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 N-Body is CPU only, so no big deal if you just want to crunch on your GPU. Do you have the "milkyway_separation__modified_fit_1.36_windows_x86_64__opencl_ati_101" application in your MilkyWay project folder? If not, here is the seperation_modified_fit GPU application: *Edit* To run more than one task at a time, you just need to change the count value...
I do love my 7970s for MilkyWay.   @jetpak12 @emoga You should try running 2 tasks at once on your Hawaii cards. Running 2 tasks at a time, the average run-time per task is 16-17 seconds on my 7970.  When I run one task at a time, the average run-time per task is around 12 seconds.  That looks like about a 30% gain in efficiency running 2 tasks at once.   I am only running the Seperation (Modified Fit) tasks with the following...
 Our BGB stats are pulled from Free-DC, and Bok is having some issues with his server:
Nice work @Tex1954.  Congrats on the 500 Million.    
 The stats are pulled from Free-DC, and it looks like Free-DC hasn't updated yet today. The baseline stats were up earlier, so once Free-DC is back online our stats should be good.
I haven't tested this with ATLAS, but I just use an app_config to limit the number of tasks for each project.   If you are running BOINC version 7.4.9 or newer you can use the following app_config.xml to limit yoyo@home to 3 tasks.   Code:     3   Just drop that app_config.xml file into the yoyo data folder, and it will limit yoyo to 3 tasks.          If you are running an earlier...
 Looking at the Server Status page, it looks like it is up and running.  I have never used BAM!, so I'm not sure how it operates in terms of adding projects, syncing, etc.
 Log in to your account on Einstein@home. On the "Your Account" page, click on "Einstein@Home preferences", then click on "Edit Einstein@Home preferences".  You can then select what type of work you want Einstein to send you (CPU, ATI GPU, NVIDIA GPU, INTEL GPU) *Edit* I got sidetracked in the middle of replying.  Glad you got it figured out.  
Thanks to @jetpak12 for putting together an app_info.xml file to enable crunching on Hawaii GPUs.  I have added the app_info to the OP.
Nice find on the app_info jetpak12.  I will get it added to the MilkyWay@Home project support thread.
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