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In the Enthusiast community it might work once in a while (but rarely) In the mainstream community no one is holding their breath and waiting for AMD. If they want a 1080/1070 as soon as they have the funds its purchased.I hate to say I agree with @guttheslayer on anything but he's right. AMD needs to be bought out by a very large company with fabs (Samsung we're looking at you) to be able to compete with Nvidia or Intel. I've been saying this for over 3 years now. IT...
Have you tried setting your CPU clock back to default instead of the OC? it might be an unstable overclock on that 1st gen i5
No one ever said they were bankrupt 15 times, but at their burn rate the past 12 months they cannot keep going. The other thing is insiders have said they took large loans out against their capital inflow 2 years back.Many of the people involved in the project were also involved in the Gizmondo scam including Mr. Erikkson.
It's actually worse than it was a decade ago. A decade ago when I lurked you didn't get half of what you get now.Admittedly there is more data mining now, BUT I am pretty sure OCN keeps the tin industry alive at this point. It is absolutely risible how much it happens and to the degree it happens now. Go look at some of the Windows 10 threads in the news section. You'd have thought Microsoft was directly sending lumps of data to the NSA (they aren't,) but the way you...
I hadn't heard it was that many, but it makes sense with CR. I knew they were using Imaginarium. Also they bought 2 miniature MOCAP studios and the equipment. Couldn't have been cheap to do that.Oh it's worse. Gary Oldman, who was to be a big name, has rumored to have resigned from the project. So if they did a reshoot he won't be in it.
With pretty logical rough numbers, they'll run out of money and will have to abandon it after SQ42 IF SQ42 comes out. They've now reshot the MOCAP twice. MOCAP is not cheap especially when you have, and I am not kidding, 1000 pages of dialogue.
The answer is Chris Roberts, he's never delivered a project on time or on budget. EVER.I have 200 of my own skin in this game and I have NO belief it will ever come out at this point.
not intending to be, you made a valid point. Regular users don't dig through stuff, as long as it works it doesn't bother them. I'm very similar I know I can dig through the registry but I don't do it because everything works as intended.It wasn't meant as a slight or anything, sorry if I communicated it in a way that was seen as antagonistic. My apologies.
Same here I have 3 desktops, a laptop, and 2 tablets I updated to 10 and now I have updated them all to 1607, I've yet to encounter any actual failures on the part of the OS.But like the person in the other page said. Maybe I'm just not that tech savvy. I dunno, 26 years building and tinkering with computers, I'm probably on the low end of the savvy scale because Windows 10 seems to work for me and I don't have to cry about it every time there is an update.Again like the...
iuse ublock
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