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I think this is the first time I had changed mine, and it was driving me a little nuts.   
 Right on.  Thank you. Now to see what kind of an OC I can get out of that card.  No power connector, so we'll ahve to see how much voltage the Sabertooth's pci-e slot will give. 
Yes it has.    If only I could squeeze a little more out of my Fury X.  Overall they don't have much headroom to OC, and I am pretty sure that mine is maxxed out.  I can get to slightly higher clocks, but I start to see negative scaling with the volts I have to push for the higher clocks.
I am back on yoyo with my 2P, and GPUGrid on a 1070. 
Infinty is looking for a few new folders.  Currently we are looking to fill GPU-L, GPU-Wild and NVIDIA.
I will be pulling the 1070 out of my TC rig once the current unit on my Fury X finishes.  Once the NVIDIA drivers have been purged from the system, I should be able to make a run at grabbing the top spot from @superericla. 
I just wanted to thank everyone that came and folded for Team BOINC this year.  We had a great showing, and gave the OCN team a big boost.   Everyone who signed up contributed to the team, and the awesome numbers that we managed over the last week. [[SPOILER]]
Everyone should have their badges now.  If anyone is missing their Pentathlon badge let me know.
I use the settings in the OP for all my GPUs. HD 7970, R9-290, RX-480, Fury X, GTX 1070.
   I didnt' even look at the top number, I was just looking at the slot PPD.    5+ million PPD per card would be nice.
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