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Yes I'm using it with my G Procheck it out here in my review only two cables I had problems with is the g403 wireless cable which is a little tough to attach to lower part as seen here and the cm storm spawn. Both attach fine to the top part though which is honestly all you need. The G Pro have no problem with the ZOWIE Camade
I have the zowie camade and it does the job perfectly well. It never moves out of place and the spring is very flexible. It makes the mouse feel much lighter and almost wireless
RSI is serious and you shouldn't use a mouse that causes you to have discomfort. What type of grip are you using? The G Pro is a clawgrip/fingertip ambidextrous shape, while the g403 is made for palmgrip.What you can do is go out and try one of the following mice if you are interested in the g403:Deathadder/ ZOWIE EC / MSI 3.0 / Steelseries Rival 300The g403 have a very similar shape. It's slightly taller than all of them but I so far I find it very comfortable
The friction is low for a clothpad because how the surface is designed with the honeycomb patterns. This is the case with the G Pro as with any mouse I have tried. It's my main mousepad at the moment because it doesn't wear down and all the sensors I have tried performs well on it. I really hate how most mousepads slowly wears down over time.I'll probably do a mousepad comparison, but first I have to finish another mouse review that I'm working on at the moment
All you need to do is install the software. Put all the settings you want on the internal memory of the mouse and then you can just delete the software. Unfortunately there's no removable weights probably the only weigh to reduce the weight is to drill holes in it Otherwise I might have an idea. Check your messages
Well you can check out my review if you like. The Logitech pro gaming is uncoated but made in a different material that both feels very nice, provide a good grip both while having dry and sweaty hands and importantly the coating won’t come off. I didn't have it for long but I'm yet to see any signs off wear and I don't expect to, since it's not coated other one...
So what you really want is a small clawgrip mouse where the coating wont come off? It doesn't necessarily need to be glossy right? If thats the case then the logitech pro gaming is probably your best bet.
In short , it's a fast softpad that have a very consistent glide and doesn't seem to be wearing down. The pmw3366, pmw3310 and the AM010 all perform really well on this mousepad. The downsides is it's size and the logo that is protruding. I might do a review since it's been a long time since I last did a mousepad review
Here you go
The sides a very non-aggressive. It has slightly steeper \ / sides than the g100s that feels a little rounded.
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