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What he said...^^^^^ Mom and Dad died from cancer and almost lost brother and sister too...
Sigh... when are the prizes going to be drawn?
Ryzen is going to be on the RYZEN I think.... I want the Ryzen 7 1800X!!!!
I agree also...Fact is, we could handicap the categories in such a way that it would be possible to have a 7 way tie...LOL!I just don't like the TOTAL points thing as a tie breaker... it does circumvent the PPF thing. I think PPF should outweigh total points unless a certain percentage is obtained.For instance, 85/22 = 3.86x more folders. Take that and they need to exceed 3.86 times the average PPF of the tied team to claim victory. Simple. Easy.Did they do that?
Umm, deciding on a winner with total points is contrary to the method used to determine the points total in the first place! Racing fans know about World Championships and different CUP challenges in NASCAR... they have a runoff race if ties happen (which is about impossible the way they cut during the last races)... In any case, the system BIAS towards total points automatically eliminates the points per folder portion of the contest IN ALL CASES, so it might as well...
Best and final answer is:YES!LOL!
Okay, best NEW system I can think of is:Rule #1: BOINC team rules.Rule #2: When in doubt, see rule #1.LOL!
And BOINC team really enjoyed it! Next time we do better!
Well, the PPW or Points per watt is the thing... If it gets as many points as a 7970 clocking 1 GHz, then it would pay for itself in 15 months figuring it uses half the power.Here is a calculation that says cost is 13.70c/KWh, then monthly cost equals Watts/10 x $1..For instance, 7970 = 245w = $24.5/month RX 480 = 125w = $12.5/month. So, we save $12/month divided into $180 = 15 months. Most warranties are at least 2 years, so that means you would want to keep it that...
What he said! ^^^^^
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