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LUL ubisoft has pushed the patch to next week.
So you were right just ... .. you were psychic right :-p
BTW bae... Ubishaft has acknowledge the black screen usb bug and are releasing a patch to fix it on Friday (they swear) :-p expect steam spam next time I see you on lol
I tried alt tab and I tried alt enter.. neither worked.BAE LOL you're getting message spammed next time I see you on steam lolYeah it's a known issue. Hopefully they'll have it fixed within 90 days (no I am not kidding this is ubisoft we're talking about)
I own a legit copy buddy... So from what you can tell is dead wrong.. I get black screen usb device crash every time I open the game from UPLAY via the official LEGITIMATE COPY I got with my GTX 980. You know I dont pirate so don't even go there.
LOL bud you might want to read the terms and conditions of even buying a phone full priced from the carriers. I am pretty sure it is locked.
no.. adaptive is simulated and doesn't do as good of a job.. PURE sine wave is the only way to go.
Yeah it will be great to play it assuming I live to see it released in 2017 :-p
the only time my UPS has made noise was when the power was out and it beeped to let me know other than that it is completely silent. It's funny you mention price. That little 200 dollar UPS has saved me 1000s in replaced parts. Remember power outages and IMPROPER voltage will cause you more wallet ache than any overclocking.
I've found the problem. Apparently some of the peripherals I use are not supported.. like my MOUSE AND KEYBOARD .... Wow ubisoft... just wow... I am so glad this game was free because If I had paid for it I would be raging. It's 2014 every PC gamer I know uses advanced peripherals. Why don't you join us? :-p EDIT-- the fix is to disable your peripheral software in the device manager. that would be a great fix if any of those peripherals WORKED after you disabled them LOL
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