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Congrats to everyone on all the milestones. On my way out of town, and I will be gone for the next week. I will get all the updates in when i get back.
Welcome to the team @5291Crash.  Thanks for your contribution, and As Doc said, we have a bunch of helpful crunchers who can help you out if you run in to any issues.
I am in the process of moving right now, so it will be a couple of days before I can update the charts.  Hopefully I will have the internet back up and running by this weekend. 
Going to have to shut down the 7970s after the current units finish up.   I just finished packing the last of my things, and the only thing left to go are my computers.
Updated the OP, and the stats link is now good to go.  
 Some Haswell-E scores, nice.   Those 8-cores are definitely going to change the top 30. While adding those two scores, I realized that the top 30 sheet has been wrong for quite some time.  For whatever reason the query, I was using for sorting, was tossing out the AMD scores.  All is fixed now and @PR-Imagery and @Particle you are now back in the top 30. 
Once I get finished moving,  I am going to throw a couple of 6-core Phenoms at WEP-M+2.  Should be able to run them for the last 2 weeks of the month.
 Welcome to the team SuperSluether.  We select a few projects each month for our Projects of the Month.  You can check out this month's projects in this thread: September POTM  We also have our Monthly BOINCers Gone Bonkers event.  The goal of the monthly BGB is to try and accumulate as many points as possible over a 3 day period.  Prizes are awarded randomly to the people who signed up and contributed during the BGB.  More info on the BGB events can be found here:...
I suppose I should probably sign up.    Moving this week, but I should have some machines back up and running next week.  Hopefully internet will be hooked up by then.  If not, I will just have to take some gear from my house, and throw it on the floor in my office. 
I would have to agree, great job everyone.  
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