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Some rooms you can, but when you're in multiple story houses some of which have rooms with no windows I start wondering how you knew anyone was even in the house. The other part is you would have to stop to do that. These guys ran up to the house never stopped opened the (closed) doors and went to the exact rooms everyone was in, no stopping for checking other rooms. Considering it was the building we started in I highly doubt they saw us. They used ESP. It's fine I see a...
I'm not saying that, I'm saying criticizing it for having subsidies is silly. Ethanol is almost completely subsidized by the US government to the point that farmers in the Texas Panhandle, a DESERT, are growing corn and causing water shortages. Why? Because damn it's profitable to grow corn with all the government subsidies.
It was listed on a website... they sold about 2 million copies in June... Sorry I am too busy to go tracking down use google... Also as far as cheating? I dont blatantly go around accusing people of cheating all the time.. some people are just better than me, but when people walk into a house and know exactly where everyone is when we hadnt moved or given any sound off I k now they're using ESP hacks.. they open doors and shoot exactly where you are. No way they knew that...
For all of ya'll crying about government subsidies, I'm no Keynesian but you all do realize the oil and gas industry is heavily subsidized by their governments right? Like the U.S. Oil Industry (3rd largest producer in the world behind Saudi and Russia) gets massive subsidies... They dwarf electric car subsidies yearly and if you count total subsidies it's a joke that you folks are making that argument. The distance of travel thing I get, but please don't make...
Before I hear any more defense of "people are just that good at FPS" Just remember they banned 25000 people for cheating last month (june)... that's 1.75% of all copies sold. I can tell you I've been killed by aimbotters and ESP folks quite a bit... The ESP isn't a big deal except they can see every person on the map from the start and that gives them a pretty competitive advantage. I'm glad they are banning them, I wish it was a VAC ban.
Yeah I recently discovered movie maker was removed when I went to edit a video. I was highly annoyed as that was a good program. I also use paint regularly.
But they would fall back on them if the general market stopped accepting them, that's the point. It can't fizzle out unless the black market stops using them and they won't. The ability to keep transactions anonymous is just too good.
If Cryptos crash this is the most likely scenario.. except one thing.. If any banking institution lets you cash out for fiat then they won't die.. I do imagine the govts will not allow decentralized currency to be the main currency because you can't use it to control monetary policy via central banks (actually a good and necessary thing.) I do think they are around to stay though.
When we talk finance, mid term is 2 to 5 years... Long term is 10 years... I waited until this year to get into crypto to see if it was going to be mid term and fizzle out.. It's not.. Until all black markets shut down, cryptocurrencies will exist and since all black markets can never be shut down I don't see any way that crytpocurrencies do not exist in the long term financial future.
subbed, love bladerunner and am very impressed by case modding, i could never do it but I love watching others. What an awesome way to spend bonding time with your son.
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