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The hold up is the net code which has been the hold up since AC was first released. They had a working stable branch of the FPS 6 months ago but the net code doesnt allow for more than 6 users simultaneously.
I hate to give financial advice but hire a freaking CPA like other wealthy people do. Hell I only make 50k a year and I have a freaking CPA. If you're making 23k a month gross and you don't have a CPA you deserve to lose 46%.Also for the rest of you, arguing with libertarians about economics or government is a losing battle. You're better off punching a brick wall bare handed, you'll get farther, there will be less blood, and the brick wall sometimes learns.
That is quite possibly the worst unboxing video I've ever seen and I've seen some pretty bad ones.
MOO2 is my favorite game of all time, I still play it to this day. They screwed up MOO3 and I never forgave them. This will sell a million copies on name recognition alone. They had better not screw it up. Anyone who plays 4x space strategy can thank MOO2.
Actually, after about a year of massive complaints CIG finally started giving monthly development updates, however, it's little more than a morale talk from the heads of the studios. Most of the juicy information we've gotten in the past year was from a leak because one of the community managers was stupid enough to leave a link to a ftp download for the entire assets of the game up to this point. More than we've gotten from CIG in almost a year over a year.
I know enough about the netcode and it's progress to know that it's going to take more than a little while to rewrite it completely. They've spent MOST of the valuable programmer time basically rewriting the entire Cryengine. But you're right I should just sit down, shut up, and take it like a good boy. My initial suggestion was to write their own engine, which could have been done at this point with pretty good netcode and no Cryengine conflictsAlso, I love the idea and...
As a SC backer I can say they are starting to deserve their criticism. you realize they're almost a full year behind schedule now and they've just now figured out the netcode that they delayed the initial launch of the dogfighting module is so screwed up they're going to have to rewrite it again? That's why only 12 people can be in a game.. Because more than that causes the netcode to freak out. How are you going to get 100 people in an instance if 12 crashes the...
It's not just you I have a 980 and a 2600k with a 45MB connection.. it stuttered like crazy.. 4k worked fine.
When asking price the word enterprise usually answers that question real quick.
This is spot on, let me tell you how many games will feature DX 12 in the next 2 years. Probably 0.
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