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Yeah, this is something I have repeatedly emphasized in economic forums and most economists tend to agree that automation is due to replace all unskilled labor and much of the skilled labor in the next 20 years. I forgot which person at the Global Economic forum said it but one of the guys on the panel said about 85 to 90 % of the jobs people do right now are going to be replaced or gone by 2040. That's insane.Basically there won't be enough jobs for the population. I'm...
And with the Yuan being constantly valued more accurately the labor costs in China have risen so significantly in the past 2 years alone that the discount from their labor no longer offsets the massive transportation cost of the goods along with the economic rents that have increased in China over the past 5 years. I had been betting most manufacturing would go to India and Africa where labor was still super cheap.I bet the Yuan is 3 to 1 USD before 2020.
if AMD releases Ryzen and Vega before April 1 I will literally be selling the build I did in July (even at a loss I dont care) on craigslist and building an AMD build with the money left over. Nvidia will not get more money from me until prices fall in line with what would happen in an openly competitive market. 800 bucks (and lets be honest it will be 950 after shipping and FE bullcrap) that isn't for a flagship is beyond ridiculous.
I know but I keep trying =) It's the teacher in me.
If you mean CPI inflation it's 517 dollars... and it was bleeding edge technology. Basically the s939 Fx 53 is the equivalent of the 6950x....So 517 dollars versus 1700 dollars... in REAL DOLLARS.. not nominal dollars as you are suggesting.. Real means adjusted for inflation. The price for gaming performance is worse on every level except maybe RAM which is about the same or cheaper.The problem with you guys is you know one or two laws of economics and not the entire...
I thought entry level meant under 100 dollars. So I would guess 4c/4t chips around the 80 dollar mark.
I think the greater point that's being missed here is that dual core (even i3s) processors should not be 180 dollars, It's 2017 and quad cores should be in the 150 range. This is what a 10 year monopoly gets you. Stagnation in the market.
I am a pretty old backer too and I stopped going to echo chambers like the forums, this thread, or the reddit for any semblance of sanity. Every programmer and developer I personally know thinks that the development of this game has gone way off the rails and most of them are calling it semi vaporware. Yeah there is a tech demo in place but there are some glaring bugs and network code that cannot be fixed unless you blow it up and rebuild it from the ground up on a...
Put your titan in a case with ALL the vents sealed by tape and tell me what the FPS on Doom is at max settings =) Post your results in the thread. I'm not doing it to my titan.
I like it, just have to wait on them to give me my MX blue switches.
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