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 Oh man, that was hilarious. 
  I see your point. But honestly as the day went on, there ended up being several decent things. Picked up a few3 things that I was meaning to buy, but wasn't looking for in this sale, just happened to see them, and think "Hey, I've been meaning to buy that anyways!" Turned out pretty good in the end I guess.  But the 2-3 things I WAS hoping would be on sale definitely were not. So that is a fail for sure, but if you think about the sheer amount of people out there not...
 I JUST bought a SBZ on ebay used for $70.01 like two days ago. I should have waited. 
ATH-M40x for $79. Overall things seem to be getting better.
Correct. 79.99. The 512 is 159.99
35% off that price, so not bad.    Best yet. An actual deal. 
Well you win some, you lose some.   Plenty of other crap to get!
Don't know what ya'll are looking at, but this stuff is GOLD!   BEST DAY EVER!  
From what I am seeing HERE at the bottom of the page the deals look very underwhelming.... Like they are trying to get rid of junk. ( you can scroll through 60 different slides.)
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