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Everything checks out. Couldn't get Word to duplicate any of those results. 
Good test method.    Tried the suggested. Did a direct copy/paste from that website. Everything pasted into word just the way you would expect it to. Everything was correct.   The font turned out to be Helvetic Bold. 
I should also mention this is not on my sig rig, but a work PC. A Dell/Windows 8.1 machine. Less than one year old.    Checked for updates, said it is up to date.    Check the font folder, Arial is in there, opened the font file, also checked Helvetica.    THIS is the website that I first noticed it on, and the one screenshotted above. Does not happen on OCN.    Does happen in Brave browser.
Had to install Firefox to try it out. Does not happen on Firefox.
No translations.   I disabled all extensions, and restarted Chrome. Same effect.    Now that I see that it is happening in IE too, it makes me think it might be a system setting?
I have this weird problem in Chrome. When viewing websites, some of the text will have all of its "I"s capitalized. See picture.       It's not all text, but just some of the text in certain segments of the webpage. It happens on more than one website, but not all websites.   I have no idea why this is happening, but its annoying.    Any ideas?   (Also happens in IE.)
  Thats awesome, and a very weird list of symptoms in the end. You never can tell with these things sometimes. 
Well thats progress. Hope it pans out.
have you attempted to boot with any of the other sticks?
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