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 Which drivers are you running?  I am still rolling with Crimson 16.3.2 on my 290.
Welcome to the team.  Getting everything prepped for next month.  I will probably be down for a few hours tonight/tomorrow while I drain my loop and swap out some hardware.  
Have you checked to see if you can reach the collection server? Any chance you can post your log. It would be helpful in trying to figure out what is going on.
 Congrats on the 2 billion.  That is a lot of crunching in a short period of time.
@uniwarking is about to pass me up in the overall team standings.  It's crazy to think that a single GPU can now get over 150 million points in less than 1 year.  Great job.     I might have to get the Fury X up and running a few days earlier than I planned.
Process Lasso is probably the best free program for fine tuning. There are a bunch of options you can set, and they stick. Whatever rules you set up for a particular process will always be in effect as long as the program is running. It is great for setting core/CPU affinity to squeeze that last little bit of performance out of a process. It is also handy if you want to quickly set a project to just a few cores, since you can just lock the process to however many...
Once I get my GPUs rearranged I should have at least one R9 290 that I can dedicate to Collatz.
The admin at DENIS posted in their forum yesterday.  It looks like some new beta tasks are going to go out in the next few days, and they are working hard at a new app.  Make sure you have checked the box to receive beta tasks in your DENIS preferences, if you want to grab some of the beta tasks.
My 4790k with HT on, and running at 4.5 GHz, averaged about 1:36 per task.
Not for most projects. The majority of the current projects will perform the same or better with HT on.
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