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That's cute. I have amazon prime in DFW. I will probably have it by 5pm tomorrow.
Interested in picking up a reference 980. PM me I'll pay 300 shipped.
I'm in the same boat. Don't think I'll get the 6950x because I heard it's gonna be 1.5G + but I am totally going to get a 6800k at least... Board is already bought. I have the ASrock fatal1ty professional x99 3.1 board. Corsair 2666 Ram (32GB) and a 1TB ssd and a corsair HX100i waiting... I'm probably going to pick up another reference 980 for cheap to throw in my old system before I sell it.
That's true top level enthusiasts will always pay a ridiculous price for just a few percentage points.If AMD can pull off a win here even falling within 10% of the 8 core monsters that Intel is putting out we will all be in better shape. I really want that to happen.
It's not a myth. The myth is keeping a company alive that is a competitor in name only helps us. It doesn't. If AMD files for bankruptcy OR puts themselves up for sale. The patents for x86 will have to be allowed to be bought by the new company. That's not a myth. That's standard for anti trust practices. I mean, we're in monopoly territory now. It's not like it can get much worse.Zen has to be a homerun.
I never said that, you're projecting and I won't buy into it.I waited 5 years to upgrade and unfortunately Zen is a little too late. I'll have a BW-E system by the end of next month. If Zen performs then I am happy some people will get an opportunity to buy that chip. If it doesn't then we are going to suffer even more. Intel is already going to charge 1500+ for the 8 core 16 thread chips... It's not their fault. That's what businesses do when they have a stranglehold on...
The last time AMD made a decent product in the CPU market my seniors in high school were still being potty trained. There has been no parity in THAT market for over a decade.
and this is why AMD has hung on by a thread for the last 5 years. Unfortunately it's a short sighted strategy. If we don't let AMD fail then no big company with the actual resources to do serious R and D can buy them up.Basically Zen and Polaris have to be home runs or we continue to stay in the nasty cycle we've been in since ATI 4870 and AMD Athlon x2. I buy whoever's best and I think most on the OCN site do as well.
yeah but I am terrified that it won't work ;-)Maybe I'll give it a shot.
Yeah no hate. I was just saying that at the time Titan is what has caused this. If they can raise the price of the high end then logically they can raise the price of the mid end.
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