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Thanks for the welcome everyone.  I am looking forward to helping out, as we continue to grow the OCN BOINC team.
Welcome to the team buzz.  
This would be the place. I posted a gpu.config for my 7970 in Post #58.  You can probably change items_per_kernel to 20 and still max out a 7970.     I will work on getting some instructions in the OP. 
World Community Grid Start: 103 - Goal: 100 - End:   Enigma@Home Start: 58 - Goal: 55 - End:   CONVECTOR Start: 1  - Goal: 1 - End:   MilkyWay@Home Start: 15 - Goal: 14 - End:
*Edit" Collatz is back up, as of 16:30 UTC 4/9/2014 Down goes Collatz. Looks like it has been down since about 18:30 UTC.
@aas88keyz Don't sweat the stats too much. It can take awhile for everything to sync up. At the end of the day the science is getting done, and as a bonus all of your points are going to OCN. Thanks for contributing to the team.
Actually... as long as long as your computers are not hidden on the project page, anyone can see all the WUs you have completed. Here are yours. DiRT, Collatz, SkyNet, Rosetta
You can use the code function in the bbcode editor to display code and keep the formatting correct.Code: 1 The cc_config.xml should be placed in: C:\ProgramData\BOINC (if you did a default Windows install)
There are some very knowledgeable members in the Linux, Unix forum. You might want to look through that forum or start a new thread. Temps on the quad GPU system look good. The increased temps are just the GPUs dumping heat into the case. I wouldn't start to worry unless the temps start to go in the 80+ degree range. The only way to decrease the temps would be to put in some higher power case fans.I would definitely recommend upgrading the PSU on the quad GPU system. ...
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