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well looks like a lost the chip lottery with tihs 4670K. Wont even make it to desktop 4.5ghz @ 1.25 Good thing this is just a htpc but it is a little disappointing that my 2.5 year old 2600K @ 5g will be faster lol.
Got it finished screen shot windows 7 image hosting imgur screenshot pc Now i can see how this haswell chip OC. Think i might end up ditching the h60 for a d14.
My biggest complaint about this case is the lack of spots for cable ties...needs way more holes to anchor cables for a clean install. I should have looked and drilled some before I installed the mobo :-(
I wish I had known slim optical dives need a special sata power adapter when I was ordering parts... learn something every build
But 3 92mm fans should work on the side without problems right?Just want to check before I order some noctua.
Just ordered for a new SG10 HTPC build: ASUS GRYPHON Z87 i5-4670K Corsair H60 EVGA GTX 660 SC 2GB Seasonic SS-660XP2 16GB Crucial Ballistix Sport Silverstone CLEARCMOS Case Accessory Toshiba TS-T633C 8X Slotload DVD+/-RW Going to reuse a intel 510 SSD and a Seagate 3tb drive I have from upgrading my 650D build. What do you think?
this is what i've been waiting for and will probably by my first tablet. IMO $399 is the sweet spot to price this at to be a huge success. At $399 i'll definitely pre-order one as soon as i am able.
i just want a nexus 10"
this beats their dock
seems like they might have some other motive.. were people so underwhelmed google doesn't think it's a good idea to release it to the public for $300?
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