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It wasn't controversial enough to stay at the top I had just discovered the story an hour ago on my news feed.
sourceVery interesting, looks like IBM is out of the running for bidding on AMD. Dang, I know Fabs don't make a lot of money but it is useful owning them.
I've never heard that being the case. Does the power conditioner provide stable 120 or clean sine wave?
Awesome, I hope someone with more knowledge than me can possibly give more suggestions. I didn't even know about UPSes until 5 years ago. I bought one immediately and haven't had a hardware failure yet (knock on wood) I did have a hard drive quit on me for a different reason. I drive my computer to DFW every 6 months and the vibration of the vehicle can sometimes ruin hard drives. None of my other parts have ever failed and brownouts have never caused me an issue.this is...
depends on what your wattage draw is at load and what you consider reasonably priced? AT your wattage draw (between 1000 and 1300W) It's not "cheap." then again, I think anyone that blows 2000 bucks between their GPUs and CPU should probably not have an issue blowing 400 dollars on a UPS to protect that investment. For your wattage draw with active PFC (which is important) 344 dollars is going to be the cheapest you're going to get.I would only trust Cyberpower and APC...
Buy a UPS. I have yet to have a hardware failure of any kind since buying a UPS. CLEAN power is important. --- You spend 500+ on a GPU but don't want to spend 200 to protect everything in your system? The two most important parts of a PC build are the UPS and the PSU. Everything else is secondary in my opinion because if those two aren't good then everything else is subject to...
I'll keep my Nexus 5 thankyou. I prefer LG over Moto anyway.
I would think the caterpillar or the starfarer were delayed the longest.
Yup, they're taking losses now to gain market entry. It'll pay dividends in the long term.
sourcegood morning!
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