've never gone so long without upgrading. Must. Find. Reason.
Like I said, people debating about whether it's a 380X or 390X are debating whether it's Fiji or Bermuda; they're not arguing about the name.
When people say 380x they mean Fiji, and when they say 390x they mean Bermuda. Most people in this thread just understand that (unless something changes) 380X and 390X will be the names for these unreleased chips.No one's getting hung up on names. They're debating which of the two chips these benchmarks really represent.
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