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yeah it's 134 for me also. 109 that thing would already be on it's way here.
Excuse me This is a discussion on markets. I was going to keep my mouth shut when you were talking about the market but I can't now.First, this product is not for the general market but it is advertised to the general market. The market only makes rational decisions when there is active competition. Considering we have a duopoly in this market there is not perfect competition the market cannot make a rational decision. The consumer is forced to decide between two...
Not quite maarten. They gave us the names of the cards the R9 290x 290 and 280x and then gave us some nice fancy charts that didn't tell us anything about the cards. So for a 2 hour presentation we got 15 seconds of what we asked for and 1:59:45 of some crap about true audio that almost no one cared about or uses.I'm not falling for that crap again.
The last time I watched a live presentation by AMD I got to get hyped up about a graphics card and then listen to this for 2 hours. Trick me once shame on you, trick me twice ... well I can't get tricked again. Nice try AMD.
Called Arctic Islands because the TDP of 1000W will be the leading cause of the melting of the ice caps.
I'm hearing (and it's not reliable) that power outage in NYC from the storm has caused servers to go down. However, I would think that they use generator backups for this sort of thing.
so is instagram wordpress and MANY other sites
I've been advocating for Samsung to buy AMD for 4 years now. Samsung would make AMD competitive in GPU and CPU and they could afford to rebuy the x86-64 license.
Ok, I've gamed for 3 decades, and I've gamed competitively in the 90s on case's ladder and other such things (JK: DF2 #2 ranked player in the world 1996-1999). Video game players ARE NOT ATHLETES. That doesn't mean they aren't fantastic at what they do, but they aren't athletes.
When you start folding it's a lot more than 10 dollars a year. I assure you.Pfff no one at OCN.. I felt embarassed still having a 7950 in August.Gosh I hope so. We really need that kind of performance increase.Actually Nvidia USED to sell their flagship for that much then the 7970 happened. AMD used to sell their flagship cards for 350.. then suddenly they decided 600 was more fair. AMD are no saints neither are Nvidia. I'd like to see prices come back down to the 350 to...
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