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Good grief the number of points the top dudes made... I need new hardware... LOL! Congrats to all!
Got what I can on OpenZika, Cosmology, and Einstein since before start... hope it helps.
My bad.... You have to un-select the NON-GPU projects....
I installed VB on two Linux Mint setups, 32 cores total, and did nothing else to make cosmology work. You can setup whar Einstein uses on there website in the project preferences... just un-check the Use CPU box.
Took many years....
over 250 mil Einstein over 500 mil Milkyway
Ummm, just noticed I crossed 50 mil in GPUGrid....
Nice to both of you!
You should donate to the Tex1954 Million Dollar Donation Fund (TMDDF)... any size $20 or more appreciated...LOL!Welcome back!
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