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 Currently all of the World Community Grid projects are CPU only.  They did have a GPU project in the past, but at least for the foreseeable future, all of their applications are CPU only.
Registration has been submitted. Our project suggestions broke down as follows: Sprint - Collatz City Run - World Community Grid - Open Zika Cross Country - Einstein Swimming - DENIS@home   All of the projects that were voted for, are projects that we can definitely do really well in.  Thanks to everyone that voted, and now the waiting game begins.
 A little birdie (@emoga) may have tweeted that OpenZika in Linux is the top producer for WCG.  I know for sure that OpenZika was the best producer the last time that I ran WCG.
  Why not just call it CPU?  It is the only CPU category now, and there really isn't any need for anything else.  Even i7 isn't  really a good description for the category, since we currently have 10 core i7's with bigger chips on the horizon.
 Did you runlscpu | grep MHz or this which will alo run and update every 1 secondwatch -n 0.1 "cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i mhz" Not sure what distro or processor you are running, but i7z will alo report current clock speeds.
We'll almost for sure be back in League 1 next year. We would just need many more crunchers to get in the top five of League 1.
I assume the stats are automated, so whatever project is selected, Formula BOINC will just use the points that teams accumulate during the time that the Sprint is running.
 Nice.  That would be handy if anyone is looking for a quick way to set up a few clients.  I don't need it, but I'm sure someone else will find it useful.   Typo on the default gui_rpc port. It is now fixed. 
I am going to submit our regisration at 22:00 UTC.    Our suggested projects are Sprint - Collatz City Run - World Community Grid - Open Zika Cross Country - ?? Swimming - DENIS@home   Right now Einstein and Collatz are tied for the Cross Country.  The poll is still open, so anyone who hasn't voted should go vote to break the tie.
 Last year we ended the year in 9th, which was our best finish ever, with 115 points.  We just need to kick our BOINC Editor in the rear, and get him to recruit 100 or so more crunchers for the team.  
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