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This is really going to be awesome.    Subbed.   26+TB???!!!! Dang. I couldnt fill that ever.
Glad to hear that you were able to find a solution to your problem! Welcome to OCN!
Mine are really uneven too. Its just a big image to try and cover all the way.
Looks good! I have actually added the same portal keys since this thread, and I chose the portal colors blue and orange. If you think it would clash with your color scheme, then just keep them white.
I do quite a bit of design work. Professionally, personally, and for fun.    I have lost unknown amounts of time to bad monitor calibration. I have finally purchased a display calibrator.    What I really need right now is either for someone to help me learn, or send me to resources that can teach me how I need to set up color profiles in Windows, set up my illustrator/photshop documents for export to web, etc. And I'm talking beyond just the basics like set the doc to...
  Good advice too. I guess I'm just trying to decide if I think it will make a $200 difference in quality.  I tried the HD598s on the SBZ, and returned the 598s. The m50x performed much better on the SBZ. OK, so lets say that I didnt want to spend the $200 on the Schiit stack. What other $100ish DAC/AMP options are there that would improve over the SBZ with m50x?
  What would you say to this other advice I received: "I doubt that the e10k and (Schiit Modi/Magni) will offer better SQ than the SB-Z, as it's biggest feature is just the sheer power it can drive headphones with, where the SB-Z alone shouldn't leave anything to be desired in that regard.Also the ATH-m50x doesn't seem to be affected by output impedance([]=4313&graphID[]=2851&scale=15), so when it comes to...
I have a Sound Blaster Z. Which I will be keeping, because of the optical out for other speakers.    I am considering the Schiit Modi 2/Magni 2 stack combo for my current pair of ATH-m50x.    Does this offer a considerable upgrade for my headphones vs the built-in amp of the SBZ?   Or maybe just the Fiio e10k?
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