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microcenter has a bundle price for sabertooth r2 and 8350 139 and 149
here is an interesting utility shws all temps mobo hdd etc also shows cores
also bought a mc bundle asus sabertooth r2 140$ my 8350 was 179   $129.99 & FREE Shipping.
goood luck,3750.html,1.html   http://www.bit-tech.n...
I have bgears blaster rear exhaust I love it 9.99$ no leds
REVIEWS,3941.html ...
  have you tried earlier version of magician
for those looking for fan replacement they are 10 dollars at directron shipping cost Cooler Master MegaFlow 200mm Red LED Sleeve Bearing 12V DC Fan, 700RPM, 110CFM, 3 Pin, Model: R4-LUS-07AR-GP.
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