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It's over 11 times the distance of the moon, I think we're alright. It's not a NEO or NEA it's a PHA. It's not even that high up on the torino scale.
Pretty neat! Temp is n/a because I clicked it to try and change it from F to C but it didn't like that.
I'm with you on this one Twinkie, I am quite alright with 980 SC performance for 550. Frankly, the TitanX doesn't measure up at 4k. That's disappointing. We need a card that can push 4k at 60fps and this won't do it.
Actually the gains are going to be measured in power consumption and heat and we all know who's been winning that battle.Lack of competition from AMD. Sure AMD can keep up as long as you have AIO water cooling and a hefty power supply. However, Watt for watt, degree for degree AMD doesn't even come close.
Sales Tax in Texas. It was about 430. =) Thanks for playing
All the people saying that were paranoid or being pushed by HDD propaganda. the HDD manufacturers are on the way out for consumers. I got a 1 TB 850 evo for under 430 bucks. With 1.34 TB of writes on it and am not even the least bit concerned.
So people are still not understanding that these committees ALWAYS pass regulations without letting people read them before publishing them? Nice... I've finished reading over about 300 pages and so far I like what I see. Then again I don't own an ISP and I am not a lawyer. I'd be interested to see what a lawyer NOT paid by the ISP or telecom industry has to say about it.
sourceWow what an intriguing concept. I'll have to at least watch a few times!
you do know what a purposeful shortage is right? the illusion of creating a shortage to ramp up demand? Of course not, no one in this thread knows a freaking thing about economics and is completely ok with raising the cost of technology.
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