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Just for the record Corsair LINK DOES NOT work in windows 10.. I had to remove it to get W10 to install and reinstalling it causes an error in the program and shuts down. @CorsairGeorge any ETA on Corsair Link compatibility for Windows 10? I'd really like my h100i to be adjustable :-)
I know this has been asked 50 times, but where do I find my product key? They never emailed me one and I have no idea where it is.
Also just fyi, my icon for upgrading to windows 10 has mysteriously disappeared over the last 50 minutes. No network activity and it still says the upgrade is reserved in windows update.
I tried it 4 times rebooted twice. It's not working. I just have to wait like a good boy.
Must be nice ot have it updating.. I've tried everything including using the wuauclt.exe /updatenow command in admin cmd and it does not work... and my icon is now gone from the desktop. I reserved 4 months ago lol...
'Well I have no money invested in overlord or their products, I am mostly concerned about the well being of the company's employees and the owner. I hope he gets better, but I am one of those weird people that when I pray I like to be specific (calm down atheists, I am a believer) and so I just feel a little weird praying for general healing rather than healing the cancer, aids, tuberculosis, etc... I also like donating to charities that cure diseases (hence the folding)...
Fantastic, no I knew about onboard and card RAIDs I had never heard of sole software RAID arrays. My current MB has RAID onboard but I would never use it. I thought that once you had a read error (which is inevitable with RAID) that you should immediately move to backup and wipe the drives that were in the array to prevent cross corruption of the read error Rebuilding has almost always been catastrophic in RAID from what I remember, I never saw a RAID rebuild successful....
]really is there any reason not to RAID 5 over 1TB? I haven't messed with RAID in about 10 or so years. What's wrong with data drives over 1TB being in RAID 5? Software RAID.. oh now we're digging into stuff. How does SOFTWARE RAID work?!
In RAID 5 maybe 8 drives or RAID 10 8 drives.That's a good build, I'm curious if that A8 can handle the transcoding that might have to happen with non windows devices checking out PLEX.
No I figure 2 TB Red WD's are 90 each that's not going ot be 1/3 the budget. I will start with a spare Samsung Spinpoint that I have lying around and then put WD reds in there.
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