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ok so it's not just me? I was dominating in the beta and now I am getting a .4 K/D... It's driving me nuts. I feel like something has changed, either hit detection or something. I can't put my finger on it.
Probably because it has to do with organized crime and people could get assassinated because the information was likely leaked via an informant.
The new game modes are pretty cool they've taken some iterations from some other MMOFPSes and it's pretty neat. Operations is pretty fun. I'd give it a look see if you like it.This is also the smoothest BF launch I've seen the servers seem to be handling the load even during the peak hours.
5 per squad. It works really well.
cavalry needs to be nerfed.. ridiculously op.... and yes.. hardcore would be nice.. im tired of getting the first shot on a guy and hitting him 4 times because of my training to go for body shots and him getting one on me and miraculously killing me. It happens way too often.
I have a logitech attack 3 in pretty rough shape (but it works) if you really want it.
Very well put, you may have something there with the scripted events, especially for orgs and super wealthy individuals.But like I said before, in the history of earth (except for the dutch east india trading company) no one has ever been able to afford a military naval vessel. ;-) they aren't profitable endeavors. Yet we have at least 3 navy classed spaceships and people will be running around on them trying to make money.
Inflation is important because say you have to raise all prices because all the people that play your game have 10000000 credits... well now the barrier to entry for new people is ridiculous. If a healing potion now costs 10,000 credits because most of the long time players have billions of credits so we have to use money sinks to combat inflation then new players have an extremely tough time and stop playing the game. IT's a very delicate thing.Wow has gold sinks because...
It's very common in RICO stuff.And for the rest of you. Yes I actually did read the article.
To be fair what they are quoting is something Roberts said along the lines of 3 years ago when they asked him about the economy. We have almost 0 information on how the economy is going to work. In fact, if it's not deleted I remember I was on the forums at the time letting them know that plan would never work and was not based in reality.I believe if they are smart they have consulted someone on this and they realize it's either all or nothing. The problem is .. if it's...
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