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Hip Hip Hooray Tex is king for a day!!!         
@aaronlukemarsha Welcome to OCN. All hardware is welcome here. Take a look at the BOINC Essentials thread There are many helpful members on the OCN BOINC team, so don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.
Grabbed a 13001 WU. Looks like I am going to have to turn up the clocks on my card to finish it before the FaT ends.   
Doh, I completely missed the FaT this month.   Looks like I still have time to get in about three WUs on my 7970.  Firing up the client now, and I think I'll leave it running for a few days to make up for my missed time.
Nice work Tex.  Even if it is only for a few days, it's nice to see someone from OCN at the top of the charts.    I think that I am going to continue to run Universe as my main CPU project for the forseeable future.  Should be able to let the 4790k, 1090t, 1055t, and a quad core core Phenom II crank away on it for awhile.
POTM Update:   SETI@Home Start: 151 - Goal: 143 - Currently: 150 | We made it into the top 150. No small feat, in a project with as many teams and users as SETI has.    Climate Prediction Start:  143 - Goal: 142 - Currently: 140 | Climate Prediction doesn't send out regular stats updates, but according to their own stats page we are now ranked 140th. team stats      Universe@Home Start: 23 - Goal: 18 - Currently: 5 | Looks like we have a...
Congrats @Tex1954.    
I made my own using the hdd trays from one of my old fractal cases.  I added legs to the bottom of each tray, drilled the center panel, and have attached the mounts to the center panel with thumbscrews to make it slightly easier to swap out drives.     There is 120.6mm from the center panel to the inside face of the side panel.     *edit* Looks like the Rosewill cage above is 130mm wide, so I don't think it will fit. In addition to the width, I don't see how you...
I have pretty much every imaginable dimension for the interior, since my upcoming build is going to be a little bit crowded. Once I have a little more free time, and the rest of my parts come in, I will be doing a proper build log.    Here's a teaser pic of my upcoming build in the Air 540.    
*edit* Looks like korruptedkaos beat me to it.   Not sure if you need the dimension from the rear mesh to front of case, or rear mesh to inside face at fan mounting location.  Below dimensions are in millimeters.  
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