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 Congrats on the 5 mil.
   I updated both of your cpid's, so you should start to show up in the stats now.
I have been away due to a family emergency, and will be pretty limited for at least the next week.   Great job by everyone so far.    I am managing my rigs from 1200 miles away, and there have been a few power outages.  Everything is back up and running now, and I was able to upload about 250 Einstein tasks late last night.
Working from my phone, so I'm glad you got it figured out. I'll edit the command out of my post, so it doesn't create any confusion.
If you haven't done it yet, I would restart the BOINC client and the Manager.
That looks good for the upload server. *Edit* Removed flush DNS command that is not applicable to Linux Mint.
On my phone right now, but I believe the format for the hosts file in Linux is the same as Windows. I think the hosts file is located at /etc/hosts. You can edit it with your text editor of choice. You will need elevated privileges to edit the file. I would also flush the DNS cache before allowing network communication in BOINC manager.
That is what I am using. Make sure you have a good cache of yoyo, because you will not be able to download new tasks while the redirect is in place. Also Einstein has a max number of talks that can be trying to upload at once, so make sure you have enough tasks downloaded to last until the discipline starts. I'm not sure what the max number is, but I was unable to get more Einstein tasks with 69 tasks uploading.
       Here's a link to what I figured out about the ECM tasks back in March: Yoyo erratic memory usage
 I wish I could give you some of mine.  I just dropped my 101 completed tasks, and still have 283 to crunch through.  I did just split my 4790k up evenly, with 4 WCG and 4 Malaria.  I think I should be able to finish up the Malaria tasks in time. Are you using a hosts file? With that you can easily grab all the Einstein and yoyo tasks you want , and still keep trying to get more Malaria tasks.  It is pretty easy to do, and has allowed me to keep getting tasks for other...
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