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I don't understand this sentence. "Type: Mechanical with 10 Key" Does it need backlighting? because in your considerations it seems like you want that. If you really want the usb-pass through then the corsair strafe is a really good option Otherwise I would recommend the logitech g610
This is going to be my first keyboard review despite owning several keyboards throughout the years. This is because I’m usually quite satisfied with my keyboards, unlike with the gaming mice that I’ve owned, and I feel like as long as you have a mechanical keyboard there isn’t a HUGE difference in performance from one cherry mx blue keyboard to another, or a cherry mx brown board to another. Though despite being quite satisfied I’ve owned the following...
I'm definately doing a review on this mouse! I used to get every new mouse possible, but there haven't really been a mouse that have caught my attention like this mouse for years. I'm getting the mionix castor as well, and I'm going to compare it with this mouse and the roccat kone pure military which has been my main mouse for quite a few months. If the sensor performs half decent then this could be the perfect mouse for me! The roccat kone pure military is close, but the...
I had the 1010. I loved the shape, but the sensor performance was lacking, and the included weights drived me nuts because they kept rattling. Another "feature" I didn't like is that the cable could kill you over time
That's because they are playing strategy gamesI did do a simple acceleration test in a game with raw input that I posted on page 1
I'm not too sure. i think ill need to measure. I think my motherboard layout is terrible for the rvz01 since the sata connectors are so far away.I'm using the asus h77 itx. The SATA connectors are on the other side of the cpu and cpu cooler and pretty much sits as far away as possible from the sata drives and blu-ray driveCompared to newer asus h97 itx board. The connectors here are on the other side
HELP! It took me forever to put this case together, and in the end the cable for the slim optical drive wasn't long enough. I'm using the ST45SF-G PSU and I bought these cables to use my blu-ray drive . Can I make this cable longer in any way? I been thinking about getting this cable set, does this include long enough cables for an slim optical drive?
The sg08 looks good but its just too expensive here. 89$ with shippingThe node 304 looks fine, but no optical drive support. I guess I could just put my blu-ray drive in my laptopThe FT03-MINI looks very nice, but is more expensive than all the other options mentioned here.After thinking about it I might not need a slot for an optical slim drive since I could just use my blu-ray drive in my laptop.That opens up for options like this...
That one looks pretty much perfect
I actually have the SG05, but I can't use my 3.5 harddrive in that because I'm using the silverstone ST45SF-G PSU. The cables are blocking so I can't put the harddrive bay I forgot to add that it must support a graphic card of atleast 10inch lenght
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