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I have been slacking on getting that thread updated. Big overhaul incoming this weekend.
If you just want to run one solo or large task per GPU you could use this app_config:Code: mini_collatz 6 solo_collatz 2 large_collatz 2 If you want to run two tasks per GPU, then I would limit the CPU to 5 tasks and use the following...
 It might be the new Collatz app.  Not sure since your computers are hidden, but one of my 7970s clocked at 1025/1550 does a solo task in 2440 seconds for 15,000 points.  Which is lower than what it used to be.
390 and 390x are essentially just 290/290x with increased memory and higher stock clocks.   The only numbers I have seen for Fury-X were from derickwm: Fury-X PPD
This thread is to discuss which project the team would like to focus on, so the OCN BOINC Team can move up to the top spot. We would keep this project as a perpetual POTM project. That way that once we achieve the top ranking, we will keep putting up points in the project.     I will keep track of which projects everyone would like to run, and then we can narrow it down into a poll of the most suggested projects.   There are a number of projects that we could take the...
I also agree.  I will start a thread where we can discuss which project to shoot for #1.  DENIS seems like a cool project, where not only is a #1 ranking obtainable, but the science is also pretty cool.   I am going to start the thread now.
What are our plans for hardware, and recruiting now that we have the new categories?
After the IT Crew was disbanded in the Team Competition in 2013, I took a bit of a break from 24/7 folding.    Now that I am back in the TC, I plan on keeping at least one GPU dedicated to 24/7 folding for the foreseeable future, so I went ahead and filled out the form. 
 After reading up on the WOW event, it looks like it is user focused rather than team focused, and each user will have to register.  Looking at past events, they do track team stats, but that is not the focus, and is not how the winner is determined.  We had 11 participants last year and were ranked 23rd, at the end of the event. If you are going to be registering for the event please post in this thread.  If it looks like we will have quite a few participants, then I will...
Here is the link to the summary page: HFM Stats Summary
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