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Collatz is back up for the moment.  Database seems to be going down fairly regularly over the last few days.  I have 300 tasks at the moment, so I am good for a bit.
 Should be fixed for everyone on the next update.  I forgot to update the list.   Crunch, Crunch, BOINCing along.  Collatz came back up pretty quick, so I switched my 7970s over to that earlier today.  It is a balmy -13C here right now, and should bottom out at -28C or so.  I need to get my two AMD furnaces (over-volted R9 290s) fired back up, since it is getting a bit chilly in my office.
I did the exact same thing when I was looking up our profile this weekend. I knew we had one, but I passed over it twice when I was searching for it.
We do have a team profile on BoincStats, but for some reason it is not listed alphabetically. We are the third team down on the page you linked. gamer11200 is the founder for now, but by the time the next update happens on BoincStats (next Saturday), there will be a new team founder.
 I think that the difference is roughly 10-20%.  I believe that @hertz9753 has his 980 folding in Windows vs. lanofsong, 4thKor, and bigblock990 who are folding their 980s in Linux.
Running through a few WUs in Linux, and the results are much better.   E5-2670 v2 (Ivy Bridge) @ 2.7 GHz - 24 threads: TPF=23 seconds, 193,000 PPD E5-2670 v2 (Ivy Bridge) @ 2.7 GHz - 10 threads: TPF=41 seconds, 82,000 PPD   I currently have one slot set at cpu: 24 and the other at cpu: 12; I will let it run for the next couple of days to get a better idea of long term PPD.  If the above numbers hold true, then CPU folding may be able to make a comeback, if they port...
I would be up for a little run in Collatz.  I had planned on parking my RX 480 on Collatz, but I ended up getting rid of it.  I should have a few 290s that can crunch some Collatz for the Challenge.    @Egilman you should add a poll to the OP.  Just Click on "Edit Thread" above your first post, and then scroll down to the bottom and add a poll. 
The 375.20 Linux drivers are just like their Windows counterparts.  Insta-fail on all WUs.   I rolled back to 367.35.  Has anyone tried the 370.28 drivers?
 Ubuntu or Mint are probably going to be the most user friendly.  I would probably go with Mint. My 1070 is now up and running in Arch.  I did a fresh install of Arch on my 2P last night.  I was testing stability with BOINC over night, and then I swapped it back to folding this morning.  Having only heard Windows users having issues with the 375.xx drivers, I didn't even think about it on Linux.   I have now rolled back my kernel and driver, and all is well running the...
Linux is the best OS for NVIDIA GPU folding and Windows is better for AMD GPU folding. For my systems with no GPU or an NVIDIA GPU I use Arch Linux, and for systems with an AMD GPU, Windows 7 or 8.1. Windows 10 is also fine for AMD GPUs, but I haven't personally used it since I had the Windows 10 Preview on my test server last year.
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