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So I have a handful of old P4 systems laying around, and have been thinking of turning one of them into a NAS for home use. Possibly even spending a couple bucks for a dual core on the cheap. I plan on using an old case, or possibly making my own enclosure. I'm going for quiet, but not silent and plan to use a fan controller to deal with noise/temp balance. The rig will be running pretty much 24/7 I have a couple of questions about air temps though. Running 4-8 HDDs...
Case ordered and on it's way . . . and then of course I come up with another thought . . . So question Jim, The pedestal mount - Is it safe to assume the flex bay fan mount and horizontal accessory mounting bar will fit the pedestal too.
It is an optional piece you can order - $25 I believe it was. It gives clearance to mount fans above the radiator or to even mount the rad on top of the case frame and still be enclosed.Without it, push/pull would not be feasable as it would push the bottom rad fans to overlap the mobo area.My M8 is on its way. I'm looking forward to Fshizl's build - curious to see what others are doing with their shiny new M8's
Google = Skynet ? (someone will post the pic shortly I'm sure)
Looking good! I really need to take the time and play with sketch up . . . Subbed!
I havent tried something like that before. If it works or not, take some pics and let us know how it turns out. You may also check in the case mod section - some of those guys do some extreme mods and may be able to help ya.
Good luck with the build. I'll sub and see how this goes. For a fan controller, I'm partial to the Rheosmart 6. It will utilize PWM off your mobo if you want, and is 30w per channel - 6 channels. Plenty of power for all your fans . . . plus it looks good! I'm running one in my current rig, and just picked up a 2nd one from an OCN member for my new build coming up too.
Case ordered today! I'm excited to be working with a new and seemingly well designed product. I had a few finalists for cases I was considering, but the M8 won out in the end. I'm looking forward to the new build.
Thanks for the thoughts all. It pains me to say it, but I agree with you all . . . just didn't want to admit it. I think I will end up doing the new build anyway and just hold off buying a mobo and proc until bulldozer is released.
subbed - I love theme builds like this, and it looks like this one will turn out great!
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