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If I didn't sell most of my mice after using them then I could probably do that . For now I only have 4, not including the 3 that my parents and brother are usingEDITFound an old thread this is what I had in 2011. I am sure I've had 20+ more since then
There just hasn't been anything worth reviewing, and I found some mice that I actually liked instead of having to keep searching for the perfect mouse I was close to getting the logitech g502 because of the sensor but then I saw the weight...
Unfortunately I don't have the older ZOWIE models anymore. But before I compared to the ninox aurora and the ninox aurora still feels harder to press, and it still feels harder to press than the steelseries sensei. If the switches in the fk1 and fk2 is lighter it's not lighter by much than the older reds. I would say it's probably the shelf itself that makes the buttons harder to press than the usual gaming mice. I wouldn't call it a flaw though, more a preference. Some...
Compared to the ZOWIE FK1 The ZOWIE fk2 is basicly just a smaller version of the FK1. Compared to the ZOWIE FK Nothing besides the new sensor and a new lense to achieve the low lift off distance. These small but important changes would be enough to justify switching to the new fk1 or fk2 though if you need a better performing sensor and lense. Compared to the ZOWIE AM The design is still ambidextrious, it still have the same sensor but it feels like a completely...
It didn't with the ones I had. But I clean it of often with isopropryl alcohol and a clothwith that said pretty much any rubber coating will wear off over time
The hien is very rough, feels like a carpet and imo probally have the most uncomfortable surface for a softpad.The hayate is very comfortable, but you have to remember it's a completely different kind of mousepad. It can be very fast
Yeah but you have to decide if it's worth the 9$ though
It definately provide more grip than the kana v2. The xai feels of better build quality although the sensei raw more than makes up for the difference in build quality if you add the lower weight and better sensor performance.
That is not really true or it didn't use to be true. I remember Everquest was as much fun in the lower levels as in the higher levels. After all it took months to reach the highest levels
If you had seen some of the posts earlier I think you would understand why. Some people love spreading untrue and potentially harmful rumours. And then theres some people who dont understand it was a beta and not the full release
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