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you know you're being snide and facetious but you're actually right frick. more competitors in a market tend to drive prices down.
That's cute, it has to be a lie. We have a very robust gaming community of about 3k people and not a single person owns a 1080 or a 1070. They have artificially made the market look like it's in high demand because of ridiculously low supply. I've got a buddy that works at Fry's and he said they literally had 1 1080 between the 3 Frys in the entire DFW area. So of course, they've been sold out and their next shipment isn't until July 8.
I would believe a poisonous snake wouldn't bite me before I believed anything Palmer Lucky ever said again. I'll be buying the vive or the razer headset this year. OR thanks but no thanks.
350 375 is my price point on a 980ti where I bite...
I think as your inventory expands the less impressive the sales are, however, those folks with less than 30 or 40 titles it's a pretty wonderful time of year. I have almost 200 so it's harder for me to find titles that I really want that are on sale.
Probably not manufacturing cost, but cost along with the R and D expenditure. There is no way the hardware inside those suckers costs that much.
Yeah I went down to Microcenter yesterday and picked up a 5820k (900 a little too rich for my blood right now.) I waited all that time for broadwell and I could have been rocking this 5820k a year.
yeah got my new rig built.. REALTEK IS CRAP.... I can't use the stereomix and allow my microphone to be part of that... complete crap... I'll be looking into a new soundcard asap.. HT Claro looks good.
Yeah a big problem with laptops is the manufacturers make drivers proprietary to even the model or sub model and NEVER update them after they built them. That's on laptop manufacturers.
That was actually software and hardware companies that were at fault with Vista. Vista was a darn fine operating system but no vendors were writing drivers for that. Windows 8 to Windows 10 have given the bird and written universal drivers for most hardware. So even if the vendors get lazy at least you'll have a basic driver.@frickfrock999 MORE VISTA HATE
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