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I will tell you how many people that own a modern processor and/or GPU game at 1024x768 the answer is 0. 1366 x 768 only laptops.Titan, Titan X, 980, 780ti, 780. 290x, 290, 7970 CF... none of those people play at anything less than 1920 x 1080 so any benchmark involving those GPUs is literally pointless.To my understanding the way Steam Hardware survey works is that once the survey happens (about every 3 months) they take the new data and override the old data. Hence why...
Active DVI to mini dp adapter 15 with shipping Crossfirebridges 3 + shipping each or 10 + shipping for all
I don't know what fantasy land you've lived in the past 30 years but they've been doing that pretty much since the internet went public.
Exactly, I had no choice, my GPU was dying and I had to upgrade, I could buy a GPU that was old (7 series) or the AMD (R9 2xx) or buy a 980. I bought a 980. 5 years ago I would have bought the x70 or the AMD x950.
You're laughing at Silent Scone saying the market is stupid and being killed by this, but he/she is right.Look, I have read a lot of very uninformed opinioned economics here, but as someone who teaches it (along with psychology) I can tell you we've got a serious duopoly here that is causing consumers to not have the ability to make rational purchasing decisions.Market equilibrium cost cannot be met PERIOD. One company simply exists to prevent another from being accused of...
Why should they? It's competitive collusion. In a true competitive environment if your competitor releases a superior version of your product you lower your prices to undercut them. We don't have that here.
It takes some work to make Texas look technologically progressive but we sure appreciate your support NC!
Maybe you geniuses don't get it. They need AMD to stay alive with about 20% of the market share so the governments don't come to break them up for being a monopoly. That's the kind of collusion we're talking about. AMD has to look like they're a competitor for it to work.
That's the only reason those companies are not being charged by the FTC. They're probably smart enough not to email or call each other. But look at the release schedule and price increases.
This is what you get with a duopoly, collusion, and high barriers of entry into the market. Let's face it, AMD and Nvidia know they are the only games in town and no one else can even ENTER the market to compete with them. What they are doing is not only unethical, it's illegal in many places and yet no one has stopped them or even tried to.
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