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they're prescription sunglasses
"How to win friends and influence people" is considered one of the "best" books of all time to read. I personally found it a disgustingly hubris book about Carnegie's repeated successful attempts at lying to others and manipulating for his own benefit.
Is it ok if we hug here in public?! Obviously I am not the only person with critical thinking skills and the ability to read.
All good =) I read the book. I always thought the book was "how to lie to people about how you really feel" It seemed to me Carnegie wanted you to not tell people how you really felt and rather tell them how they wanted you to feel about them. Also --- I do not have a beardedit -- Picture of me from RIGHT NOW
I confessed I bought a 300i last night.
good someone actually gets it. This isn't competition it's collusion!
I love people quoting free markets and capitalism. You folks obviously don't understand price collusion (informal not a cartel which is formal) and oligopolies. We are currently operating in a Bertrand's Oligopoly. Please look it up. You're not paying me to educate you! The next time someone mentions capitalism in the CPU or GPU industry I may have to mail them the head of a horse so they understand what a grave mistake they are making!! (yes it's a movie reference...
Yeah well if most pc games weren't trashy console ports you'll see guys dropping more than a grand on the game.Example: Star Citizen. I know DOZENS of people personally that have dropped hundreds or in 2 cases 10s of THOUSANDS of dollars on the game.Note to Industry, make a PC exclusive and the money will rake in.Also, I won't be buying GTA V rockstar has peed on the PC platform enough, I am not going to give those hyenas my money.
Intel doesn't have to resort to such pathetic marketing tactics because they pretty much dominate the market. They allow their competitor a piece of the pie only to keep anti-trust lawsuits and litigation at bay. Look at the market shares and look at the reports from Intel and they are just demolishing AMD in the x86 market. Heck, the server market should just be called "The Intel Enterprise Division"It would be more effective. however, you have to have a superior product...
399? I got my 7950 for like 320 before MIR.... I said frugal!
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