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Yes it is because eventually Google (or someone else) is going to come in and provide a better service for cheaper and they're going to have to compete. HBO already wisened up and is offering their service without having to have cable via the Go app.
thanks sorry didn't see it cause it wasn't on the front page!@Alatar Close please!
sourceYeah, thank God, because tech has enough monopolistic tendencies without another one popping up.
Sorry to hear about the MS diagnosis. That's a bummer! You're right though, our advances in medicine are just leaps and bounds faster than they used to be. One of the reasons is we are looking into causes of disorders and diseases rather than the symptoms.Also, as someone who quit smoking (tobacco and other) I can tell you THC is not the cureall that many pot smokers wish it was. If you're telling me that it's not harmful to smoke something you should have your license...
A computer's reflexes are faster than yours just fyi
Any reason to upgade my 2600k? Nope... alright, I'll just wait for Broadwell-E then and get on x99.
Wow that is unbelievable.@PostalTwinkieI apologize the fact they are doing it even at the enterprise level storage is pretty low. I reverse my position and apologize.
400 GB and 1.2 TB is 389 and 1099 respectively the OEM equivalents are 5 dollars cheaper.
I have my dignity.I think it's funny that "data centers" were using 840 EVOs for storage devices. That's pretty ludicrous. It's another thing entirely if it was the enterprise PRO line, but as far as I've heard it's limited to the EVO series which is a consumer brand. Regardless the issue has been solved the best it can and fixes the problem when it creeps up. The indecency of people to manipulate the BBB into thinking Samsung has committed some sort of criminal act is...
Dood he's running a watercooling loop with a 4670k. The guy isn't freaking destitute. My bank charges me an atrocious 3 dollars a month and they have OFTEN offered to convert me to another plan that is FREE but I refuse to do it because I know that I do not MAKE them any money outside of the 36 dollars a YEAR I give them. I don't add to their functional loan reserve enough to make them much.
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