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Well, looks like time to switch things around again... Rosetta here I come! (Sent Via TappingLapTop Dallas,TX) LOL
Ummm, so far as I know, it's still running fine....(sent via laptop wifi from London,ON)
That article teared my eyes and is exactly why I BOINC and Fold... 4 family members had cancer. 2 survived. Mother and Father did not... Sigh... it's heartbreaking... Moved about 36 more cores to TNGrid for POTM....
Wow! Good eyes! Just saw that myself... Congrats to me! LOL!(sent via Tappy Laptop Keyboard,Hooks,TX on crap wifi connection... from my office)
I've lost about 7 PSU's due to 1 second power interrupts and brownouts... and 2 UPS units... Fact of life I suppose when the electric company doesn't care about the public and trees overhang most of the lines in the residential area... Sigh...
Need both CPU's installed for all lanes to work. If one set works and other does not, could be CPU problem or chipset problem... or jumper problem...Good luck!
Need a bigger hook for that one.... LOL!
I got the 32GB 4.5GHz 3570k Lattice setup running some of those new ones since only two Lattice tasks going at the moment... 1.01 Multi-Directed Continuous Gravitational Wave search Tuning run CV (AVX) We will see how it goes I guess....
My other setups have enough Leiden... just the 2P can't get any anymore... weird problem or else it was banned for comments in their message board...LOL!
Yuppers, YoYo ECM and Evolution tasks usually take from 5 to 30 hours depending... Leiden server won't or can't keep my setups going... as I recall, it's a crappy slow single CPU setup... oh well.... I put my 2P setup on WCG for the rest of the month since Leiden won't send it any more work for some reason. TN-Grid would be a nice project I think for November... Incidently, I did get some DENIS tasks recently too... they still working on problems. 8-)
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