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They don't know or refuse to know that more people use an iPhone than a windows terminal these days. I have classes of students I had to teach to use Windows because they had NEVER actually sat down at a computer that used Windows. Windows might own a marketshare of it's market but ITS market is dying. The mobile market has been where it's at for years.The other irony is someone quoting about petro dollars and wars in Iraq. I teach Economics Sir. The U.S. and it's oil...
Worse, they have the largest share of the internet SEARCH ENGINE market. the largest share of the internet web browser market. use that a lot more than the OS search.
This is by far the most accurate depiction of what has happened since the project started. Anyone can say Kotaku is filth, but they have done their due diligence here for journalism. I applaud it.
There are currently 224 cases on Newegg made by Antec. Not sure what you mean by what happened to that company?however in the last 5 years their stock price has gone from 37 to 6.The easy answer? There is a lot more competition in the PSU and Case market than there was when Antec was the dominant supplier for those two things.
Guys linux still exists, you'll be fine. The sky isn't falling. If you don't like the corporate offerings of MSFT GOOG or APPL you can go switch to linux. Everyone tells me it's great.
Or APPL but it's fine, it's only bad when MSFT does it. This has been going on nearly a decade with GOOG and almost 25 years with APPL.Also it's funny that WCCF is clickbait except in this case, in this case it's reliable news.
If the cable companies are going to walk into the telecom oligopoly and try to break it up maybe the telecom companies should try to break up the ISP oligopoly. This could make things interesting.
sourceYes because anyone in their right minds would give comcast their cellular business after what they've done to the Cable internet industry.
Just FYI A 2600k at stock gets 60 FPS easily with a GTX 980 on ultra. 1080p
I think my point is if you've already invested in x99 why reinvest in AM4 unless there are clear gains.
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