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Stats are back up. 
    Looks like @axipher's stats are also down.
 The OC on my Fury X hasn't really changed since I got it.  I did go through some odd stability and throttling issues that turned out to be borked drivers.  I'm always looking to squeeze a bit more out of the card, and it looks like the move to Linux is a nice little bump in production. 
POTM Update Rosetta@Home Start: 35 - Goal: 33 - Currently: 33 |  I obviously underestimated us on this one.   Goal achieved and we are less than one day from moving up to 32.   Universe@Home Start: 8 - Goal: 7 - Currently: 7 |  Goal achieved, and we are on pace to sneak into #6 by the end of the month.   PrimeGrid Start: 23 - Goal: 22 - End: 22 |  Goal achieved, and we are still on pace to cross the 5 Billion point mark before the end of the month.   Awesome...
Nice job everyone. I had some memory instability, and I was heading out of town so I had to bail out early on the SoB tasks. Overall the progress made on the SoB double check was impressive. PrimeGrid is now roughly 25% through the double check, and the Challenge sped that up by roughly 10x.
Not strictly related to this topic, but the AMD Linux driver must handle voltages differently than the Windows driver.   My Fury X is running a custom BIOS with voltage set at 1.3v.  When I was running it in Windows I had to bump the voltage using Trixx an additional +31mV to stay stable in F@H.  Running in Linux I am 100% stable on the same BIOS without any additional voltage.    
Hopefully the big WUs are here to stay, at least for AMD GPUs.  My 1070 has roughly the same PPD on the big and small WUs, but the difference on my Fury X is massive.  It's performance on the big WUs actually makes it a somewhat more viable option for folding 24/7 (as long as I forget about the obscene amount of power it is using ).   There are some WUs that are supposedly restricted to lower end GPUs, but information on how this determination is made is pretty much...
I have started getting the big WUs again on my Fury X, so I submitted a few more results to the database.   p11713 - 523k PPD p11432 - 679k PPD
I wonder if the F@H folks made some changes in what WUs are assigned to AMD GPUs.  Over the last few days, I have started to see some nice WUs again on my Fury X.  The last couple of months was a steady supply of 94xx and 9842 WUs, but now I am starting to see the big 11432 and 11713 WUs again.   An example of the huge difference in PPD of the small 94xx WUs, and the large 11432/11713 WUs, running on an AMD GPU:   p9415 - PPD range = 320-337k PPD p11432 - PPD range...
@TheBlademaster01 Not sure if I entered them incorrectly, but my entries that show an RX 580, should be an RX 480.
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