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Our CPU nominations have been corrected.  WCG, yoyo, and Cosmology are the projects that we nominated.
Oh crap.   I messed that up.  I will shoot a message over to the Pent admins and see if I can get our nominations changed.  Thanks for catching that @Wheezo
OP edited with the results from our project voting.  I just realized I hadn't signed up.   I am now signed up and will be registering the team with SETI.germany shortly.
 All is not lost.  There is a way to get the Hawaii cards running on MilkyWay. MilkWay@Home Project Support, Discussion of MilkyWay on Hawaii cards
MilkyWay it is.  It will be interesting to see what the other teams' nominations are.
The votes are in, and it looks like we will be nominating World Community Grid, Cosmology@Home, and NFS@Home.
We haven't registered yet.  Voting for the GPU and CPU projects ends today at 23:59 UTC. We have to turn in our project nominations with our registration, so once the project voting is concluded, I will get us registered.  
No worries.  I end up adding most of the subs manually, since the OP is quite a few pages back and not everyone catches the submission form in the spoiler.
     Only if we have milk with our cookies, although shipping it could be a bit tricky.  
Looking to get as much input as possible before the poll closes on the 24th.    MilkyWay has a slight lead, but not very many votes have been submitted.
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