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UPDATED   @rvborgh - CPU-Z memory tab not in screenshot @Mike The Owl - CPU-Z main tab and memory tab not in screenshot; need to add data line (OCN Username -- CPU -- CPU Clock -- CPU Score) to your post
 Congrats on the 50 million. 
 It is pretty much start it and roll.  Not to much to configure once it's installed.   I would definitely use the "Advanced Control" rather than the "Web Control". Just right click the F@H icon in the task bar and select "Advanced Control'.  Once you are in Advanced Control go to Configure, and under the expert tab change the "open-web-control" from true to false.  Once that is done you can edit the shortcut on your desktop and remove the open web control bit from the end...
Not sure where you can get these in Europe, but I believe that FrozenCPU does ship internationally, if you can't find them elsewhere.
Up to you.  Would love to see the 4p for a couple of days, but you are really cranking out the WCG points.
If anyone one has a project that they would like to see in the POTM, shoot me a PM, and we will see about getting it up for November or December.     POTM Update   GPU Grid Start: 24 - Goal 22 - Currently: 23 | We are steadily gaining on 22nd.  We won't make it this month, but it looks like we will be moving up next month.    SIMAP Start:  53 - Goal: 52 - Currently 52: | Nice work on SIMAP.  If we keep a few threads on this project, until it is finished, we may be...
You can use one of these connectors.  Easy to install just clip off the standard connector, cut the wires to length, and then press them onto the connector.  Very handy for getting into tight locations.
Everything was broken in the RTE when I first switched to the the 64-bit beta of chrome.  All seems to be working now.  No idea on BBCode, since the only BBCode I've got is my sig.   I can always summon myself if I forget where I am.   @tictoc     Oh here I am. 
~thanks to mach1 for the banner~ Welcome To Team AMD! Sign yourself up up here mate The contest runs from December 1st through the 8th. (12PM UTC)           If you already have a folding name and passkey, just use it and don't change a thing!   If you don't, here is one with a bonus enabled passkey for folding on CPU's so you get the bonus points:   User Name: The_Green_Dragons (team name is case sensitive) Passkey: fac43edbe43d22713bc589fe31dbf670 Team #:...
Thanks.  Should be a good time.     Now I just need to finish getting un-packed and get some hardware up and running.
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