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Ever since the last major update it takes me a very long time to load BOT matches. Painfully slow. Luckily I only need to do that to practice nades and stuff occasionally.
I've checked out Adren before. Good stuff. But is he still putting out new content?Dmaster you should put together a series of csgo tutorials. Or at least one for basics. Speaking of which, would you mind looking at a demo of mine and giving tips?
This is just crazy to me. 12 year olds on mom's laptop make up 80% of cs players?Haha. If WarOwl (who afaik is GE) is complete garbage then I am the garbage can! I can say that I have benefited from his videos though. But I will look into the other links you posted. And I do watch pro matches here and there.
 < BlackOps last round. < Me last round.  < Sikka last round. < Rest of team. 
 Lol. Thanks! I appreciate it!
To add to the above conversation. The best drop I've gotten and seen was a P250 Franklin. I believe it was FN.
  So much win here.     
  Ya know its funny. I put my first 200 hrs of the game into casual and deathmatch before I ever did MM. Now after doing MM for some time I kind of despise casual. Too chaotic for me.   
I get a very short second "ol" it's almost just an "oh". So: Let's roll-o.Sig rig and 20-40down 5up
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