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yeah wish there were JK DF2 servers up.. you use all the guns you want.. FF guns... you'll never HAVE a gun =) skilled force players > guns any day.that's why it went to saber matches most times I force pull any weapon you have out of your hand. every time. Just FYI I was ranked #2 on case's ladder in JK DF2 as "The_Jewmaster" My brother was ranked #1 "Lord_Blackened" and the reason we never traded spots was it's against case ladder rules to play anyone in the same...
push + absorb + jump + heal is all you need!
Same, JK DF2 was one of my favorite games of all time. I didn't think JK2 was as good.
Absolutely a repost can we get a thread merge? here is the original story I know because I made it
skupples I so hate you right now, but secondarily I would like for you to make those for OCN members ;-)
By the time I actually need to OC my 2600k Intel will be on the over 9000 series. 3% per gen.. each 100Mhz of OC is 2.9% performance boost in speed. Oh yeah! OH YEAH! keep it up Intel.. you're making this 2600k almost as good of a purchase as my Athlon 4000+ That thing lasted almost 4 years before I replaced it!
If they could provide cell and network service with this type of technology imagine how competitive those markets would actually get!
its only a matter of time until the capability of this technology far exceeds what glass can do now. I personally can't wait to own them as long as they don't dry my eyes out. That's why I quit wearing contacts 15 years ago. They always dried my eyes out.
So you've confirmed I have no need to upgrade until we see 8 cores.
sourceNEAT! Now we can do what they did on "Enemy of the State" cept local police can do it too! I promise this isn't a troll post but I have my popcorn ready because I know the pitchforks will come out for this one! Think of the implications first! you could find lost children. Or stop alien abductions mid abduction!
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