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Had the opposing team surrender 3 different times today. Weird. 
  I hate when that happens. 
That's what you get for buying all those skins instead of paying the internet bill.
  Lol. Had similar results:  Impossible to win with those conditions. YAY for de-rank!
So went on a 5 match losing streak. I was at the top of the scoreboard all 5 games. At the end of the 5th loss, my rank shows the same as usual, and then once it puts me back to the main menu I am one rank lower than at end of match! I thought it was supposed to show your new rank immediately after match on the scoreboard.    What gives?   And should it be deranking me when I'm doing well and my team sucks?
3ks with the nova are the best feeling! I've had quite a few lately.    Just hangin' out.... 
Lol. I meant 30+ kills. But no worries.You should look into getting a mic. Wait... Are you the same one who we talked to about this a few pages back?EDIT: also just saw that we are on opposite sides of the Atlantic, so might not work out too well.
You're welcome to friend me. BlaqueflagSolo queing is killing me. I'm starting to consistently lead my team and it's getting annoying when I'm 30+ and half my team is in single digits.I'm not that great but the matches I've gotten lately are a joke. If you have a mic and are decent at communicating then I'll play with you.
Fun to watch. Cool concept. 
I never thought I would go to a hard pad, but I tried it and have never looked back. It requires a little more maintenance, but it is much easier to do.    I recommend the MM600. 
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