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He should patent it.
Hey you jerk, I worked in the private sector for 15 years. I didn't just sit in an ivory tower. I gave up a 6 figure salary to CHOOSE to teach in a school that was underserved. I'm sorry you care about money more than society. That's not a problem I can fix, nor a therapist unfortunately.How you got an MBA with that grammar scares the hell out of me. You don't understand natural monopolies, the need for regulation, OR grammar. Whatever school gave you a MBA failed you...
Because there aren't people rioting in the street about it... if your water bill was 1000 dollars next month .. I guarantee you'd contact your representative..
It depends on what country and it depends on the monopoly. Most natural monopolies have high barriers to entry and therefor require government regulation. For instance.. .Utilities like electricity and water tend to be natural monopolies. The government strictly regulates regions that have only one service provider for those services because if they didn't your water bill in certain regions of the country would be 600 a month.the Semiconductor and GPU industries are...
CPI inflation would have had to go up by several hundred percent in the past 4 years. I believe it's been hovering around 2.
Come to North Texas. I have 6 choices for energy service providers. It's amazing how much cheaper my power bill is than those who do not.ISPs are the same way.. Anywhere Google has shown up and started competing suddenly, as if it is by miracle, service gets cheaper and the speeds get better and data caps vanish.Are you sure you understand how oligopolies and monopolies work? It sure seems like you do not.
You have no grasp of price elasticity or monopolies. If you did you never would have made the three previous posts. I have children students that blow you away in comprehension and critical thinking. Using the word "child" as an insult is ageist and ignorant. Sit down and let the professionals talk.
Unfortunately in a monopoly (which is what we have here because AMD is no competitor) that's not exactly how it works. Price elasticity changes to almost 0 when you have a monopoly for a product.Basically no matter how much the price changes demand will stay the same, because we HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE. In the High end market there is no other choice and you can tell by the price changes over the last 3 generations of cards. I have 3 systems in my room alone. I can AFFORD a...
interested in parting out your rig then?
Maybe we've miscommunicated. I gave them 200 4 years ago, which is more than I've ever given a game ever. I am just saying they have grossly mismanaged their money and this is more of a ponzi scheme than an actual development. 4 years and they aren't even to the actual alpha stage of the game. It's not happening.
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