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oh not at all I agree with you in some respect but to insist that these x86 CPUs have to run windows.. Even as a windows fan I think that is absurd. I also think it's absurd that anyone who is in the ARM > Intel camp is not off their rocker if they think an "octocore" ARM chip at 1.2 Ghz is going to outperform a quad core or even dual core hyperthreaded intel makes me chuckle.I wasn't intending to come off as aggressive as it may have been communicated.
If only you weren't so wrong. These photos are semi confidential but since I don't work for Dell it's not my problem. They are android x86 running on a latitude E4200. to quote the original source of the photo "it is FAST'In other words. An x86 phone doesn't HAVE to be windows. I think ARM is in a lot more crap than it's evangelists want to believe. AMD is no longer competition for Intel and Intel has set its sights on ARM and ARM really hasn't been making all that much...
Perhaps Intel is going to pull a marketing trick and do one of two thingsA) Release Non K versions only for non enthusiast platform processors. Example: only LGA 2011 platforms have unlocked processors.B) Do away with the K sku entirely unlocking all of their chips to be overclocked.
LOLArm is in so much crap they don't even see it coming. In 2 Gens Intel will be making 7W processors that smash Arm in IPC and IPS then what ARM? Can't wait for my x86 phone Intel. Make it happen!
Trust me coming from an Evo 4G (original not LTE) battery life HAS to improve. I've had the battery die in under 2 hours before on a full charge. And no its not a bad battery. I had it checked.
I've been REALLY debating on whether or not to pick up a Nexus 5. I feel like stock android will improve the horrendous battery life ive been dealing with on my sprint phones.
try uninstalling it and deleting it and reinstalling it
Right..... which means nobody on this forum should buy a damned one of those new ARM processors. From the article:Yeah.... I do not trust the SVR (Russian Intelligence = to US NSA) or the MSS (Chinese equivalent) either. You guys crying about the NSA have no idea about these agencies because it's not your field of specialty. If you think the NSA has back doors in Intel and AMD x86 you got some wake up coffee coming if you don't think these ARM x64 chips aren't embedded...
yeah im in the same boat. I have hearthfire and only want dragonborn and dawnguard.. I can pay 20 bucks for both of them or 13.59 for the entire game again and lose all of my achievements... ... I'll just wait until they are on sale in December for 3 dollars.
I did, I'm not anti-GOOG btw. I find them to be a very progressive company. however, some people scream about privacy rights but they own a nexus phone and run android.
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