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yeah I finally join EFFING reddit so I can get information and now the mods are policing THAT at the request of CIG. I hope they start a new subreddit. This is getting ridiculous.
you're not allowed to attend unless you registered before the con.It was an electronic signature but it still counts in a court of law. Hence why many companies have switched to E-signatures. It's cheaper and quicker.
part of the agreement when you signed up for quake con was an NDA. They did have legal authority. Technically they can sue your ass if you violate it according to the quakecon registration NDA.
I was there , they didnt make us take our phones off but they said if we even pulled them out they would eject us. They had guys up and down every column making sure... The entire time during the presentation. They did kick two guys out and erase their phones that I saw.The Reveal was awesome. I was impressed and I am not easily impressed.So yes, not one person made a video. Not even the media was allowed to.
People keep projecting hope that AMD is going to pull out a miracle. At this point, there is no miracle to expect. The only thing that could help the x86 market right now is if a big company with the resources, the engineers, and the budget would buy AMD. We have 3 real options there: APPL, KRX(Samsung), and IBM. Basically we are just watching the decline of AMD until it's ugly, brutal death. The margins on consoles aren't even enough to help empty the water out of the...
you do realize that AMD holds the x86-64 license right?
Make sure to write AMD and say thanks. That's why you aren't seeing any significant improvements in the enthusiast or high end performance platforms.
Blizzard and World of Warcraft would like a word with you. In one year of operation WoW made ... wait for it..... 1.8 billion in subscription fees alone. According to Vivendi, it took 4.5 years to develop and cost $63,000,000 (63M). I only have one source on this so I'm not sure how accurate it is. Let's just be fair and say it costs 10 to 15 million for each expansion. with 5 million players paying the 60 bucks a pop for each expansion. Start doing the math. the ROI on a...
This is the model I own. Ive never had an issue with it supporting my rig at load.
The first slides showing they were working on it were in 2004. They've since deleted them because a LOT of crap was being thrown at them during the post release s----storm.If you want to get TECHNICAL the CMT architecture that Bulldozer was based on was created in 1996. So yeah.. 7 years is being kind. They had the base architecture in 1996.
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