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RamDrives are very well suited for crunching BOINC projects. Especially projects that have tasks with short runtimes. As long as they are on systems that are stable and run 24/7, you will have very few issues with putting your BOINCData folder on a RamDrive. I will have one of my crunchers running exclusively on a RamDrive next week, so I will report back on the efficiency of running BOINC on a RamDrive next week.
 Scuba is creeping up on 1mil PPD. That is some serious crunching.  I just added an OC'd 1055t and the 7700k in my htpc to DENIS, so that's 5 9 more cores (1 is set aside for MilkyWay) for our DENIS arsenal.  
My M4 is still cranking along, it has been powered on for 1077 days and 5 hours.  Most of that time has been spent getting thrashed by BOINC projects.
At lest some one is.   I was also away over the weekend, but everything just kept cranking along.    It looks like I was able to move back into 3rd in the AMD cat.  These core_21s are putting out great points on my 7970.  Some of the 9704 WUs are at around 220k PPD.   Now we just need to find another GPU folder, and we will be right up in the top 3.
 I am going to throw another gpu at SETI, and help us to close the gap.
POTM Update   DENIS@Home   Start: 8 - Goal: 5 - Currently: 4  | Goal Achieved. Now it's time to see how much further we can go this month.   Gerasim@Home Start: 35 - Goal: 28 - Currently: 33  | We are on pace for the 30th spot by the end of the month.   SAT@Home Start: 28 - Goal: 25 - Currently: 28  | It looks like 27th is in our sites, but anyhting higher might be a strech.   SETI@Home Start: 137  - Goal: 132 - Currently: 135  | Great job so far. Yesterday...
 It looks like they just got the problem sorted out.  All my "Uploading" tasks just went through, and I was able to grab 70 new tasks.
 I do, and I fixed the code, since the formatting was a little off.  Thanks for catching that, and it's fixed.
Back up and running after an extended power outage.  Power was out for about 13 hours, and I dropped to 4th place in the AMD category.
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