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I think Intel is exceptionally well positioned to put the 8 core at 750.. at that price I buy it.. if it's 1000 I don't... And anyone buying the 1500 dollar 10 core is the same market that would have spent 1000 the last generation. I just don't see them galvanizing an entire segment of the market. Maybe they do. We'll see in 3 or 4 weeks.
Ok even if that's true no other processor in the the HEDT market could be over 800 bucks then.. because , AS I SAID BEFORE, anyone that was going to buy the 1000 dollar CPU would bump up to the 1500 (or god forbid 1800) CPU... no one that wasn't going to buy the 1000 dollar option is going to suddenly go from the 579 5930k to a 1000 dollar 6900k
I'm with you here.. So let's say the new pricing scale is 1500/1000/700/500Who exactly is going to buy the 1000 dollar chip? Everyone that was buying the 999 chips are now buying the 1500 dollar chips most of the people buying the 700/500 dollar chips aren't going to move up to the 1000 dollar chip. Myself included. I'll be getting the cheap 6 core for 500 bucks because no way i'm going to 1000 unless it's for a 10 core monster.
They going to incarcerate every 15 year old in the country? Look, piracy does not = lost sales. No matter how hard the industry wants to argue it. Those folks were never going to legitimately purchase your product. I've talked to tons of people. Many of them buy their stuff legitimately because, big surprise, they can afford it. The majority of people who pirate things are those who simply cannot afford it or otherwise would not buy it anyway.
The problem with this thought process is simple. Not everyone accepts Bitcoin. Everyone does accept the US dollar bill. It Holds value because people (read EVERYONE IN THE ECONOMY) accepts it as payment. Now, if everyone accepted bitcoin as payment, I can totally get behind it having value. The problem is not everyone accepts it as a medium of exchange and thus does not meet the definition of money. It also doesn't meet the definition of currency.I have no ill will against...
They're not going to include ECC support or dual processors on a consumer HEDT . That would galvanize their enterprise market too much.
That sure makes being a unit of account difficult.
That is the coolest thing I've seen all year. I am showing it to all my classes the rest of the day. REALLY neat.
God bless you... If we were in a room together I would legitimately hug you.
Or these leaks are to make us feel better about a 1200/1000/800/600 price model. It seems fishy to me. Intel i7-E have always been priced at 999 why 1800 ?
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