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Sweetheart Elite has always been a single player game. If you didn't do any background research on the franchise I am sorry for you. I cannot believe all the ridiculous expectations people have had for this game. It was never going to be an MMO. Go back to WoW.
I see a lot of comments that are semi-negative in here. It's ELITE, not patty cake. This isn't your console's video game. It's a PC game. Try to keep up. I actually find this version of ELITE much more forgiving than FRONTIER or First Encounters.
I live in a metroplex of 4 million people (DFW) and our ONLY choice is ATT in the area I live in. max speed right now is 22 down. My former city Amarillo (200 thousand) you can get 50 down if you pay 150 a month. I've also lived in Denver and Detroit.It's like they don't get it. Unitl 18 months ago the fastest speed you could get in Austin Texas (silicon valley of the south) was about 55 Mbps... Now suddenly my buddies are getting 1000/1000 for the same price.
LOL bullcrap Knuckle. I've lived in 3 major cities and none of them ever offered more than 25 down service (until literally this year) and NONE of them ever had choices. I guess you can count DSL 1Mbps down and 256k up and Cable 15 Down 1 up a choice. SO I guess they are right there is competition hooray.... No city I've ever been in has offered better than 25 down until 2014 and that's because the city threatened to sue them. now we can get 50 down if we pay 150 a month...
The track is simple. In discrete GPU AMD is in trouble. If they do not win in BOTH... PERFORMANCE AND EFFICIENCY they are not going to make up any of the ground they have lost. Nobody wants an AIO on a stock GPU just to keep it from overheating. That's ridiculous. The 390x has to be a homerun.
The last guy is right, the Q4 numbers for AMD are going to look very bad in the discrete GPU market.
Always hate to see someone pass away, especially in the enthusiast community. Regards to Corsair employees and his family.
Actually, yes it is, because gamers are the primary large quantity buyers of brand new tech. Sure, you have studio level digital artists that buy high end 4k monitors which are less than .1% of the market. Gamers make up about 10% of the market and that's literally 100 times more market share. Right now I know NO ONE that owns a 4k monitor personally or in my gaming community of about 3000 members. There are a few folks run 1440p monitors but most are 1080 or 3 x 1080....
I've always been company neutral for the most part, but frankly I am to blame for this market gap in both CPU and GPU. I've switched from AMD to Intel/Nvidia (first CPU in early 2012 and now GPU in Sept 2014) and I have been recommending to others to switch as well. AMD is fine and will do the job, if you have the money go with Intel and Nvidia. 1) Power consumption DOES matter, especially to professionals and businesses. I am sorry that some people are too incredibly...
I don't know what your vested interest is, but wikipedia is the 7th most trafficked site in the world. It has 0 ads and runs entirely off of donations. I promise you 100% if youtube did a better job filtering crap uploads and asked for a very small subscription (like 1 dollar a month I am not joking) they could be successful and ad free.
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