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Thoughts on these: RHA MA750 Noise Isolating Premium In-Ear Headphone- 3 Year Warranty Sound and quality is supposed to be incredible and has a 3-Year Warranty
It seems like one side or the other always ends up loosing sound or the wires crack where they are connected to the ear piece.
I am tired of poorly made ear-buds. I have gone through so many pairs. I am not hard on them and take care of them but they just seem to break. I've never spent more than $75 but would be willing to do so for the right pair. I have a pair of V-Moda LP2's. While the sound quality is just decent the construction and build quality is great. Are their ear buds worth a try? I want something that is going to last beyond a what are the most durable ear-buds with...
I have found as phones have become bigger I am less likely to drop them. Easier to hold on to I guess. I also avoid things like setting it on my lap while sitting (easy to forget and stand up) or putting it near the edge of tables. I have a Sony Z Ultra Google Edition now and I am extremely careful with.
Old thread. I had eventually canceled my pre-order because I didn't want to wait forever. I got a Sony smartwatch. It was alright but eventually just wouldn't turn idea what happened to it. I then received a black pebble as a Christmas gift and its about 100 times better than the Sony. I highly recommend it.
I use Google Hangouts to make a lot of voice calls. It would be nice to have blue tooth so I could use my ear piece.
Do we know if it's going to be subscription only, one time purchase like Guild Wars, or purchase and sub?
Up for sale one Nexus 10 16GB. Perfect condition no scratches or damage. Updated to Android 4.4.2. Never been rooted or flashed. Includes: Nexus 10, Sync/charge cable, charger brick, box and papers. WIll ship via CONUS USPS priority mail. Payment via Paypal. I am Paypal verified, I have several happy transactions on this forum and others (can provide references) and 100% ebay feedback as Cavallino333. Buy with confidence!
Nexus 5 for stock android. If they made a Google Play Edition of the Note 3 I'd be all over it.
I ended up waiting. Cliff notes: things in my life aren't exactly going to plan so the purchase just isn't feasible anymore. I'm unable to get more than odd design jobs with the design experience I have and I haven't been travelling and doing any hobby photography.
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