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Not sure on Win 10 drivers, but you will get higher PPD in Linux. Only issue on Pascal is the locked down bios, which makes overclocking a hassle, since there aren't as many tools in Linux. Even with a lower OC in Linux, I had higher average PPD than in Windows.
 If you want to give it a go at full bore, I would just add another cpu18 slot.  I had issues with my 2P when I tried to fold on all 20 cores. I think the best I saw on my v2 2670s was about 290k ppd.  I think there are now a few tasks that are higher ppd than when I tested, and there was definitely a bump in Linux vs Windows.  I didn't mess around with optimizing for the big multi-threaded tasks (aka thekraken), but I'm sure that would also increase performance.
I am ready to race.      Wish they had an RSS feed, but I will check the site periodically to see what project they announce.
Hopefully I'll have Windows installed and the OC ironed out tonight.
 Nope.   I might have to fire up something else just to stay in the top 10. @jarble  is pulling away, and I must hold off @hertz9753 and his 980s.
A new cruncher joins the pack. Getting ready to fire up the new/old MilkyWay cruncher. R7 1700 on an Asus Pime X370-Pro, and my 3 7970s.
I don't think I've ever been in the top 10 before.  I might have to add a little more power, and see if I can sneak into the top 5.
You are steadily gaining on us.  Once my 1050ti's stats are fixed (accidentally had the passkey on one of my 1070s), we will only be ahead by about 40k.  
Nice. My 2P was eating up the sse2 tasks, so I will turn it back on and see how the AVX tasks look. It is cool when a project developer is active and making improvements to their work flow. I always feel better about a project that is actively making improvements, and increasing efficiency of the time that volunteers donate to their project.
You should be fine leaving it on, but SLI won't be used. Each card will be working on it's own work unit.
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