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My company is addicted to Dell's. Hate my life. I'm in the process of convincing them otherwise. The price premium for dells is insane. 
I'll look into it. Thanks!
So I just got hired on as a graphic designer and 3D modeler for a company that deals with water systems. Part of my job will be doing 3D mockups of water systems. Similar to the shot below.    The problem is, that the program that I use normally at home, and school, is not what I can use at work. It is an academic copy, so it doesn't work for this. It is also too expensive ($10,000 ish) for the company to justify purchasing.    So I need advice on programs to use...
Hullo. Welcome. 
Very nice results. Just finished a similar project and the change is dramatic in how you enjoy sitting at your desk. Good work great style. 
yeah rep for all the info. I might get ballsy and try it. 
OK, so I have another question for you all. I have the GoPros as discussed above which shoot in MP4. I also have another more versatile camera that I use that shoots in MP4 and AVCHD. As far as I understand, AVCHD is a higher quality format. So obviously I would want to shoot in that. My question is, would I run into any problems if I were using footage from both cameras and wanted to combine them into one project? Would it be best to limit myself to MP4 across the board,...
Nice! Gave that a try and it worked well! Thats why I ask here. OCN has helped me a ton over the years. Thanks!   Good job guys! Thanks for all the advice. REP+ to all who helped. I am still fairly new to all of this, so I am not exactly sure what I will settle on when it comes to software and such, but we will see. 
Mainly because I need a very responsive and light software package that can do it very fast with a minimum of steps, and with my experience with NLEs it's just so much more tedious. I dont have to worry about having it in a timeline or worry about the audio being off, or the PC getting bogged down. So far, in my experience, its just easier. Maybe Movie Studio is better and it is that easy, but Premiere it certainly is not. 
  Good link. I will look into it.  So I was looking around the web for something that would fulfill my needs, and I found THIS.  It had a free trial, and I gave it a whirl. It allows you to clip[ the video and save as source file. I loved it. It was't as seamless and light as GoPro Studio, but pretty dang close, and it had a feature that I wish GoPro Studio had. So at this point it is very tempting. The tests I did came out looking very good! I was impressed. 
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