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So if the technology and motivation ever comes about to modify your telephone conversations in order to experiment with your mood, will you have the same perspective?Texts? Email? Web chat?Just stop using those services?No.You're talking about manipulating a service wherein people can interact with others whom they have personal relationships. You're talking about intentionally altering a person's psychological state in that environment. Whatever way they're trying to do...
Pretty much the GK104 version of Tahiti. AMD pretty much needs to go this route if nVidia continues with higher end cards that lack compute capability. A compute capable, larger die is ultimately going to be more power hungry and hotter than a stripped down gaming-only oriented chip. I'd like to see both companies separating their gaming and workstation efforts all the way up to enthusiast products; things would get interesting.
I like how you expanded on all Huddy's statements, and gave reasoning for your doubts.Your main counterpoints; "nope" and "lol" were really illuminating. Richard Huddy wastes our time with facts like how Gameworks libraries are closed to us, and developers are legally prohibited by nVidia from using source code access to optimize for AMD hardware, and also prohibited from allowing AMD access to do the same thing. Clazman55, however, knows better. I mean, who would you...
No micro SD slot, no want.
Sadly I think Carbon nanotubes or graphene will hit the market before or around the same time as AMD gets it's whole plan off the ground.
Actually Tahiti is not full flat, and AMD is really planning on releasing a Tahiti XTX chip with 3470sp and 230 tmu's with the other half of the 512 bus unlocked and a previously unknown ARM co-processor.
IPC hasn't changed much, nor have prices, since Sandy bridge. This'll be the first major performance increase in years, due only to the addition of 2 cores within the same price range.So, yeah. Intel has already been taking advantage of their monopoly, don't you worry.
Nice. Now, instead of just upgrading to a single 4K monitor, I'll be able to use my 1440P monitors to watch side flanks. I'll just need to go Quadfire.
From zero to zero.
+1 for C300's.Still going strong, and in r0 I don't feel like I'm missing much performance-wise.
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