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I am going to give MilkyWay a break.  I have been hammering away at their servers with 5 GPUs running 2-3 tasks each, and they are still having quite a few database issues.  I will decrease the load on my end for a bit, and see if they can't sort out their issues.
 Congrats on the major milestone.
UPDATED   @l3lackHawk - I have added your submission to the charts, but can you add the data line (OCN Username -- CPU -- CPU Clock -- CPU Score) to your post.   @Oj010 nice score for a quick and dirty run.   That is only the third quad core submission over 1200.   @marc0053 Nice run on the 6950x.  It is a new high score for a single CPU system. 
I have returned a number of BIOS to stock form from the original image.  If you just modded a copy of the original image, and then flashed it, then I don't see why the stock BIOS wouldn't take.  Maybe try grabbing a fresh image from the TPU database.
At least this was a happy ending for a project.  It's always good to see a project wrap up with a publication or a pending publication.    Having spent 100s of hours on projects that never were able to publish, I am always happy to see someone who can see their project through to the end.
Never had that happen on an AMD card, and I think the last NVIDIA GPU I flashed was a 6800 Ultra.  Maybe you have a corrupted stock BIOS image.  Was it the image you dumped off your card, or one that you downloaded from somewhere?
Just 4 days until the start of the next BGB.   Fire up all the gear you've got, and let's see what we can do this month.
The only time I ran into that error was on Gerasim.  I apparently now have an account, but I cannot access it.  I never really tried to figure it out, since I don't run that project. Have you tried logging in after it says that the account already exists?  
In Afterburner settings uncheck the box at the top that says "Synchronize settings for similar graphics processors".  That has always worked for me, and the screenshot below has 3 cards all running at different clocks and voltages.  I'll throw my 2 cents in on what drivers and OC software to use on the 390x.  When I was running my 290 in TC, i used Crimson 16.7.3 for the drivers and HIS I-turbo for the OC.  The latest Crimson drivers (16.10.2) gives me screen corruption...
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