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LOL! You are doing GREAT! We need to keep this up!
Umm, sorry, not dramatic enough....WE ARE #1!!!NUMERO UNO!!!KING OF THE HILL!!!!Let's keep it up!!!
LOL! I blow a couple breakers if not careful myself... LOL!
Keep on trucking Scuba!!! WOOHOO! We need more cores crunching DENIS!! MORE CORES!
Hea! No Pre-Bragging allowed!JK! Keep it up! Look'n good!
With YOUR great help! Keep it up everyone! All together, maybe we can make #1!!!!
Great Job!
Every core counts and is important... Pentium-M to overclocked 50 core monster... all important...
I RMA'ed 3 out of 5 Thermaltake 500W PSU's, got three new back, those 3 blew in less than 2 weeks, and the other 2 finally gave up the ghost... so that is 8 out of 8 bad... I'll RMA them one last time then give them away with the added caveat that one should not pull more than 300w continuous from them... I might add I have a 4 year old 500W Corsair doing the same stuff working fine... and 450W Ultra's working fine...
Okay, that sucks...GOOD LUCK!!!
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