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My case its about an inch and a half off the ground, and there's two 120mm fan slots on the bottom, would it be worth it to have radiators on there either intake or exhaust?
I'm not worried about super low temps or how difficult it will be, I like a challenging project (it took me nearly 3 days to build this rig as it was), I just don't want my card to overheat anymore. Also, I may upgrade to 7970's with stock water blocks on them or something, is that just as good as getting reference cards and aftermarket blocks?
Okay, so I had the brilliant idea to pack as much power into as small of a case as I could. Currently I have a 2600k at 4.5gHz being cooled by a Thermaltake Frio, and CrossfireX Twin Frozr II 6950's, all inside of a Silverstone FT03, needless to say, its packed tight. Problem is, I run games in Eyefinity (5760x1080) and so GPU0 overheats regularly at around 120c. I'm looking to water cool but i have limited space, and don't want to use an external radiator. Any idea if I...
Intel Reliability + Speed I actually would have one of these as a boot drive if I had the cash when I built this rig.
i maxed the alpha on the high settings no issues, even while running livestream procaster.i was hoping i would be able to get at least medium on the final graphical settings
thread is tl;dr how am i looking with 2x6950 2gb's and a 2600k @ 4.5? resolution is 5760x1080
Thanks! That's actually only my second home built.
As it should be.GPU temps could be better, the one on the left is fine but the center one tops out at 82c.Thinking of stacking a few more 80mm fans below the cards
I had this idea before i found this forum, might as well contribute though.
will do.on an unrelated note, i just noticed your sig, and ive gotten a 385 marksman headshot beforeusing the MP-412 Rexgot a few 500's in one match sniping from one end of arica harbor rush to the other with the SVU, 500 is the cap
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