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I dug through this once before.  There are a few team entries that don't line up between Free-DC and BOINCStats for SETI.  I usually always use Free-DC for stats, since it updates more than once per day.
Here are a few links to get you started with KVM if you want to use the 780ti. KVM homepage: pass through with KVM guide:
Congrats on the milestone.  Getting 1 million in WCG is a nice accomplishment.
As far as I know after Kepler the only NVIDIA cards that will do GPU pass through, on a bare metal hyperviser like ESXi, are Quaddro cards.  If you want to run the 780ti's look into KVM.  I haven't messed around with it, but I have heard good things as far as using it with consumer NVIDIA cards.
You can run the free version of ESXi to utilize GPU pass through. You won't be able to split the GPU up to different clients, but for BOINC that wouldn't make sense anyway. My 2P will be running ESXi with 4 GPUs to 4 separate clients. Consumer grade AMD GPUs work well for a home lab setup, and you should see roughly 90+% of the performance that you would get running the GPUs natively.I am running ESXi on a USB stick and utilizing all of the rig's resources for VMs.
Login to your account on the Collatz website, click on "Collatz Conjecture Preferences", and then uncheck the box for "Use CPU". Then just save your new preferences, and the next time your client communicates with the Collatz server, it will only send you GPU tasks. *Edit* mmonnin beat me to it.
20 VGTU tasks up and running on the 2P rig.    POTM Update   VGTU project@Home Start: 28 - Goal: 20 - Currently: 20  | Goal achieved, and with the extra fire power we might be able to snag an additional spot.   Asteroids@Home Start: 27  - Goal: 25  - Currently: 23  | We picked up two more spots above and beyond our goal, and are just about to snag one more.   SETI@Home Start: 126  - Goal: 122  - Currently: 124  | We moved up another slot in the rankings, and...
 There is really no tried and true method with AMD drivers, but I would follow one of the recent guides on the Mint forums.  Just remember that you will probably want to run Catalyst 15.12 with the 7990s.  The new AMDGPU-pro drivers do not support running GCN 1.0 cards, without running a custom kernel and a good bit of other tinkering.  Even then things are still broken.I have been testing out my RX 480 on Linux, and so far the results are pretty even with Windows.  No...
 Nice.  I think I will swap over 10 cores/20 threads to VGTU, and join the party. 
I can do some power consumption numbers. It will just be the measured system power at the UPS. I'll do some idle and load numbers for Windows and Ubuntu.
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