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I'd agree, but, we're talking about NV here. The relation of production cost and market cost is about the same as the relation of green tea leaves and martians.There is definitely a reason behind the low cost of the 900 series. Personally, I think it's a move to hit AMD where it hurts by really going after their revenue. It's probably more profitable in the long term for NV to charge less than they can; this helps solidify G-Sync's questionable future (with the impending...
Looks really disappointing at a glance. Preparing to be impressed.
Not surprising. You can't be a sky and a lake at the same time.
They just moved transform and lighting calculations from the CPU to the GPU to remove a problematic bottleneck. It was hardly an "invention." It's not like software transform and lighting calculations would still be happening on the CPU today if NV hadn't made the miraculous invention of transform and lighting on the GPU.They invented the term GPU, after taking a step toward making GPU's more independent (which was a going-trend for a long time before, and after Geforce...
I bought a pair of MM 550 X Senn's and personally I find their subtle style more appealing than this new "Beats" style. They have APT-X bluetooth which sounds just as good as wired, and the convenience of wireless is pretty huge. They even have a microphone for phone functionality. They come alive with a decent amp at home too, which is a nice bonus.
Someone needs to go back to the golden age of just putting a group of great developers in a room, and saying "make a game."
The kind of people who buy beats are usually just looking for maximum bass, as oppose to actual sound quality. Unless these Senn's are horribly unbalanced, they probably won't make a splash with Beats owners. Not only that, but people who buy beats are convinced that they really are the be-all and end-all of sound quality. 90% of Beats owners that I've talked to genuinely believe they're just as good as $2000 phones that artists use in studios because they've seen those...
Ah, I'm just seeing those more specific patents now. The original closet claim was rather vague, and made it seem like NV was claiming ownership over the very concept of those technologies. If Qualcomm is copying their exact implementation, that's a different story entirely.
I'm pretty sure AMD holds the patent for the unified shader because ATi invented it. Interestingly, too, AMD sold Adreno to Qualcomm which certainly included these technologies.I think NV is being too skeezy on this one. They should just suck it up, and compete.
Ridiculous patents. You can't just own unified shading, or multithreaded parallel processing. I wish they'd stop whining and just compete; NV should be above this nonsense. They won't beat Samsung's team of lawyers, anyway.
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