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Passed 50 mil over the weekend.  
 I like this idea.  Although, shooting for the top spot in two projects may detract from each project, and make it more difficult to get to #1. I was thinking of going back to 3 POTM, in addition to the "Move up to #1 in the world project".  That way there is a bit more variety in the projects, and there should always be a project with available tasks.
For sure, just figured I'd give msgclb the link, since he was asking.
I don't have a 950, but the 770 would definitely be better for gaming. GTX 950 Performance Summary
Just a bump to see if there were any further thoughts on adding the 950 to GPU-Wild.
It would make sense to add the 950 to GPU-Wild.  Very similiar PPD to the 770 or 270x.  It is also priced lower than either of those cards and sips powers. If it does get added, it would be a great option.
I think the 770 is the top card in that slot.  It should also be an improvement in FO4.  EVGA B-stock 770
For any other editors or moderators that are using the awesome OCNDark theme.  I added a few tweaks to the theme.   The "Thread Admin Tools" are more or less impossible to read without adding another line of code.   Before:   After:   Code: .admin-control-bar{background-color:#808080!important;border-color:#000!important}     Minor tweak for the "Sticky" edit...
December 8-11
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