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It's not real.. LOL
In Austin Texas, one of the most techcentric places in the United States, I have not one time seen someone pay for anything in bitcoin. On the other hand, on the Darkweb, that's the only currency that's accepted. You guys keep speculating on cryptocommodities (It's not a currency and we can argue about what constitutes a currency) and I'll keep speculating on the market. I'm glad so many of you got filthy frigging rich off of it, but many more people will lose their...
at that size this is going to be an expensive chip. If you have to ask, you can't afford it. We're talking 5k+ for top tier Pascals right now, so at this die size I don't expect anything less than 7000 for the K series that will come out.
Yeah I've been shocked at all the people I talk to in the tech industry and IT systems personnel who's knowledge of hardware is that of an average consumer INCLUDING persons who make buying decisions!
Yeah I've read the sachs site before, it's pretty simple, it's numbers, they have more.
Without googling.. about 450 million, this year, within 10 years about 1000 million.India too has a growing middle class of about 250 million right now... without googling... I teach economics, I am an economist. I know this stuff.. It amazes me how many people in the west don't understand that the day for stopping outsourcing and free trade have passed (that day ended in the early 90s) Even the chinese are outsourcing and increasingly using automation.Oh yeah and...
Uh are you kidding? It's the largest market outside of the U.S. and it's about to be THE largest market of consumer electronics in the world.
sourceI know this is WCCF but it's the first outlet in English reporting the story that I could find.Pretty interesting.
Pay? I looked at any PSU I wanted, their tests are thorough. I like JG too, but it's nice to have multiple groups doing the same tests so you can see commonalities.
Yeah because people don't buy the low end garbage anymore, on board video is enough to run almost anything people want now, so there is no need for the majority of systems to have the GTX 920,30,40 in them.I bet the shipments of the x70 x80 x80ti are way way up... I mean the 970 was the best selling card that Nvidia ever had supposedly.
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