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You can buy scoops to pick up fuel, however, you are absolutely right. It is theoretically possible to get stuck out there. Eventually life support will go out and your power plant will go out and you'd die. But it IS a risk. That's what happens in a simulator!
Agreed Dante, one thing people have to grasp is few of us will be explorers. Most people do what they like to do in games and blow each other away. If you create conflict in a smaller area that is where people will concentrate. Only a few brave souls will venture out mapping star systems for fun.
Hey I disagree, but why haven't you been using your signatory sign off at the end of your posts anymore? "best, revro"I agree, I am in the same boat.This build is almost 3 years old and september is going to be a new build on x99 and The 880 is what Nvidia has then that's what I have to get. It doesn't make me a fool and I imagine the 880ti will be in the 700+ range and the 880 will be at the 500 price point. I'll take 500 over (700 + a 6 - 12 month wait).
Yes, they will. Also, it's important to note that something like 150,000 star systems will be accurately modeled to our CURRENT knowledge of the universe. For example. The star system Epsilon Erandi is a K2V spectrum star, and it will be a K2V spectrum star in E:D. It has 3 known orbital bodies (I think) it probably will have that many in the game. That is the kind of accuracy that Braben goes for.
nice! Yes you'll make tons in the type 6 but it's horrid as a dog fighter. Dante your pictures and resolution are amazing, you posted a video on the star citizen forums of a person playing elite with 5 monitors. He/she was running a AMD R9 295 x 2 system. Do you happen to know the monitors he/she was using?
The Cobra can also sport 4 hard points, unfortunately it cannot sport a navigation computer for autodocking but hey! you win some you lose some!
Am I the only person that remembers when everyone at Microsoft AND Crytek were saying that Ryse was going to be an Xbone exclusive and it was not going to be ported to other systems or PC? LOL This is an attempt at a money grab and I hope the PC gaming community sees it as such and gives both companies the finger.
I own both AMD and Nvidia cards. I like the 780, I just already had something. I will be buying an 880 when they arrive. Your straw man argument aside what I said still stands.My point was you do NEED it to run some games at the highest settings. You listed games that were all years old. My 7950 is bordering on 3 years old and can it run all those games? Yes it can but I NEED to upgrade to a 880GTX asap, but that upgrade will happen with an entirely new x99 chipset build...
A 780 won't even run arma 3 at max settings at 60 frames, A 780ti can (sometimes) and a titan can (because it has the Vram to run the massive amounts of textures)
It only took them a little over 2 months!
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