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oh, I seeoh, I see
I say Heppzer...
So, this years prizes are below, seeing as huddler kept causing me problems I did not get the list updated as early as I'd hoped, so prizes will hopefully be drawn tomorrow or Thursday. Group 1 prizes: • 1x OCN Duckey G2 Pro – admin • 4x $30 PayPal – admin • 2x OCN Hats (small) -admin • 1x Small ATX Tech Bench – Spotswood (waiting on shipping info) • $US25 x 1 PayPal - Sethy666 • 1x Dirt 2 (Steam) - axipher • 1x Stalker (Steam) - axipher • 1x Modern Warfare 2 (Steam) -...
Bumpity Bump.
Things are looking a bit baron in the donations... If anyone had posted in the main thread or sent a pm to amd_sli_guru, please send me a pm with your donation. Or if anyone has any last minute donations send me a pm too.
The only issue that you listed that it actually has is not keeping the settings, unless you are on an older client the rest are non-existent unless your oc is unstable causing the crashing. As for not saving the settings, make the changes, save and completely close out of the client and you should be good.
^ what arvi said, 'tis what I've done for the last 2 years.
well, that was easy to up my ppd from 120k to 180k+
^ now if only they would send
if v6 -betateam if v7 client-type beta this will allow you to get the 8057 wu's for a pretty decent jump in ppd. I'm seeing 120k ppd on my 570
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