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Nice to both of you!
You should donate to the Tex1954 Million Dollar Donation Fund (TMDDF)... any size $20 or more appreciated...LOL!Welcome back!
There is a BUG in the OP Form... When I tried to request ONLY the FFW badge, It REQUIRED me to select the points thing. ALSO, I did FFW in 2016 as well and would like a badge for that too!
I tried it on my RX 480 as well with the same results. It simply doesn't have the compute power that a 7970 or R9 280X has and won't run two tasks well.
LOL!I just discovered something, there are no rules about cheating... !!!!Sooo, I could run 2 980's until I got ahead, then turn off one and nobody could prove a thing... in fact, maybe folks do that now!LOL!
Umm, Pentathlon is once per year... not like TC at all...We have monthly TC AND monthly Foldathons... Granted, they are two different things... but unless someone donates a nice 1800MHz 980 to me for the cause, there is no way I can get close. And HOW in the heck is 1455 980 going to beat 1500? I sure would like to know!I can't get either of my boards stable at 1500... anything above 1470MHz makes them do stupid things long term like get to 99.99% done then barf...Oh well,...
I want to know the real clock speeds and such. 128 threads at 1GHz is not as good as 64 @ 3GHz.... etc... Having said that, VERY INTERESTING and I wonder if the pricing will be somewhere in a range normal folks can afford...
You know, I been in the TC for some time now... months? And you know, no matter what I do, my 980 is stuck at the max overclock that is less than others... And you know something? It never makes more points and the MLP team never wins in the category I fold in... Soooo, I have to ask... what is the point of the teams? LOL! PS: I did try to bump it up another 25MHz and it ended up locking up and doing nothing for about 12 hours before I noticed...
I'm in too... and BTW, check out this overclock! Winderz 10 added 1.4 GHZ speed to this setup!!!!
Well, every new app has bugs... but at least we still got to keep the points!LOL!
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