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I am looking for a laptop to gain some portability. I would like something that offers the same performance as my desktop. I mainly just use it for basic things like web browsing music, editing photos etc. but my current pc works really well for games despite being aging mid range hardware. I don't need the absolute greatest Ferrari of a laptop just something that offers equal performance to my sig rig and can be hooked up to a 1440p monitor. I don't need huge battery life...
Currently running Windows 8.1. For whatever reason whenever I shutdown the system instead reboots. When I click shutdown everything does in fact power down but then it reboots maybe 30 seconds later. If I let it reboot then don't log in it will shutdown normally. Suggestions? It's an annoying issue.
That looks great!
Thoughts on these: RHA MA750 Noise Isolating Premium In-Ear Headphone- 3 Year Warranty Sound and quality is supposed to be incredible and has a 3-Year Warranty
It seems like one side or the other always ends up loosing sound or the wires crack where they are connected to the ear piece.
I am tired of poorly made ear-buds. I have gone through so many pairs. I am not hard on them and take care of them but they just seem to break. I've never spent more than $75 but would be willing to do so for the right pair. I have a pair of V-Moda LP2's. While the sound quality is just decent the construction and build quality is great. Are their ear buds worth a try? I want something that is going to last beyond a what are the most durable ear-buds with...
I have found as phones have become bigger I am less likely to drop them. Easier to hold on to I guess. I also avoid things like setting it on my lap while sitting (easy to forget and stand up) or putting it near the edge of tables. I have a Sony Z Ultra Google Edition now and I am extremely careful with.
Old thread. I had eventually canceled my pre-order because I didn't want to wait forever. I got a Sony smartwatch. It was alright but eventually just wouldn't turn idea what happened to it. I then received a black pebble as a Christmas gift and its about 100 times better than the Sony. I highly recommend it.
I use Google Hangouts to make a lot of voice calls. It would be nice to have blue tooth so I could use my ear piece.
Do we know if it's going to be subscription only, one time purchase like Guild Wars, or purchase and sub?
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