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About what I was guessing....I will probably hold on to it. Thanks
Looking to sell my Xbox one. Did not use it much, I liked it but shortly after purchase my work and life kind of changed and just haven't been using it. Giving most games away to friends who have xb1. Included in the bundle would be 500 GB Xbox One, power supply (of course), battery charger kit (1 charger 2 batteries), 1 controller and the Microsoft Xbox One headphone adapter. Only game included will be original destiny base game (just throwing that in). I do not have the...
Nice.Thanks everyone for the feedback.
Will something like an i3 really be sufficient these days?
What about just going with something like this the Gigabyte Brix.....if the graphics performance could be set aside
So I'm looking to start a build for a friend but I'm a little behind in my knowledge and I've fallen out of the loop. I have a few builds in mind but need some new ideas. Requirements: Must be about as capable as my sig rig which can play most MMOs at max graphics settings (i.e. guild wars, Rift). Other than that working with large Photoshop files is about as intensive as it gets. Must have an SSD(s) with a minimum of 250gb. More than one is fine. Needs to be as small and...
I have a T-Mo LG G3. Picked it up on my last day of work at T-Mobile as a matter of fact. I was a little disappointed at first because I am coming form years of Nexus devices but the camera and display are what attracted me. Once I rooted and added xposed+G3 Tweakbox and titanium backup to freeze some nagging LG apps it is just about perfect. Only thing that would make it better is CM11 but given the special camera with lasers and what not I doubt I will be able to get...
Better than I expected. Thanks all.
Oh totally forgot that (and spelled appraisal wrong :facepalm:)2x8gb
Ok that helps a can be a high spec thick laptop. Weight and size are not a huge issue.
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