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Very nice, what year?I'm a bass player and when it comes to guitars, I'm more of a Strat and Tele guy, but whenever I'm home I love playing my dad's guitars. He's got a '72 SG, an '80 Martin D-35, and my personal favorite (and last he checked, the most valuable of the lot), his '83 ES-175.
Honestly, I'd pass on it. It's cheaply made, image quality is only okay, and the AF on it is pretty slow. Either save up a bit more and buy the 70-300 VR, or save some cash and buy the 55-200 VR, which is probably more than sufficient for most of your needs.
It actually is a 41MP sensor, and then they down sample it to 8. But you can keep the whole RAW file for later use.And to be OT, I would say this review doesn't do the 1020 justice. My mom has one, and the photos it cranks out are really nice for a phone--much nicer than what the review would seem to indicate.
You're thinking of a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera--they've been around for a while now and are getting popular. The Olympus PEN series is by far the most mature in this segment, but the Sony NEX series and Nikon 1 series also offer good image quality in a small size.
Nope, I mean an actual honest to god button. On a good chunk of m42 lenses (and seeing as Praktica was the first line of cameras to use m42, I trust their interpretation of it), there's a button (Pentax used a little lever) on the right side of the lens near the aperture ring that when pressed stopped down the lens so you could meter, as most m42 cameras didn't have coupled TTL meters.
Don't most m42 lenses just have a stop down button? My Gorlitz 50 mm has that instead of the switch, so I too was very confused. Also, I'm finally going to get my film processed this week...
I've started using Raw Therapee, mainly because Photoshop (and most Adobe products) have just become resource pigs. If I could live running Linux 24/7 I would be using Dark Table. Plenty of power to edit with, doesn't hide an ass ton of files on your computer, and completely for free!
It's hard to really tell because there's an assload of compression artifacts. Still doesn't look that bad.
Yeah, those shots look fine to me...
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