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Congrats and welcome aboard.
Let me know if you need anything done while you are away.
I missed the last one, but I will be ready to go for the nexrt one.  I will try to throw everything I've got at it.
Prior to switching over to Amicable and Folding on my 1070s, GPUGrid was chugging along for me with no issues.
Just added a few more random RX 480 in Linux results.  I haven't tested it on the newest Linux driver, but I will give it a spin over the weekend and see how it runs.   P10496 - 273k PPD P9414   - 280k PPD P11407 - 351k PPD P11418 - 311k PPD
Looking through my results, I'm not sure if running 4x is more efficient than 1x.  With variable run-times I would really need a much bigger sample in order to get some relevent averages.     I did find one shared task with a known setup.   @Egilman at least for this one task, a 480 in Linux isn't quite as fast as it could be.  Generally speaking, for most non-DP tasks a 480 should be at least 50% faster than a 7970/280x.  The CPU time is interesting though.  I see...
The Linux-Windows comparison is the most interesting thing to me. No other GPU project has been substantially better in Linux. For the most part an AMD GPU in Linux has been equal to or worse than running in Windows. For NVIDIA that is generally not the case. Prior to the development of the new AMD Linux driver stack, AMD performance in Linux for most tasks was generally poor compared to NVIDIA.
I will be late to the party. I need to do a fresh install of Arch on a bigger SSD in order to run LHC efficiently.
I'll bump my 480 up to 4x and then we can at least compare our two wildly different setups.
Just for clarification when you say 4x is that concurrently per GPU (8 tasks per video card, 16 tasks for the machine) or do you mean 4 tasks total for the machine?
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