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Most people watching it on this site were insanely upset about how much of the presentation was wasted on trueaudio and not very much on mantle or hawaii islands
Don't worry AMD will spend over an hour in this video explaining to you what true audio is. I won't get those 2 hours of my life back. I warn you, you won't either. Keep in mind this was at the GPU 14 Product showcase. The Hawaii Islands reveal, they spend most of the presentation talking about true audio.
If I was getting paid I assure you I would have been responding to every useless post on this topic about how this was a useless product. To refute their posts AND to bump the topic to the top of the news feed. I thought it was neat. People that have short arms (like me) and aren't 6'5 and 500 lbs like a lot of people actually could use a product like this.
So you missed the graphics announcement from last summer? This is where they announced AMD Mantle and then proceeded to talk about sound on graphics cards for a freaking hour.
Is it an announcement that you've sold to IBM or Samsung? No? Don't care then AMD.
sourceLooks interesting, especially if you go to LAN events!.Also, Mods, if this is the wrong section don't chastize me just move it. Thanks
Not even afraid to show mine last 30 days
This info is so interesting! It's really cool! I get a lot of you are so paranoid you probably wear a tinfoil suit when you walk out the front door, but for those of us in sane and rational land this kind of metadata provides us with so much advantageous convenience. Our society becomes more productive, more efficient, and saves time when routing through navigation services. It allows my nexus 5 to provide me with relevant data to my needs, wants, and when I ask it a...
gamescon video IGN interview
It's actually 200 it's a misprint from my understanding.EDIT-- oh for the ship only, yeah.
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