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The Marathon project will be announced in 3 days.  I just sent out a PM to everyone that is in the BOINCers Gone Bonkers Participants group.
@Simmons572   Looks like your 290 went offline yesterday.
 Thanks for running a couple of rigs over the last few months.  Running multiple machines does get a bit expensive.  We'll keep your seat warm over the summer.  The last few months have probably been the most productive months that the team has had.
DP capabilities for the 1080 are the same as the 980, so 1/32 fp64.    Best chance at an NVIDIA consumer card with decent fp64 would be whatever the Titan Pascal will be.  Even then, no guarantees since the TitanX got gimped fp64 compared to the Titan and Titan Black, which had 1/3 fp64, compared to the 1/32 fp64 on TitanX.
Just did the same on my laptop on Arch Linux, and I think it took about 2 minutes.   login as root - use usermod to change name and home directory - link old home directory with new home directory - add new user to necessary groups - grep -r old_username - update any absoulte paths - done.   Should be the same process in Ubuntu.  The Arch wiki has a ton of useful information, and most of it can be used with Ubuntu, Mint, etc. Users and Groups - Arch Wiki
Nice job on the 5 million in WCG.   They need to release another GPU app, so I can make it to 1 million.  I think that almost all of my WCG points came from the GPU project that they had a few years back.  Running my HTPC on WCG at 2k PPD, it will take me a bit to hit the 1 million milestone. 
 Not sure what page you were looking at, but a 390x would have to be clocked impossibly high to beat a 7970/280x in double precision.  This is the best quick comparison sheet I've found: The only entry in the benchmark thread at MilkyWay, has a stock clocked r9 390 taking twice as long as my 7970.  I think that my 290, which is OC'd to 1215 Mhz, and about equal to a stock 290x,...
 Current AMD tasks have a wide disparity in PPD.  On my 290 I see tasks ranging anywhere from 210k PPD (thankfully not too many of these) to 450k PPD.  Depending on your clock speed, your long term PPD should settle out to an average of 250k-320k.
Is the black screen a blinking cursor after the grub menu?  If so, you can load a one time grub configuration to get into a workable desktop environment, and then you can start-x and the driver should load.  Pretty much the same procedure as loading the NVIDIA drivers after deleting and black-listing the nouveau drivers.   I am just getting back into the swing of things on Linux after a few years of only running Windows machines, so I will have to do a bit of searching...
 The nano is the same die as the Fury-X, so fp64 is 1/16.  7970/7990, Titian, and Titan Black are still the best consumer cards for double precision workloads.  The Fury, Nano, and Fury-X, would be a little slower than the 290/390 series cards which are 1/8 fp64.
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