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Upgraded from a 650D. amazing build quality for a $100 case. ignore the dirty desk.
My sister needs a new PC to replace her very old and slow laptop. Its mainly for office work and watches videos so it doesn't need a dedicated video card for gaming. My budget is around $500 (including Windows) but cheaper the better. I already have a DVD drive and a 250GB WD Black drive.
I would love to play it but I refuse to pay 69.99 for a remake.
Any suggestions? I don't have much room do something small?
I share my main monitor with my PS4 and want to output the audio through the PC speakers without manually disconnecting and reconnecting. What would be a good and affordable sound card would I need? My main monitor is a Dell U2713HM, PC is connected by DVI and PS4 is connected by HDMI.
EDIT: Stupid question
what size monitor would fit nicely in portrait mode with this?
does anyone know if the last model soundbar will work with this one? I need it for my PS4.
Didn't someone buy a Telsa with bit coins last week?
Not surprised, didn't they receive most of there funding from PC gamers through that croudfund thing.
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