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 Give it a few days, and your CPIDs should sync-up automatically.
 I am actually  going to start on this right now.   Post away and I will get  them added to the OP.  Here are the rigs that I'm crunching on now.    
 VBox will only run on the projects that require it.  LHC, Climate, and RNA are the only projects that require VBox. Not sure on the 14.12 drivers, since my 7970s are still on 14.9.
  Looking through the PrimeGrid forums, it appears that PrimeGrid needs to update their code to support Hawaii cards. It should still be possible to run PrimeGrid with the appropriate app_info file.  For now I would only select the PPS-Sieve tasks.  Can you post the app_info that you tried?  Also can you post the relevant sections of the log file where the request fails?
POTM Update   Prime Grid Start: 26 - Goal: 25 - Currently: 26 | We have made up a lot of ground so far.  At the start of the month our estimated time to overtake 25th was 60 days, and now we are at 26 days.  Great job so far.       Cosmology@Home Start: 56  - Goal: 51 - Currently: 51 | We have reached our goal.   We will definitely crack the top 50, and we might be able to sneak into the top 45.   SIMAP Start: 50  - Goal: 46 - Currently: 49  |  Tough to say where...
UPDATED   @szeged That is the 3rd highest quad so far.  Just 1 point behind 636cc of fury with his 4770k.  Although, to catch the top quad you would have to push your 4790k over 6 GHz.     
Sounds perfect.  Although I think you messed up the last commad, that should be ctrl + v "tictoc".  
Thanks for the reminder.   There used to be a list of retired projects, but I removed it when I updated the thread.  Once all of the results are in, it will be put out to pasture.
If anyone runs out of SIMAP tasks, and would still like to contribute to one of the projects of the month, Rosetta@Home is going to be our fall-back project.   
 Yesterday was our best day ever on PrimeGrid, until today, which is now our best day ever.  
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