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 PrimeGrid will put out decent PPD on your 7970s (±300k).  The 2 best projects for points on your cards are Collatz and Moo! Wrapper.  Collatz should be about 1 million PPD (depending on GPU clocks) and Moo! is around 500k PPD.  If you switch over to Collatz, I would only run the solo_collatz tasks, since they are much shorter units than the large_collatz task.  There is a bit of configuring that will need to be done in order to max out your GPUs on Collatz.  Check out the...
I had a few things come up, so I am running a bit behind.  The Feb POTM will be up tomorrow.
I will have the February POTM up tomorrow night. Thanks for the big contribution with your 2p/4p rigs.
   Thanks for the reminder.
@staccker WCG is one of many BOINC projects that you can contribute to.  Be sure to sign up for the OCN team if you decide to crunch some WCG. Here is a link to the OCN BOINC team forum: BOINC Team   Thanks @dman811 for the mention.
I missed it.  I always click on the "Team Member Movements" on BOINCstats, but I didn't realize that it seems to only register users who switch all of their projects between teams.   A belated, and big welcome to the team for @nanoprobe.  
Great summary of our recent and potential future milestones.  Thanks @GingerJohn   The ASICs really do put out some insane points.  If nothing else it really shows what a 100% single-purpose machine is capable of.    Congrats to the team as we are now in 6th place overall.
POTM Update   Einstein@Home Start: 46 - Goal: 43 - Currently:42  | After a rocky start, and server issues we have surpassed our goal.  Looks like we will grab one more spot, and finish the month at 41.    NFS@Home Start: 25 - Goal: 25 - Currently:23  | Not only did we hold off any threats, we managed to move up a few spots.   Rosetta@Home Start: 59  - Goal: 56 - Currently: 56  | Goal achieved.        Great job team.  Clean sweep on all the goals for this...
Process Lasso can restrict the NaCl client to a set number of threads using "Process Affinity"     In the screenshot above I have locked Chrome to 6 out of my 8 cores, leaving two cores free for my GPUs.
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