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  So much win here.     
  Ya know its funny. I put my first 200 hrs of the game into casual and deathmatch before I ever did MM. Now after doing MM for some time I kind of despise casual. Too chaotic for me.   
I get a very short second "ol" it's almost just an "oh". So: Let's roll-o.Sig rig and 20-40down 5up
The internet to me: "Hey bro, I'm checkin' out for the next little bit. I know I did that to you yesterday during MM, but you know how it is. Peace."   Valve to me: "Two hour ban LOSER!!!"
I see what you did there. French Canadian maybe.
Had the opposing team surrender 3 different times today. Weird. 
  I hate when that happens. 
That's what you get for buying all those skins instead of paying the internet bill.
  Lol. Had similar results:  Impossible to win with those conditions. YAY for de-rank!
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