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 8GB of RAM in the HTPC, and I am definitely not having any paging issues.  I agree that the 7700k should be very similar in performance to the FX CPUs. I aborted the stalled tasks, changed settings to only allow 1 tasks at a time, and now it looks like it is running correctly. 
 Big thanks to our Retired Editor for these great donations.   I can also vouch for the Gigabyte board.  I put it in a few of our office computers, and it has been a great performer.
I fired up ATLAS on my HTPC.  Interesting project to run.  I haven't had a chance to mess around with the settings, but I am running 2 tasks on an AMD-7700K.  Current run-time is 26.5 hours with about 3 hours until completion.  Does anyone know if it would be more efficient to limit ATLAS to running one task at a time?  Looking at some other rigs, my task run-times seem to be way too long.  Not sure what is going on.   POTM Update     MilkyWay@Home Start: 14 -...
 Congrats on the 100 Million   Those giant WUs definitely push up your RAC.    I think the number 2 user is also attempting to complete some of those huge Garli tasks.
POTM Update     MilkyWay@Home Start: 14 - Goal: 13 - Currently: 14  | We are still on track to reach our goal.   yoyo@home Start: 31 - Goal: 30 - Currently: 30   | Goal Achieved!   ATLAS@Home Start: 12  - Goal: 11 - Currently:13  | We lost a spot in this one. This is a tough project due to the high hardware requirements, and the added hassle of runnning a VM.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.   Einstein@Home Start: 41 - Goal: 40 - Currently:...
No spot for this milestone in the list, but it is pretty impressive.   Congrats to @Tex1954 on completing a monstrous Garli task for The Lattice Project. A WU run-time of 79 days with over 16GB of memory used.  WU 2329164    
  Edited my post above with the odd memory usage.  
ecm tasks use quite a bit of memory.  I have my ecm tasks at a pretty good stagger right now, so I never get close to maxing out the 16GB on that machine.  The memory usage on the ecm tasks is similar to a few other projects, with memory usage increasing the closer the task gets to completion.     *Edit* The ecm tasks actually have rather strange memory usage.  The memory usage only seems to go up as the task nears some sort of internal checkpoint. Memory usage will...
 It does work in other projects (I am currently using project_max_concurrent in yoyo@home); It might be the way that ATLAS runs (inside a VM) that causes the project to miss the flag.   *Edit*  What BOINC version are you running? project_max_concurrent only works on versions 7.4.9 and newer.
The new tab page pulls data from your browsing history, so as long as you have "Remember History" selected in the privacy options then the data will be collected.    The only way to not log the data would be to browse in incognito mode, or you can clear your browsing history, and then change your privacy options to never remember history. Options -> Privacy -> History -> Never Remember History.
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