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My sister needs a new PC to replace her very old and slow laptop. Its mainly for office work and watches videos so it doesn't need a dedicated video card for gaming. My budget is around $500 (including Windows) but cheaper the better. I already have a DVD drive and a 250GB WD Black drive.
I would love to play it but I refuse to pay 69.99 for a remake.
Any suggestions? I don't have much room do something small?
I share my main monitor with my PS4 and want to output the audio through the PC speakers without manually disconnecting and reconnecting. What would be a good and affordable sound card would I need? My main monitor is a Dell U2713HM, PC is connected by DVI and PS4 is connected by HDMI.
EDIT: Stupid question
what size monitor would fit nicely in portrait mode with this?
does anyone know if the last model soundbar will work with this one? I need it for my PS4.
Didn't someone buy a Telsa with bit coins last week?
Not surprised, didn't they receive most of there funding from PC gamers through that croudfund thing.
I'd say wait it out. most of the bigger releases won't come out until next year. only decent game right now is KZ and resogun (imo).
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