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Like everyone else said if your done OCing then leave it on. I know I have my pc set up to shut down after 15 min of no use. Every WATT counts at the end of the month when you get that bill.
I have to give your creativity points for the fan. I would never think of doing that but then again my wife's cooling is a bag of frozen food under her
I have the same SSD that you bought. I had some issues too but I fixed it by going to BIOS and checking the settings. Are you going to use it as your only drive or have windows installed on it? If so check the BIOS and make sure you have it set up right in the drive section.
I only have one Video card and I placed it on PCI EXPRESS 2 because it was overheating my NB. To be honest it doesn't really make too much of a difference where you put it but they recommend you place them there. However if your having temp issues then you should direct some air between the fans if you can to help keep them cooler.
The Asus PC probe does a good job. I've compared the temps on that with others and it's been dead on each time. As for the temps they are normal and nothing to worry about. I have that motherboard too and the way you have everything set up makes a difference. I have a antec 902 case and I have two fans directed at it. I moved my video card down a slot too since my cards temp are around 60 all the time and was adding heat to it. I've got my temps from around 48-53 to 43-50....
Hey guys thanks for the fast hello's!
Hello Everyone! My name is Warblade31 but you can all call me Ric. I've been redirected so many times to this site about overclocking my new PC that I decided to I've been building PC's since I was 13 years old. Luckly I didn't mess up my first PC. You should have seen my moms face when I took apart the new PC she just bought me. All the parts where laying on the floor as I was trying to find out how it works.... Well I've just built my latest PC and I'm...
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