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That's probably to do with shield and not video cards.
Yeah no kidding, I finally broke down and bought a Google Nexus 5... Holy crap.. people complain about the battery on this thing? Are you KIDDING ME?!?! Now that there is NO bloatware from the telecom on my phone it can run DAYS on normal usage of taking pictures, checking facebook, sending skype messages. A 25 minute VIDEO skype call took 5% of my battery. That is incredible! I mean my WIFI usage is what is now using the most of my battery.The telecoms are just evil as...
must be nice to play MP... 2 months after AC release and I backed in the summer of 2013 and I still have my thumb up my rear.
Has never been free in the history of Red Hat or Ubuntu.So good luck UK when your open source "Free" word processor screws up and you need to call someone to fix it.
ftfy The game was already built and then they decided they wanted to build their own netcode. If that isn't the case and what they are saying now is true that they had a lot of work to do they flat out lied when they delayed in december and said we can give you a DFM now that won't be the same as the game or we can give you a finished product later. Because they HAD something that worked in December but they said it was nothing like what they were wanting to do...
sourceshort article. I am speechless.
I already said.. The shield is not impressive. I played with them at quakecon.. I wasn't giggity about it. Linus is the "source" of the news so he's fair game. People never cry when we criticize Fud or others. Linus is not immune to criticism as far as I am concerned.
Nvidia, just stop, I was at the Nvidia booth aka the shield sales store at Quakecon and I was not impressed. As for Linus, if you ever watch any of his videos and think the man is anything but a salesman I've got some beachfront property for you. The guy USED to be an unbiased reviewer. He has advertisements DURING his videos now. Come on! LOL I am sure the guy personally is alright. But he embodies the word sellout. I don't hate him for it but I would never believe a...
yeah I finally join EFFING reddit so I can get information and now the mods are policing THAT at the request of CIG. I hope they start a new subreddit. This is getting ridiculous.
you're not allowed to attend unless you registered before the con.It was an electronic signature but it still counts in a court of law. Hence why many companies have switched to E-signatures. It's cheaper and quicker.
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