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In a week or two I will be able to temp with a 1070 in GPU-O.
 The driver version you are running is the last known good NVIDIA folding driver for Linux.  That driver worked fine on my 1070.  All of the 375.xx series drivers are no good for folding, but they work fine for every BOINC project.  I was hoping the new beta driver might work, but no such luck.  Drivers are released roughly once a month, so hopefully the next Long Lived Branch driver will implement the hotfix that the Windows drivers got.
 One task per card is preferred.  I don't know if anyone has tested running two of the new tasks, but once the gpu.config is set to maximive the output of the GPU, I don't think running two at once will have any benefit.  I believe the knig of Collatz, @Egilman, runs one task per GPU.
I entered a few results from my RX 480 running in Arch Linux.  It looks like the Linux driver is still lagging behind the Windows driver for AMD GPUs.   RX 480 - Clocks: 1306/1750 | OS: Arch Linux x64 4.8.13 | Drivers: Open Source AMDGPU, with OpenCL from AMDGPU-Pro 16.5 p11711 - 286k PPD p13500 - 284k PPD p9176 - 277k PPD p10495 - 207k PPD
[[SPOILER]] Congrats to everyone on all the milestones.  Congrats to the following new project team leaders:Asteroids@Home -
The Linux beta driver 378.09 does not fix folding for NVIDIA GPUs.  Tested is on my 1050ti, and all core21 WUs fail instantly.
The Linux beta driver 378.09 is a no go for folding.
 You can use your own username and passkey.  The team name and passkey are mostly just for people who have never folded before, and don't want to set up their own username and passkey.. 
Welcome and thanks to everyone who has signed up for Team BOINC.   I should have all my GPUs up and running in time for the start of the FFW.  I am holding off on rolling back my Linux drivers until closer to the start of the FFW.  If no new working driver is released then I will downgrade the current driver, so the NVIDIA cards can come out and play.
 Just saw this post.  The MSI Dragon looks like it is probably a sticker, but I haven't tried to remove it.  There is a new beta driver for Linux, but I haven't tested it out yet.  I am going to give it a shot on my 1050ti tonight, and see what happens. 
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