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I am interested in getting back into some Minecraft.  username = TickTock1780 Haven't played MineCraft since the OCN servers went offline.  I was a staff member on the OCN servers. Here's a couple of my builds from the OCN server.  [[SPOILER]]
Hmmm... DarthRyder the dark lord of the BOINC.
Right on. Anything that is putting up points helps.
 I had intended to start this build log a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, work and grad school intervened, so the first update is a big photo bomb of miscellaneous pics from the initial planning stages, and some in progress pics on case mods and painted parts.   All pics will be taken with my phone (Lumia 1020), so quality will be hit or miss depending on the lighting and how much time I feel like spending messing with the backdrops.     Rear view of case with both...
Here's zodac's HFM Guide and anubis' HFM Guide.  Looks pretty good from what I remember when I first set up HFM.  Might need a bit of an update, since at least one of the pics on zodac's guide seems to have gone missing.     *edited to add anubis' guide. Thanks Choo! 
Dualin' 540   The goal of this build is to cram as much hardware into the Corsair Air 540 as possible.  After seeing the great SketchUp model, by @pcfoo, I did some quick calculations, and started coming up with a parts list for a dual system build in the Air 540.    The build will have a black and white theme, with a few red accents.  All of the cabling will be custom length bare white wires.    I have all the parts ready to go, so this build should go fairly...
POTM Update   GPU Grid Start: 24 - Goal 22 - Currently: 23 | We will need some more firepower if we are going to move up to 22nd this month.    SIMAP Start:  53 - Goal: 52 - Currently 52: | Goal achieved.     theSkyNet POGS Start: 22 - Goal: 21 - Currently: 21 | 21st looks safe for now, but OcUK is making a big push.  
 Nice work Dark.  
Project List updated.    Added the following projects: Citizen Science Grid iGEM@home Universe@Home   DNA@Home, SubsetSum@home, and Wildlife@Home are now sub-projects of the Citizen Science Grid project.  For more info  on linking your existing DNA and SubsetSum accounts, follow the instructions on the Citizen Science Grid information page. 
Congrats to the following new project team leaders: Atlas@Home - @emoga Bitcoin Utopia - @Doc_Gonzo Citizen Science Grid - @ku4jb Climate@Home - emoga iGEM@home - emoga WEP-M+2 - @nova4005     I also saw a couple pretty big milestones while updating the Big Dawgs.   Congrats to @mm67 for 1 Billion points in Collatz and 3 Million in theSkyNet POGS. 
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