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Oh we're not getting benchmarks today or what? none of the sites have them.
and what is the highest overclock achieved on air of a 6950x on
And what is the stock for a 6950x?
1PM eastern 1PM pacific? 1PM GMT 1PM CET? Dood, some of us are international when it comes to time and if you don't give me a time zone after saying 1PM I ASSUME GMT. I live in Texas and I do this... WHAT 1PM ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!
I just got off my 2600k in July (switched to 5820k) I would honestly wait for Zen you only have about a month left. The 2600k is a good platform but at this point it's not enough of an upgrade to switch from your 6300.
you realize that was possible with a 5820k right?
Apple patented a shape and a dimension.
It started with the initial Titan and then went from there, I waited 2 generations of Titans before I jumped ship to it. By then it was no stopping them. I really hope AIB partners start jumping ship to teach Nvidia a lesson, because I can tell you if EVGA jumped to AMD, I would be buying immediately from AMD. I do wonder what kind of emails their corporate partnership director is getting to and from Nvidia, that would be an interesting read.
sourceTwo can play at this game, your move. The source is the IT newspaper for Asia.
Yes this is the results of a monopoly in the market. EVGA says the rumors aren't true but they may not have a choice if they get pushed out. Appreciate the news being removed from the news section. It has a source I have no idea why you people have a problem with it.
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