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Ton of electric... wonder if I can buy some at Walmart... my F150 could haul 1.5 tons of it...Congrats!
Well, I'm still #1 in the USA... that's something...LOL!
Well, wouldn't it be nice if we had categories... one with STOCK cooler, one with Aftermarket cooler, one water cooled, one LN2 cooled?That would give data to many different groups of users..And that 1.75V... seems to me that could permanently damage the CPU...Anyway, cool beans on the record!
Umm, well, maybe I have an answer of sorts... Some BOINC project WU's fail. Sometimes they create a system error. Some of them can NOT be stopped and started again because they improperly respond to terminate requests sent from the manager or whatever. You can even stop boinc all together and some WU's will keep on running in memory! Bad bad! Then you restart and suddenly have twice as many tasks running! Some systems have an automatic update feature that needs to be...
Well, we do what we can when we can... sometimes we get lucky... And the BU stuff... wow... too many points...
Nice progress! I like your attention to detail as well. And hopefully, what works for one setup is repeatable in all setups. Nice work so far! Looks really good! PS: I moved from Texas to Tennessee and then to Paducah, Kentucky as my final retirement venue near good fishing and cheap housing...
You know, a lot of folks that assemble systems merely assume things will be fine... you have really gone the extra mile! This is all very interesting to me too. I have a laser temperature gun I use to check things out and it works pretty well considering position limitations. Your temperature sensor placements seem ideal to me. In any case, please keep us updated! Yours is an awesome setup!
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