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This is my office at home. I'm a Web Developer/Designer so I do lots of my work from home. Usually like 3 days a week at home then the 2 at my companies office. I also do some freelance work on the side for some extra cash. I use the desk on the right to draw, create, and brainstorm ideas while I look out the window. Then the desk on the left to write up the code and finalize things. Hope you enjoy! An award I won for one of my websites.
I have the albino and it has been problem free for me actually. I havent heard anyone else complain about these two versions of the rat so I would assume that these two models are problem free.
All good things come from Ikea! One day I'm going to roll up to an Ikea with lots of cash and just make the Ultimate gaming room!! OK I'm back. Nice room!
Happy New Year! I think Im the first one to post in the new year!
Official 2012 First wallpaper! I don't think I've seen anyone with this style of wallpaper before. I used a windows desktop wallpaper then used Rainmeter and Rocketdock to finish things up. I customized some of it to fit my style but overall its pretty good and functional for what I do.
Try for a yoshi character. Depending on the type of headphones you have you might be able to hang it off of him.
For all you Nintendo lovers out there. They have a Mario version of this.
Love the warm colors of the desk and walls. Is that table Ikea?
The V formula board for the new AMD Chip had issues with it before they fixed them (at least I hope they did) and lots of people where posting up things on newegg and here about how unhappy they were and to avoid buying it till they addressed the issues.
I love how people bash on apple only to discover they dont own one. If people want to pay more money for something they can get for less then its their right too. Who are we to bash on peoples laptop choices. People pay extra money all the time on cars, homes, and groceries that they can find for cheaper some where else. If I had the money I would get an iMac and a Macbook pro in a heartbeat even though I could build a better PC. I walked into an apple store the other day...
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