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Just in time for the BGB, its good to have you back and crunching.
That is a nice total for the week. Thanks to all the cruncers who came over and ran F@H for the week.
 Even with temps in check I had issues running more than 2 tasks at a time.  I am going to do a little more testing this week, and see how it goes on a dedicated machine, at stock clocks, with nothing else running.
POTM Update   Cosmology@Home Start: 34 - Goal: 32 - Currently: 34  |  I am going to throw another machine at this one, and see if we can give it a bit of a boost.  It looks like the popularity of Cosmology has gone down since they switched over to a VirtualBox app.   SRBase Start: 40 - Goal: 30 - Currently: 39  |  Watch your CPU temps on this project, it is a scorcher.   Collatz Conjecture Start: 8  - Goal: 7 - Currently: 8   |  We are on pace to move up to 7th in...
 So after messing with this a bit more I am able to run one task at a time without issues.  SRBase is by far the most demanding BOINC project I have seen.  Running a single task on my 4790k increases core temps by about 12°C. 
Can you fill out the specs for your computer? That way someone has a little more info to answer your question, and I can get this thread moved into the appropriate section.
There are definitely more BOINCERers, just not more BOINCers who run F@H. 😉
I tried it on another machine, and it looks like I had the same result.  Even limiting it to two tasks I just had another crash.  I will have to mess with it  when I have a bit more time.  FWIW both machines I tested it on are on a custom loop, and I never see CPU temps over 55°C.
 The new thread: original thread:
@emoga Have you had any issues running SRBase while running other projects?  Whenever I run it I get random BSODs.   I know that points to instability, but my 4790k has been rock solid on everything for more than 1 1/2 years.  I am going to add it to another machine and see what happens.
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