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I miss folding with all you guys but it seems folding has gone the way of the GPU even AMD is doing good I might be back someday.
Thank you.
Hello everyone.I am opening another computer shop so I have been very busy.
The cup again soooooo sweet!!!!
Good point.
All right I guess I will keep my 6950's
So the 2 6950's would be better for gaming then?
Would 2 GTX 480's be better in SLI VS 2 AMD 6950's in crossfire?
$180 is a great find!
In gaming it makes a difference.I have a 1600 MHz kit and I have it OC'ED to 2133 MHz with a CL 9.If you can push that 2400 MHz higher then yes it would be a advantage and even better if you can get the CL at 9.
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