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Yes, people want to see comparisons. Please show comparisons to g3258.If g3258 benchmarks are not included, then it's not a comparison, it just another cpu benchmark.There are thousands of cpu benchmarks on this site. We don't need them all posted here.If I want to see FX-4300/6300 benchmarks (without g3258 benchmarks), I will use search.
If you want to benchmark G3258 vs another cpu, then please do that. But you are posting benchmarks of other cpu's without any information about G3258.If I want to see other cpu benchmarks (without G3258 benchmarks), I will go find those benchmarks myself. AMD cpu's are already benchmarked in other threads.No reason to post every cpu benchmark here. This discussion is primarily for G3258.
The WinRAR built-in benchmark does not indicate actual performance in WinRAR. The built-in benchmark uses all 4 cores of my cpu, yet when making rar files, I never see WinRAR use more than 3 cpu cores. To test actual "real world" performance in Winrar, make some rar files and then un-rar those files. Don't use the built-in benchmark. If you want to benchmark G3258 vs other cpu's, I suggest you do that in the intel forum (amd guys might complain). Please focus the...
I am tailoring the argument to the youtube video of a dual core cpu recording video using shadowplay which you initially claimed would be "game over".My guess is you presume video is recorded on the cpu (such as FRAPS) which is actually no longer necessary.
How do you know that Nvidia shadowplay will "crap out" in Wow on a dual core cpu?
Not according to this video.
Most people do not need to play every game at ultra settings with max graphics, or 2D/3D surround display, or 120+ fps.Overclocked pentium G3258 should be adequate for most gamers needs (not wants).Non-overclockers should choose a different cpu.
You can go into every discussion on this forum and tell people "don't buy that cpu ... buy core i7" !!If everyone here were as rich as you, we would all already own core i7's.If you have nothing more to say about the Pentium G3258, then please leave and stop adding useless comments.
Why is that link relevant to this discussion?Topic is Pentium G3258 which is a dual core cpu without hyperthreading.I searched that link for a test in dual core mode without hyperthreading but could not find any such tests.Also searched the whole page for the text "dual" but found nothing.
We don't care about multiplayer BF4 and Crysis 3.By the way, core i3 may stutter in MP BF4.core i3 works well in games which use 1-3 cpu cores.If game uses four (or more) cpu cores, core i3 may stutter because of hyperthreading.
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