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If it does I'll sell my 5820k build right now and build a new PC ground up with Zen. I have no problem supporting AMD if they have the performance to back it up. I had planned on that with bulldozer but that was a disaster.
It does there just aren't that many of them gaming.8470D is an integrated APU... it's just crap and no one uses them to game.
The shortage didn't happen, they were never low or out of stock of HDDs they just increased the price to the distributors and then reported record profits for 2 quarters.
Yes they did which is why I genuinely believe they created a false shortage and price colluded
Guess who bought Sandisk... ;-) your local price gouger WD... would never buy from them again now that their profits go to WD.
They posted a record profit or did you not see that? LOL their stock went up 25% last week after posting Q3 results.
Not quite... if you look at the graph it's total units shipped.. not units over last quarter shipped.Meaning in Q1 they shipped 9.2 million units.. in Q3 they shipped 9.25 million unitsIn Q1 their revenue on those 9.2 million units was about 687 million.. in Q3 it was 1244 million... They almost doubled revenue on only .05 million units more.
so Nvidia shipped the same amount of GPUs as Q1 but their profits were 250% of what they did in Q1
I was around when it came out, it's overrated. It's mostly the story and story telling that people liked. The graphics weren't revolutionary and the gameplay wasn't either. Interestingly enough Portal is much more revolutionary in all aspects and yet doesn't get near the acclaim.It also might be a case of bandwagoneering. I mean if everyone else says it's the greatest thing it must be right?... It's not.NOTHING. TRUST ME NOTHING.... These "you have to understand PC gaming...
It's simple folks.. WD and Seagate are POS companies that participated in a collusion to raise prices on a false shortage. They posted record profits for 2 quarters in a row after that. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. I don't. I swore I would go totally solid state and never buy from their companies again. (Yes that now includes Sandisk.. EFF THEM TOO.) This was back when 1TB SSD were about 500 bucks. I still have some samsung F3 Spinpoints from before the buyout, but other than...
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