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LOL guy has a racing license and thinks he's faster and better than a computer. Dood whatever you're on... send us some..
That's a red herring argument. No one gives a crap what Derek Smart says, just because he agrees with the fact it's a scam doesn't make it less of one.
This is going to be a recurring theme in my reply... but you "clearly don't understand game development." That's a joke, many people do understand it and they understand this is vaporware. In the official thread on Overclock there has been a lot of back and forth between the "faithful" and the people in the real world. This game isn't coming out because the head of the project has ADD and uses too much cocaine.Not reasonable people, but plenty of people living in a...
That chart is fake as hell, most of those timelines are considering YEARS of conception talks where it's 5 guys sitting around a table talking. elder scrolls online didn't have 1 line of code written until 6 months before skyrim was released which was 11-11-2011 Team Fortress 2 went YEARS without having code written for it between 2002 and 2006 there is an interview with Gabe where he said most of it was done in 2006. Like 8 months of coding to get that game done. The...
Pretty much, should have sold my 5820k last month like I did with the Titan X... oh well. live and learn.. quad channel memory ain't all that.Also folks at 1080p which is what most gamers play at.. with a good GPU like a 1080ti it's going to run 60fps + on every game all day long.. so this intel fanboy crying needs to stop. AMD just hit a homerun with Ryzen, wish I had jumped on the train a month earlier. Still might if any of you want to offer me 500 for my Motherboard...
You can take this out of rumors AMD gaming just confirmed this with a video on facebook 10 minutes ago
Microcenter in Dallas had 5.. and won't get another shipment in for a week... I was 5th in line at the door.. Got lucky... Got a gigabyte card cause that's what was left.
see the key is selling it at least a week or two out and getting 90% of your value... TXP went to someone on craigslist in area for 1100 .. I literally spent 150 dollars to have the card for 5 months.
Glad I sold mine last week =) will be at MC tomorrow credit card in hand.
Do we know about Amazon yet?
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